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    Atle's SE photos

    Taken August 2012, with the new OZ's
  2. Thanks Vanja, The garage foreman said he tried to phone SJ but didn't get through (hm.....?) - I will try myself first thing tomorrow morning. Again, thanks for the tip .- this forum is great especially when you are stuck...
  3. Hi all, Am I in a time squeeze... My 91 Esprit SE now closing in on 6 weeks at the repair shop due to parts sourcing problem! The garage changed the clutch hydraulic hose for me; when de-airing the system the master cylinder blew. The repair shop has tried to source a new master and slave, the only supplier apparently SJ sportscars - who after a month or so after the inquery confirmed by e-mail they had the parts. Immediately asking for a quote and order about a week ago, including reminders still no response from SjS. The garage has worked hard in trying to help me (it's a Ferrari garage, the only local joint that are used to handling exotics). The season is soon over and I want my car back! Does anyone know where I can find a reliable supplier for the master (5/8) and slave who can expedite the parts by express to Norway? In addition, the brake pedal light switch needs replacing (SjS said they had this) - and the wiper motor (see separate in relevant thread) which I give up. My car is LHD, there are only RHD motors on the market... But again - the clutch M&S is the critical item - any advice is appreciated! Bregs Atle.
  4. Thank you very much for your help, Malcolm. I will forward this to the garage so they can take it further. Had no idea this would be so challenging!
  5. Hi Malcolm, the motor has been opened and gear taken out - the green and strange plastic gear has a worn-down area on the outer vertical surface (radius). Would this gear be machined differently on a RHD versus LHD?
  6. Hi Michael, thanks for reply. Yes, that idea struck me. Seems like the last way out!
  7. Hi all, The plastic drive on the window wiper motor in my 91 SE is ruined. I have had the garage take it out for me (didn't have the mental strength to do it myself), the garage can not source a replacement motor. SJs says they are out of production with no spares available. There are RHD motors available, but they do not fit LHD vehicles. So, does anybody have any good advice? It is after all just the drive wheel that has failed. Atle, Norway.
  8. Atle

    91 dead...

    The thing has to be kept in isolation for the rest of its life. It will not last an hour if left with inmates. It could be a live display (in a say 3-foot thick vitrine cage) at British Museum as an example of DNA malware.
  9. Thanks Feijucho, I picked out the panel and checked again yesterday - I think the fault is in the bulb holder itself. The connection filaments are in one piece riveted together and its all rattles and loose. Will try to get a new holder and see. No big crisis but you know - you want it all to work!
  10. At least the cigar lighter works. That's as far as I got today...
  11. Thanks guys - still have to find the time to back the car out of the garage and check. It's been pouring down the last days! There are two red wires going into the holder base, with an earth slide connector that fits into the socket. I think there may be a short circuit somewhere. Hope to get back to it tomorrow.
  12. Hi Feijucho, Thanks for reply! Will have to check the lighter itself tomorrow, didn't think about that. Never seen any lights in the window lift switches! Thought the marks were just painted on, in the SE. Will have to check that too! Electrical stuff not my game...
  13. Hi all, So I finally got around to changing the bulb in my left door cigar lighter. However, it lights up when the car is turned off, and shuts off when I push the main light switch. In other words, opposite of what it is supposed to do. Not only that. When I dim down the cockpit lights, the cigar lighter brightens up. When I dim up, the bleeding light dims down. The right light works as it is supposed to. What is this? I can't figure it out. Anybody have a solution? I have to disconect the battery now, when parking! Thanks, Atle.
  14. Happy Birthday to you Jukka - guess you have as much snow as us here in Oslo! PS missed Finland this year except in transit at Vanta twice. I love that airport! And Finnair too!
  15. Looks great, Bibs! Did the same thing myself this summer - but used Swissvax matched dye with subsequent matting fluid. Fun and a relatively quick win!
  16. Hi there - had same problem of sun-visor dropping. Stuck on a velcro-pad, now it sits! No pills, no rubbing.
  17. Stemmer i, Hugo - har vel aldri opplevd mer personlig service enn hos Henrik. Thumbs up!
  18. Living in Norway, which is a very small country we bump in to celebrities almost every day. In shops, bars, on the street. Passes with a shrug of the shoulders. As a former amateur musician, I have played with many of our famous artists with our big band - for audiences including the Queen of Norway. Of course few are international fame; but I once sat next to Liv Ullmann on a plane (well, for all it's worth) - and in front of Leonard Bernstein. I have had AHA star Morten Furuholmen for tea in my home, and chatted with the former prime minister of Norway and ex head of WHO Gro Harlem Brundtland for like an hour when she arrived too early at a ball we were playing at (she came alone in her little Pugeot 205). My son shares class with son of huge Norwegian football star Jan Åge Fjørtoft; my daughter shares class with daughter of famous Norwegian finance acrobat and cruise-line owner Atle Brynestad, and my 6-year old niece is best classmate with the princss of Norway Ingrid Alexandra - so every day my brother has small talk with the crown prince and Princess. But again, not so much a big deal. We see'em every day and in egalitarian Norway nobody really bothers that much. They are just actors, singers and royalty. Nothing more.
  19. Atle

    [NORWAY]Langtur 21/8

    Hei Bjørn, Høres kjempebra ut. Er usikker på om jeg rekker det, skal prøve!
  20. Atle

    [NORWAY]Langtur 21/8

    Så morsomt! Utrolig bra arbeid. Skal man melde seg inn? Er det kontingent? Lager man klistremerker? Jeg blir med så klart (med forbehold om reisevirksomhet - har en del av det).
  21. Hi Lucas, I have been thinking about the same on my SE; providing I get the right looking switches an option is the centre console upper part, which is a metal plate clad in leather. The alarm blink is fitted in the centre.
  22. And what a success! 10 Esprits participated. Great to meet you guys - as you know the gathering is so busy with meeting old friends and walking around not much time to power-chat. Hopefully we will get to know each other better at smaller meetings!
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