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  1. It was just a one off. I wasn't planning on making another. It would be cheeper from Lotus. Thanks for asking though.
  2. What was the cause of the rebuild? how many miles?
  3. I made myself a new shift knob at work, had it clear anodized and just put it on. What do you think?
  4. Please add some pictures of the under side and some of it off the car. I would like to replace my fiberglass one.
  5. I made my own for the rear. Haven't looked into the front yet. I don't remember the durometer I used but I can look it up if anyone is interested.
  6. I use amsoil products in everything I own.
  7. For the record I did call the dealer to get me the parts & service notes and he told me they are very hard to come by.
  8. Sorry, At the time I didn't know it was wrong. Now I know better!
  9. Has anyone done a belt change on there own? I know you need a adj. tool but there must be a way around. I am new to Lotus but I like to do my own service and there are no dealers close to me. I now have a lift in my garage so many things are easier to get at.
  10. Anyone know where I can get the temperature sensor in the middle of the sump drain plug. Or a substitute? I broke mine while changing the oil and the dealer says they are backordered and were supose to be in last May! I need to refill the sump!
  11. Is there a temp. sensor on the oil drain plug? Could it be one of the wires?
  12. I have the same issues. Replaced the battery and still the same.
  13. I noticed one of my rear wheels has a cracked spoke. I think I read a long time ago about a Lotus Recall for wheels but not sure of the year or make of wheel. Anybody know. If it was recalled how do I go about geting it replaced? Car is a 98.
  14. Who sells the yellow wastegate capsules?
  15. Will I benifit much from these without an ECU upgrade?
  16. Where can I get new and improved wastegate capsules? I can't seem to find them when I search.
  17. Were can one find all the pictures of girls in/on a lotus?
  18. mike733

    Floor Mats

    I need new floor mats. Where should I look for a set?
  19. I only hit it once but I sware it was above 7200-7300. Could it be that my tach is out of adjustment or should I look to see if the ECU was changed/modified? I will check the limit next time I drive it. Is it hard to tell if it has been touched?
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