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  1. 16 hours ago, eeyoreish said:

    Rears are correct 245/50/16, in fact Kumho were the only new manufacturer I could find for this size. Fronts are 205/55/15, the accepted substitute for the 215s which seem to be NLA new.


    17 hours ago, eeyoreish said:

    Just put a full set of Kumho Ecsta on mine. £270 for a full set! ?

    For now those are the closest ones I have found, Thanks all for your help

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  2. Hello and happy new year long time with out returning to the forum, in the time I have been away I got married bought a house with two car closed storage, we are also expecting our first baby (girl for may) Already bought her a Lotus Teddy Bear, and my car has worked perfectly until last week

    I need an abs Pressure Switch for my 1991 SE and havent been able to find it, has any of you have any idea where i can fin one

    As always thanks in advance

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