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  1. wow nice car ! i take a look at the south west lotus page ,the car have only 2500km !!! amazing! excel
  2. wayne come over and buy my excel se or one of my eclat riviera ! i can make a good price for you
  3. nice car like my gold s2 !! after we both finished our restoration we must have a photoshooting!!! lmk !
  4. hi wayne yes the eclat is one of my best !! and the europa is a s2! from
  5. to see pictures of the s2 look under the restoration area thanks for the replies
  6. before paint paint is finished chassis very rusty and after rustaway more coming soon.....
  7. !!! thanks !!! i will post some more photos later this day (i
  8. i need a pair of front shocks new or good used and a pair of side mirrors (in working order) for my s2 from 1978 thanks for answers
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