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  1. @NG5 Jim, That diagram is welcome information! Many thanks! Tom '89 Esprit Turbo non-SE
  2. All I have seen on eBay are the 7-piece kits from WP/engine to rear of chassis pipes, which do fortunately include the only Lotus-unique hose on the car (the one that snakes through the chassis), but not the hoses that actually connect to the radiator at the front of the car. If you can direct me to a source for these in silicone, I will be grateful. I do have a source for silicone heater hose and the WP bypass elbow.
  3. JAE in the USA has quality silicone hose sets not only for the WP/engine area but also the radiator area, all those hoses leading to the aluminum chassis pipes between the front wheels. I have never seen those offered in silicone elsewhere whether Samco, Far East or otherwise.
  4. On my '89 Turbo (non-SE), they are gaskets. It is easiest to remove the backplate if you first remove the entire intake manifold from the engine.
  5. My '89 non-SE is very original (6,212 miles when acquired in 2004) and also has a Waxstat marked 82˚C, Made in England. It has a weep hole about 1/8" in diameter, with a little teardrop-shaped float to help it bleed air but not coolant.
  6. Can you tell which brand? Also, which supplier, JAE I presume?
  7. Vanya, FYI I play the string bass professionally and so can fly in for a proper 'strum' if needed. Travis, for the best jazz sound use the index finger and keep your thumb against the fingerboard thermostat housing. ;-) Straight ahead and strive for tone, Tom
  8. Vanya, welcome. Be advised that the Gates Krikit tension gauge is a low-priced alternative to the Burroughs (I bought mine through There is lots of discussion regarding its use elsewhere on this forum. Keep calm and carry on, Tom
  9. Here is a North American source: I have not purchased injectors from John but he has a good reputation on this forum. Please do let us know how your injector project goes. Tom '89 non-SE
  10. Suggest curvaceous woman with auto club card. Most effective!
  11. tje111

    USGP Is On!

    This just in, see 12/8/2011 It’s Official. The Race is On! Thanks for hanging in there with us! Working for, and being fans of, a start-up organization that is building a major new facility is not always easy. Because of the complexity of the project, things don't always happen as quickly as we would all prefer. In the end, the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™ in Austin is a reality because everyone involved wanted to get it done for the benefit of Formula 1™ in the United States. Mr. Ecclestone, the F1 teams and their sponsors, our investors and the State of Texas – this event benefits all of us. We are through the first series of challenges and now we get to the exciting part – finishing the construction of the Circuit of The Americas™, selling tickets to the 2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix and creating plans for an incredible fan experience. Stay tuned! We will be making a lot of announcements over the next several weeks regarding our partnerships, ticket sales, event information and much more. We promise to keep you, our most committed fans, well informed as we move forward. The 2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix is going to be a great event! We look forward to seeing you in Austin November 16-18, 2012. Sincerely, Geoff Moore Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Circuit of The Americas
  12. I would omit the spacers to start with, until you can check for possible interference. I run SE wheels on my '89, without spacers and without any geometry problems. Yours, Tom
  13. I was able to fish them through the RH sill next to the battery cables and A/C hoses. Reasonably straightforward if you remove the RH seat and carpeted panel under the RH quarter light. There's an access hole in the sill, under the carpet near the seat base. Not hugely fun, but not diabolically difficult either. I haven't mounted the changer yet, but have designed a sheet metal bracket to position it above the battery. One end bolts to the base of the rear battery holddown stud, and the other end mounts to the bolts for the fuel flap release solenoid. Benefit is that it doesn't take up any trunk space, nor does it have to be removed / disconnected to remove the trunk floor for other work. Cheers, Tom
  14. I installed Claudius' front kit based on 4-piston Wilwood calipers and bigger, ventilated discs. I chose their kit because it fits inside the stock 15" OZ front wheels, which I like and want to keep. The kit (calipers, hats, brackets and flex hoses) was easy to install and produced a big improvement in stopping power. Haven't tracked them yet.
  15. The usual fault-finding protocol is to inject fluorescent dye into the system, pressurize and then examine for leaks under a black (near-UV) light. Nothing magic, but (if ncessary) replacing the hoses that go through the sills will be tricky. I recall Travis Andrews (Vulcan Grey) has a pretty good photo journal on this. Please keep us posted. Yours, Tom
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