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    esprit sport 300, lotus élise S1 111S,mini cooper works
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  1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH have a good ending year also. very sad to have to sale it but i want to change life in 2018. so i sale all things.
  2. hello i have a lotus SPORT 300 and i'm selling it. it's number 29. new tyres and spare ones, original paint (yellow) french since new. 50 pages of invoices. 102000 kms ,all serviced , price 98000 EUROS; ADVERT HERE
  3. you have n° 25 i see. it's n° 29 mine great cars ,i love it
  4. tyres on the car. great racing look. i love it
  5. thanks you . you have a lot of cars i see. i had an caterham and lancia evo and turbo esprit s3 also. lot af common cars we had. for the moment i keep it, i just finish to revised it ,and it's as new now. the only one sold in france. tomorrow pictures with new tires .
  6. I have n° 29/64 THE TYRES I FOUND THEM on central pneus web site. i received them this morning and fix them tomorrow on the car. all set for 900 euros
  7. ERIC340R


  8. i will post pictures tomorrow of my sport 300 with those tires. the lotus sport 300 you want to buy or tires ?
  9. I HAVE A SPORT 300 also and i put toyo r888 on mine. i will have them on the car tomorrow .
  10. hello alls i'm a new owner of an esprit v8 gt and i read all lot of good things here. but a have a question . i'm looking at the level of my coolant water,and io find another tank in the right wheel arch. wath is for? where must i put the water and at wich level please. help me please,i don't have the owner manual so i don't know
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