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  1. Not sure how popular the recreational drug "Exctasy" is where you come from but you might attract the wrong attention in the UK Lovely car.
  2. Who was it outside the Mc Donalds on Lyne Road in Newport in Gwent, it was a Metalic Blue SE with "Charge Cooler" on the back, dinner time today. Looked nice (I was having a salad by the way )
  3. I clocked this as a scam after the first post but now I geuss its pretty much proved! Sorry for your bad luck and I hope you get your money back.
  4. I am going to kill her!! I banned the wife from topless modeling months ago.............................
  5. Excuse me but what a load of shit! have you looked at the exhaust design? 100% increase...................................................I for one am not surprised that there are no Dyno print outs with the patent application! It amazes me what someone thinks they are going to gain from this, most people who have a spare
  6. No idea if they will fit the V8, but thanks for the tip I just bought one for
  7. I saw the article, but take most things that MCN say with a big pinch of salt! I also would not fancy being part of the testing programme for anyone's (event Lotus) first stab at a motorbike.
  8. Ok, what is RPE332X then?
  9. Hi Bibs It will be if it kills me!!! but its dragging on a bit, as soon as I have more info I will update. Cheers BJ
  10. There is worse secnery than that around Abbergaveny Si, its stunning.
  11. Green one on e-bay
  12. I think its kinda funny if he owns a Hyundai dealership, the guy has a sense of humour about his work at least!
  13. The owner lives in the next street to me.................................................and I made it clear that I would not do the windows without speaking to her son as I didnt want to be seen to be a dodgy window salesman making money out of an old lady.
  14. Hi Trevor Thanks for the great information, I wonder were the Andretti car is now? it still shows up as being in the families possesion on the register site by Micheal said "they used to have one" we will probably never know, maybe in a private collection? Anyway I am going to continue to try and aquire UK #2 and will let you all know how I get on, if its too much of a resto job for me I will pass it on to someone who can do it justice. Its a sad site to see it like this for sure, especialy as everything points to it being in good cosmetic condition when it was dumped, it probably suffered a mechanical issue and just never got repaired, my geuss is that its been there 10 years and the DVLA site says last taxed in 1996 so that stacks up. I tell you what though, if I do get it, it will be a bugger to move after being sat for 10 years!
  15. Anyone else notice a "USAndretti42" looking at this thread? hasn't the Andretti family got #1? Edit: Just noticed he is a Mod
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