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  1. ok ! - I feel I have to get involved here barryely1.BMPbarryely1.BMP! being a serial green owner for 30 years! owned over the years.........
  2. Hi, Rich, Well done ! Great find! I also was bidding. I saw this car when it was up for sale in 2012 in London and was bought by the previous owner. I checked it out and it was a basic riviera. I wondered if Lotus just ran out of decals?!!! kind regards, Roger
  3. Hi ! Bibs Can you use a series 2,2 elite RIVIERA for the parade ? (only 7 made / 6 left!) best Roger M
  4. yes - prob going here - Goodwood House
  5. Congratulations. Saw the car for sale Loved the colour!
  6. HI ! Any further on this ?
  7. I suffered for years from it Have you tried allopurinol .? I don’t have to crawl down the street any more,!
  8. HI Gents - I am happy to part - underwrite the mould if anyone is interested , as I need one also. Thanks Roger M
  9. Oh dear! I wonder what trouble I have just bought!! ?
  10. Yia Sou File !! welcome aboard Roger
  11. May I add my congratulations !
  12. Kimbers - I should have two doors off my old elite somewhere - if you get stuck - the beams must still be on there !!! Rog
  13. Hi Er .... I have a spare riviera bonnet in yellow Pm me Roger
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