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  1. Hi Sam, Welcome to the forum, my take on the project is, if you feel up to it, nothing beats the feeling of driving a car, that you have spent time blood, sweat and tears restoring to an event and talking to even just one admiring person about the problems/fun you encountered during the restoration project. Take a chance, make a low opening offer, if you get it great, if it gets to much move it on but live safe in the knowledge that you have helped save another rare Lotus.
  2. Hi All, Hope you had a good day. We're at the end of a close so not much passing foot traffic here either, the neighbours are used to seeing our cars, I did talk to one of them, he has an Excel that he's been working on for years. Recons to get an mot on it some time this year. There are 3 Lotus owners in our road.
  3. Thank you Dave & Danny for joining in, and thanks Dave for helping spread the word. Hope everyone taking part has a great day.
  4. Thank you, hope you have a fantastic day and attract loads of admirers ( for your car)
  5. Brilliant, Thank you and well done. I hope you have a fantastic day
  6. Hi All, Hope you are all well (and still sane). As we have been unable to attend any events or shows with our lovely and probably now very shiny Lotus and are unlikely to be able do so this year I've attached a link for "the Classics for Carers" stay at home car show. Please take a look and maybe buy a rally plate or window sticker. Who knows, in the hopefully not to distant future it might be bit of fun to look out for other classics displaying there own plates or stickers and know that we did our bit! Take care, hope to see you all soon. Jon https://www.classicsforcarers.
  7. Hi All. Due to the current COVID-19 (corona virus) Crisis this event has been cancelled by the event organisers. Thank you for your understanding. BW Jon & Michelle
  8. Philip who? I'm sorry but I'm just a little bored with hearing about people being this way or that, so what get over yourselves, your not special your "normal" isn't that how they want to be treated. The only one making a big thing about it is PS. I suppose I should feel sorry for his wife but I can't, she is choosing to stand by him and if she is happy to forgive his adultery, because if he has been with another man that's what it is, then good for her. Now I've more important things to worry about, what's for tea.
  9. Hi All, Anyone interested in Motors by the Mote at Leeds Castle May 9th /10th 2020? Michelle and I are the events organisers for The North Kent Lotus Group, we are arranging a display for Sunday 10th. Normally we have 15 spaces reserved in one of the best spots at the event but more can be added if required. Admission is £10 per car which gives full access to the Castle and grounds on the day. If your interested pm me for more details.’s+On/Featured+Events/Motors+by+the+Moat/ Video from last years event. Cheers for lo
  10. Nice, I took my daughter to her prom in my V8, it went down a storm, hope you get done in time. Jaz in the Middle
  11. Looking good, keep up the good/hard work. Is Sinderella going to make it to the ball?
  12. Looks amazing, I hope to be there next year.
  13. what a great turnout, some amazing looking cars there
  14. Stuart Thanks for the info, I've seen new cats on ebay for £300 ish and a par of second hand ones for £350 one of which sounds shot. Phone round time I think. Cheers Jon
  15. Any update on the 400 cell cats? I'm looking to do mine before the end of March. Stuart, where did you get your cats from & how much did were they if you don't mind me asking. Cheers Jon
  16. I'm going to the Singapore GP this year, Bay Stand all three days and can't wait. Is the racing boring? I guess sometimes when you watch on TV it can be but as LotusLeftLotusRight said there is always a dominant team, it only makes the other teams work harder and when they get the right car/ driver combo they become the team to beat. Roll on September
  17. My Wife was stopped and had to pay an on the spot fine (£60) for misrepresentation of number plate. M100 XER it's now on her Elan
  18. Welcome to the Forum, hope you get into that Exige real soon.
  19. Welcome to TFL Love the car, black on black, very sleek
  20. Hi @Kimbers Would you kindly pass on my thanks to your dad, near the end of the day he came and found my friend (Ian) that owns his old Esprit, they chatted about the mods he'd had done. Ian was so in awe that he forgot to ask Mr Kimberly to sign the car for him, a gentle nudge and reminder snapped him out of his daze and the inner wing was signed. Ian has owned the Esprit since 1989 and has spoken many times of his wish to meet your dad and having a photo of him sitting in the car. Michelle my wife messaged him yesterday with some pictures she'd taken, he still hasn't come down from his
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