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  1. I've spotted a 2 eleven for sale here, just wondering if anyone knows the car ? The age and mileage would suggest to me it might be an ex Lotus press car. Cheers, Neil
  2. The dates for the driving courses are all mapped out in advance. Here is the calendar for 2009 :
  3. OK, having never owned a roofless, heaterless and windscreenless ( ) car before I'm a bit unsure how togged up you need to be to go out for a drive. I do run roofless in my Elise 99% of the time but there are obviously a few more creature comforts in there for the journey. Is the cabin pretty snug or do you need to dress as if you were on a motorbike all the time ? Do you need waterproof bottoms if it's raining or does the rain blow over the top of the car ? Is a heated jacket advisable ? Gloves ? You get the idea. Comments would be appreciated. Although I'm fairly committed to ordering
  4. I've always wondered why they have never featured the 2-Eleven on Top Gear. Would love to see where it slots in, in terms of lap time. I can't believe for one minute that it's too left field given some of the other cars they have featured over the years. They now seem to be too pre-occupied setting fire to caravans and attaching outboard motors to pick up trucks If only they would take something like Drivers Republic and turn it into a TV show....
  5. Good stuff Nick, I understand now. Bad news is it looks like I'm now going to have to come up with an extra
  6. Nick, As has already been said on another thread, thanks for taking the time out to post on here. It's awesome stuff getting such in-depth answers like this from someone who is so close to the car and knows it inside out. I've spent a few months mulling over how I would spec my car should I decide to buy one and within the space of a few threads you've made it pretty much click into place. Thanks again and hopefully see you on the 25th. Neil
  7. Something on the 2 Eleven options list that I don't quite understand which someone can hopefully clarify. The spec sheet states that "Lotus Sport External Decals, Lotus and 2-Eleven Decals, Paint from Standard Lotus Range" is included in the base price of the car. The standalone option list states "Launch Edition Paint and Graphic Decal Set" @ c
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Lee & Nick, good to read your insight into the N/A car, it confirms a lot of the thoughts about the car I had myself (even although I have yet to drive one). Nick, I am already booked to go to Hethel to drive the 2 Eleven on 25th March so hopefully I will get the chance to meet you when I'm there. Another question if I may, this time relating to the dampers and wheels : How do the Ohlins compare to the std Bilsteins ? Would I be right in thinking that a base spec car on Bilsteins and Y spoke wheels is effectively just a slightly lighter N/A Exige with
  9. Thanks Bibs You won't get me off your back that easily Scotty I will stick a few questions up soon. Does anyone on here own a N/A car ? From reading some of the other posts I get the impression that everyone here is a S/C owner and seem to be quite negative about the N/A car. I'm certainly favouring the N/A car at the moment but still open to persuasion. I would be interested to hear the opinion of someone who has driven them both back to back.
  10. Hi all, Not a 2 Eleven owner yet but I will be visiting Hethel next month to sample the car and all being well a purchase will follow soon afterwards. Never knew this forum existed but was pointed towards it by Scotty C from Scottishelises. Thanks Scotty, some good info on here. No doubt I'll be popping in from time to time looking for advice/opinions and catching up on the general 2 Eleven chat. Cheers, Neil
  11. Hi When driving in 3rd gear at 5000 revs a loud backfire occurred on a couple of occasions, car then ran fine at lower revs. Yesterday in 3rd gear got to 5000 revs and 2 loud backfires were heard and engine died. Could not restart. I have taken plugs out to check for spark - none. Coil checked - OK Now removing carbs to get to distributor. Has anyone experienced a similar fault or have any ideas on the problem? Any help appreciated. Many thanks. Neil. Update: I have now removed carbs and I can rotate the distributor.
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