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  1. That was one of the best times I've had in my car! Thanks Steve for being my navigator. Feels good to give the old girl a workout. Thanks to John and Steve for brunch and sorry Steve for not staying for BBQ. The wife was acually in a good mood when I got home. Surprise. I will be the first one lined up for the next one. Brad 89SE B)
  2. 4 pot= 4 cylinder. I have an 89 SE and other than problems you would have on any 19 year old car, my esprit has been solid. Small problems only, most I can fix myself. You probably spend more on your off road vehicles. Budget $2000 a year for a good sorted car and you will be happy. Brad 89SE B)
  3. 25 very entertaining mins( including explaining to my wife what the hell I was doing) Brad 89SE
  4. The Barretta pump worked great! Local auto parts store had one and it is identical. Direct replacement , but you're right about it being uncomfortable. My back will be sore tomorrow and the scrapes and such will take awhile to heal, but all in all well worth not paying someone to do it. The procedure you describe Tim was very helpful. Haven't taken the car for a long run yet(old friend stopped by unexpectedly and one thing led to another and then one beer led to another), but it started right up into a good idle and no leaks(thank god). Will take for a good run tomorrow and check it out. Thank you very much for the offer to buy it for me, just another example of the true nature of the Esprit owners. See you all in the fast lane(at least until something else goes) Brad 89SE B)
  5. Thanks for the offer. I might take you up on it if Ken at dave bean can't find one. And no Kragens won't deal with Canadian orders, I called down there. I should know tomorrow if one is available. I am going to try the Berretta approach today. Thanks for the reference, wish me luck. Brad 89SE
  6. Hey Tim, Thanks again for the info, now if I could find anyone in Canada that has even heard of these parts. I've been to Kragens web site. It's a $50 part, but the don't do business to Canada. And I've got two bosch dealers trying to locate that particular pump. I'll try a Lotus dealer, but I'm sure that they will bend me over. If it's not a ford truck here in western Canada no one knows what to do. Thanks again Brad 89SE
  7. B) Thanks for the response Tim, I'll get to work on it this weekend and let you know how it goes. Brad 89SE
  8. Quick question for SE owners or anyone who has a parts manual handy. Is the fuel pump on an 89SE the same as on the non-se and is the procedure in changing it the same? I thought I read somewhere that the fuel pump is in the right hand petrol tank. I need a new one, as mine is making a lot of noise and it is getting harder to start the car, so I'm not currently comfortable driving it. I want to attempt the replacement myself and I'm trying to get as much knowledge as I can before I tear into it next weekend. LEW has a great procedure but it is for a non-se and am not sure if it the same for my car. Also, the pump is a GM part if I'm not mistaken, but from which car I am not sure. I would probably look like an [email protected]! if I showed up at Autovalue and asked for the GMfuel pump that fits a Lotus. Any advice for this novice but eager to learn owner would be appreciated. (shop manuals and freescan are in my future soon, as long as my baby stays healthy long enough that it fits in the RCAF[Roadboy Car Allowance Fund]. P.S.: I'm not above pandering to increase this fund, donations may be sent to my paypal account. just kidding
  9. Good day all. For the last couple of weeks I have noticed that I need to start the car up to three times before it stays running when cold. Starts fine when warm and seems to run strong, But today I noticed a loud intermitant squeaking noise coming from the right rear of the car(about the same place as the humming noise that the fuel pump makes on start up). I first thought that it might be a slipping belt, but when I open up the engine bay, I can't hear it under there at all. I can only hear it inside the cockpit. The car still seems to be running good, although I admit I have been driving very gentle since the noise appeared and now I am reluctant to drive at all. I plan on taking it in to be fixed, but would like as much expert knowledge as possible before I have to pay for it. Thanks in advance Brad 89SE B)
  10. I wouldn't know. they don't import elises to Canada. Had my deposit ready and color picked out when lotus dealer informed me it does not comply with bumper regs. Oh well, I found the esprit instead and I think that if they did sell them here I wouldn't have exclusivity that the esprit offers me. No regrets other than I would love to take one for a rip.
  11. I'm another Canadian eh! Specifically Calgary, Alberta. Not that I expect anyone to know where that is. B)
  12. Another Albertan. I actually bought my car from ZRauto. I live in Calgary. If your ever in the area, drop me a line, I'll buy the first round. B)
  13. Paint it calypso red, it IS the nicest on the esprit.(let the war begin)
  14. B) B) Hi, CNH, I'm also from Canada and have the same problem, thanks for the tip Calvin, I'll definately try it. P.S: CNH where are you located?
  15. B) Calypso red all the way! I'm not knocking other colors and i've even owned two other red cars, but DAMN this car looks great in the sun. PS: I know that I'm going to get it from the monaco white crowd
  16. B) So, has anyone used a usb adapter on new laptop using freescan on their car and done it successfully? Just curious becuase from what i have read in the various forums it doesn't work.
  17. :)I have loved the esprit since I was 16 yrs old and always said that if I could ever buy an exotic it would be the lotus. I sold my musclecar to get married and have kids at 22. After 10 yrs of happy(mostly)marriage to my soul mate , two beautiful children and working my butt off to pay off the mortgage, I was given the blessing to get my toy for the garage. I was set on buying a c5 corvette and had driven and dealed on several. When (as I was trying to buy a c5)I saw a 1989 Lotus Esprit turbo SE in Calypso red for sale and was in my price range. I couldn't resist and so it is now parked in the garage and after a year, I still can't stop sticking my head into the garage for a quick peek. I could tell you a million stories about letting kids sit in the car while refueling while dad takes pictures, or crowds forming in parking lots, but I would be here for hours. I love my car and the experience is unique. Back to reality, insurance here in Canada wa identical to insuring a c5 (reasonable), But I have had issues. Like most here will tell you, the esprit is reliable if properly maintained, but like any older car it will require parts and service. Make sure you have a fund set aside for repairs and maintainence or you will learn to resent your car and become the dreaded previous owner. It's nice to see another obsessed fan of the esprit. I don't regret my decision, and it sounds like you would not regret it either. Good luck!! PS: I'm just a plumber with a small Business, so you don't need to be rich to enjoy an esprit, just need an understanding wife.
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