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  1. glad u like it andy, I am amazed the chargecooler pump not running as it never felt short of power, should be balistic once work done have fun.
  2. If so I would be very grateful if you could fill out a short questionnaire I am looking into motorsport safety (mainly the collection and analysis of accident data, I am not trying to make the cars slower and safer don`t worry) as part of an MSc at Cranfield university. many thanks Kind regards David Ellis esprit s4 (soon to be sold boooo!)
  3. Hi it probably easier to phone as there is LOTS you should look for on an esprit. I am in manchester (prestwich). 07838194476

  4. Hi i have a red s4 which will be up for sale this week. Had quite a bit of work done over lasr few years you are welcome to come and have a look and decide what you think of it. I will be putting it up at 11k. It does has s4s wheels and sport 350 brakes

    dave 07838194476

  5. hi i will check when i get home think 235/40/17 on front and 285/35/18 on rear.

  6. sorry bibs, i could not get the for sale section to work, as tried login and password which was not accepted ,
  7. very well done, for most of us reading on here it is just great to see possible development options and I love the quality look to your engine bay, sorry if thus has been covered but is your gearbox standard?
  8. Thanks for clarifying that, I did not look into complete removal of abs. David
  9. Hi all just a possible note of caution. My daily 1989 bmw 635 just failed MOT on no ABS. The ABS bulb was taken out by a previous owner. It came up on the MOT testers sheet that ABS should light then go out after engine started. Now researching this it appears most MOT testers let this past but letter of the law seems to be if iy shows up on the computer as having been fitted with ABS then it must have a ABS light that comes on and goes out. Hopefully lotus did not put this information on the ?VSI? database the MOT uses. You may need a friendly MOT tester or be creative with the light coming on and off (?you could wire in series to the oil pressure light). I still think it worth going ahead as I sick of the brakes. dave
  10. again thank you very much. If there is anyway I can help please let me know. david
  11. Thanks all clarifying the mot situation. Can i ask why did you go for the subaru servo? does it give increased pressure to the calipers? I intend to rip out the rubbish as soon as i source the parts many thanks again David
  12. thank you very much. My s4 switch has gone but brakes have been garbage fro 6 years before that. david
  13. hi martin, please could you tell me exactly which parts you used as your solution sounds great. many thanks David oh meant to also ask how do you get it through an MOT with no ABS, or just wire the abs bulb to one of the others so it comes on with ignition then goes out.
  14. as said previously only a small battery inside. Just ask him to cut it. Dave
  15. ok i will break out the stupidly expensive zymol ital glaze at weekend and take proper pics, also in back of head is dont really want to part with it hence not much effort in trying to sell. It has been 2 years since hd clense and wax. As long as it warm enough as has to be 18.33 degrees of memory for the wax to adequately bond to paintwork.
  16. ok guys you got me , i am very lazy, i will take some proper photos, good point about the parts put on it not increasing price will have a lok at that cheers dave
  17. 12k too expensive then, i guess from the potential buyer view unless they know a lot then a bog standard s4 off ebay is more attractive. I think the number of buyers for these type of cars had reduced dramatically. It is the same for parts I have for sale, little interest even after reducing price. guess that life
  18. Hi all i have enjoyed my esprit for 6 years but now trying to sell my s4. When i was looking there was serious competition for the cars on sale. Now it seems very different. Do any of the cars up at certain dealer prices ever sell as mine is about the cheapest s4 ( and uprated ) and not get many bites, just might be the wrong time to sell a second car, or is 12k overpriced for good s4 cheers dave
  19. hi all just watched itv new at 10 looked like snow covered esprit n16 lot
  20. hi, just out of interest what gap have you got between ap caliopher and s4s wheel, mine is very tight, ie credit card just slips inbetween
  21. After 5 years I have been seen, you dont have a nice sounding red v8 often in manc saturday mornings by any chance. dave
  22. i still should sell it, spent the last day getting mot, de cat on, taking fibreglass out of silencer and messing with wastegate, tyre pressures. went for a drive and it is flying! and now sounds great. I did the same with a westfield, had it overheating and carb probs but sorted them to sell it , ah well
  23. Thanks, looks quite good , i am in manchester but will still check this out as it seem specific for lotus.
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