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  1. Around 5:30pm 22 August, heading north. Very nice!
  2. Just had this happen! Luckily was filling up and had already opened one cap. So now both are unlocked but screw in OK and it doesn't seem like they could come loose. Has this happened to anyone and is it OK to leave them unlocked, or should I get this sorted out as soon as possible? Thanks
  3. No airbag in the S3 unless I blow up a balloon and put it in the glove box So should be OK. Hoping to take him out on Saturday for a drive. I've put him in the car before and let him have fun with the switches etc which he loved - especially making the lights go up and down!
  4. THanks Bibs. Some good advice in there. I think I shall give it a go.
  5. Has anyone tried putting a baby seat in an S3 Esprit? I'm thinking in the passenger seat rather than anywhere precarious! I think my 3-year-old would love a ride in it. He's had fun playing with the levers and switches but I haven't yet taken him out and about. Thanks Richard
  6. May have been the same D-reg normally-aspirated that parked behind my D-reg normally-aspirated in Chipping Norton once.
  7. Seen driving down Green Lane 14 April at 5.20pm
  8. Ah so close. Right specification but not me. If it had been in Essex it could well have been :-)
  9. Seen in Green Lane, Ilford, about a week ago.
  10. Saw a black V8 SE or recent Esprit model (by the look of it) top of Drury Lane, London, this evening around 9-9.30ish. Went into a car park back of one of the theaters I think.
  11. I think you were right - dodgy earth connection on the battery. Went to start the car today and went dead again - checked the battery and yes, the earth connection was very loose. Have tightened up and seems ok now :-)
  12. Update: I took the car out for a spin the other week and the lights decided to work! First one would pop up but then switch off and on again and both popped up. I'm wondering if it is a dodgy battery issue? But then I was pulling up to a small roundabout and the whole car went dead! No lights, no engine, nothing - not even hazard lights. I pushed it to the side of the road (good job they are light cars) and luckily it then decided to work again. Has this happened to anyone else? I checked the battery connections and they seemed solid enough. Thanks Richard
  13. Many thanks for all the replies. Yes, it is the lights (possibly the switch from replies to my other recent post) as none of them are working at the moment. I also need to fit a new air-horn - I bought the kit from SJ sportscars but looks to be a bit fiddly to fit myself. Cheers Richard
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