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  1. Hi everyone, I've been asked to see if I can get some Lotus cars together on 03rd December 2020 for Ollie’s funeral. We will follow the funeral car around Wymondham, Norfolk as a rolling tribute. All Lotus cars are welcome but cars penned by Ollie will lead the precession. It will take about an hour (11am - 12pm) and sadly the funeral is restricted numbers, as I’m sure lots of you would like to pay your respects, well let’s do that by showing up with our cars and give a Lotus Legend a fantastic send off. please let me know if you can attend. I’ll post up specifics a little later. thanks everyone.
  2. Hi, I'm lucky enough to own a Lotus Sport 110 bike as risen by Chris Boardman. Even luckier is that mine is a British built frame rather than a South African built bike so it is 1 of 50. there is a Sport 110 register on Facebook called Lotus 110 club and we are trying to organise an event at Hethel in 2017. I'm sure it will be a great spectacle to see these iconic machines lapping their spiritual home and if anyone would like to participate I will post up more details later. i could really do with a little leverage with Lotus as my requests to borrow the track is just bouncing round departments at the mo. I know Bibs has some influence so I wonder if you do me a favour and wave your wand for me. I'm sure it would be great publicity as we intend to get the local press and some cycling magazines involved. cheers
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  4. My Hitachi S114 945 starter motor has died, I suspect it is the contact bushes. The S114 945 is a Lotus Evora only starter motor but I've heard that S114 943 bushes fit. Does anyone have experience/knowledge on this matter? many thanks
  5. Running and charging so just some bug squashing to do and I'm good to go ?
  6. I will do my best for the Bird In Hand on the 20th but Monday's are difficult for me. let me know if you're going out on the 1st or 3rd, I'd love to meet up
  7. The weather is improving and the nights are pulling out so anyone up for an evening drive? I fancy taking in some of the North Norfolk Coastal Road, but I'm pretty flexible depending on who come and where they are from. Simonf
  8. I am lucky enough to own a Lotus type 110 bike. I plan on riding it. They aren't that light if I am honest, but their 5-1 foil shape (banned now by the UCI) is super clean through the air, which makes them very fast. i went and had a chat with Mike Burrows the other day, he lives on the next road over from me and it was fascinating to learn that it was already a 10 year old design before Chris Boardman had got his hands on one. Mike had tried to sell the design to people like Raleigh who had laughed at his design. i also like that Mike was doing his own time trial in Bungay, Norfolk when Chris was setting the world 1 hour record, he had no idea his bike design was making history. He was a bit grumpy about Lotus and the 110 though, Lotus refused to give him any recognition for it or royalties stating it was significantly different.
  10. There are quite a few evening track days available for June for Snetterton 300. Is anyone interested?
  11. Yesterday, whilst going through some of my late dad's stuff I found his plans for the Lotus Factory on Potash Lane, Hethel. I should explain that he was Colin Chapman's Architect during the 70's and very early 80's and some may have heard my funny anecdotes about the Jeer Jet hanger and electric garage doors. I found it fascinating going through them, there were plans for Ketteringham Hall and a yacht station at Brundall which I can only assume was Moonraker boats (Colin's luxury speed boas company) I can never get any photos up on here for some reason so maybe Bibs could get them off my Facebook feed?
  12. I know it seems a long way off, but the weather should be half decent. My plan is to meet on Sunday 29th March 2015 in Norwich (Longwater Retail Park just off the A47) and head for the North Norfolk Coast, from there we follow the coastal road round to Cromer for a ice cream stop and/or fish & Chip before heading your own way home! All Lotus driver welcome from all regions. Anyone interested??
  13. The module in the corresponding recess is not the has Lotus TM stamped in it so I'm guessing ECU. Can't see the amp anywhere near the subwoofer but I will continue my search. Whitey.....definitely have the sub woofer, mine is Launch Edition. There is the fuse box and a lotus branded ECU looking box in there.
  14. Bibs......I fricking love you!! Thanks mate Just looked where it's marked on the diagram and it's not inside the car, so I'm guessing it's in the engine bay, I will check it out tomorrow. There is something amplifier looking in the corresponding recess on the other side of the car. I thought that was the ECU so steered clear, might take a better look in the daylight.
  15. Hi Guys, I've only had my Evora a couple of months and the subwoofer doesn't seem to be connected. It's turned on in the Head a Unit settings but there is nothing from the speaker. Before I start pulling the interior apart does anyone know if there is a small amp powering the subwoofer? If there is the fuse may have blown, but there is very little info in the vehicle manual. Please help Simon
  16. Hey guys anyone fancy meeting up with the Norfolk chapter for a combined meet? I'm thinking Tuesday 11th November 2014. It'll be a good excuse to get you Lotus out for a drive
  17. Fantastic night with Andy Clements, Owen Wright, Nifty and myself. Really good catch up and some good old fashioned Lotus talk :-) Let's do it again soon guys Some of the wall art and other nice little things found at the pub :-)
  18. Meet at the Bird In Hand guys :-) See you there at 8pm
  19. Thread read from start to finish with great interest. Looks like I may be going through two sets of rears a year :-(
  20. Bird In Hand, Wrenningham booked for 8pm
  21. Owen is more than likely coming but not to eat. I'm sure we are all fine with those that just want a chat while the others eat btw.
  22. SimonF Nifty Andy Clements Newts So far :-)
  23. I've got to book somewhere up but it'll either be the Bird In Hand, Wrenningham or Nicks Diner, Deopham. Aiming to eat about 8pm so either meet at the chosen venue then or meet at the layby just before the UEA turning on the Earlham Road at 7.30pm Hope you can make it :-)
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