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  1. Nice, I took my daughter to her prom in my V8, it went down a storm, hope you get done in time. Jaz in the Middle
  2. Looking good, keep up the good/hard work. Is Sinderella going to make it to the ball?
  3. Looks amazing, I hope to be there next year.
  4. what a great turnout, some amazing looking cars there
  5. Stuart Thanks for the info, I've seen new cats on ebay for £300 ish and a par of second hand ones for £350 one of which sounds shot. Phone round time I think. Cheers Jon
  6. Any update on the 400 cell cats? I'm looking to do mine before the end of March. Stuart, where did you get your cats from & how much did were they if you don't mind me asking. Cheers Jon
  7. I'm going to the Singapore GP this year, Bay Stand all three days and can't wait. Is the racing boring? I guess sometimes when you watch on TV it can be but as LotusLeftLotusRight said there is always a dominant team, it only makes the other teams work harder and when they get the right car/ driver combo they become the team to beat. Roll on September
  8. My Wife was stopped and had to pay an on the spot fine (£60) for misrepresentation of number plate. M100 XER it's now on her Elan
  9. Welcome to the Forum, hope you get into that Exige real soon.
  10. Welcome to TFL Love the car, black on black, very sleek
  11. Hi @Kimbers Would you kindly pass on my thanks to your dad, near the end of the day he came and found my friend (Ian) that owns his old Esprit, they chatted about the mods he'd had done. Ian was so in awe that he forgot to ask Mr Kimberly to sign the car for him, a gentle nudge and reminder snapped him out of his daze and the inner wing was signed. Ian has owned the Esprit since 1989 and has spoken many times of his wish to meet your dad and having a photo of him sitting in the car. Michelle my wife messaged him yesterday with some pictures she'd taken, he still hasn't come down from his high. Again Thank you to the Legend that is MJK
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