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    Big day!

    Hi all, A great day today! After 7 weeks of bureaucracy, endless payment counters and officials - and 16,500 Euro in Norwegian fees and taxes - I now have real Norwegian licence plates on my '93 Swiss-import SE. So now I can drive where I want when I want! Many, many thanks to Melanie at Pfenninger in Zumikon and Sarah at Lotus for helping me out with the EU documents asked for by this non-EU country. Ironically, the Norwegian DVLA hardly bothered to check the car itself; they ascertained that the car was in great condition with low mileage, followed by the entire inspection staf
  2. Well, Oslo is fun capital, not grim at all. Great place but like Tokyo, budget accordingly. Only so much oil in the ground...
  3. Alex, Jeeks. Free beer is like the annual company Christmas party! You bet I will ferry myself and the Lady in Red over to the UK in due time. All I need is an unlimited supply of Kilkenny, or similar. Right now I'm trying to decide whom of my crowd of kids to bring along. Just got a son July 2nd, Henrik, my third. Lots of people around the house these days. My 5-year-old Bernard is crazy about cars (Ferrari seems to be the craze) and probably the most socio-economic choice. He does not drink beer yet but otherwise a great guy, settles for a Fanta. See you, Atle. p.s. Debark in B
  4. Hi all, I will eventually find out about the community here next to the North Pole; Norway has an excellent population of exotic & sports cars. Being a pretty seasoned traveller I find (apart from London of course) especially Zurich (where I bought my Esprit no surprise), Singapore (where I happen to be at the moment - wide awake at 2am in the morning) and Oslo where you see fun cars around. Even Miami seems full of drab Kia copies nowadays (I work with shipbuilding hence the travelling). Part of the reason why I finally chose the Esprit as a substitute for my (now sold) rusted Alfa
  5. Will bring brown cheese! Price has now gone down to 250
  6. Better mood today, Hethel has just sent me the papers I need and it has stopped raining. Forgot to mention by the way, my original "Certificate de Conformite" was written in French - which on top of everything also proved unacceptable to the "Biltilsynet". German was OK, and English and Norwegian of course -even Swedish! But not French. So how EU are we anyway... Best regards and soon on the road again, Atle.
  7. So now my new Esprit, imported from Switzerland, has been confined to its garage for four weeks, since the customs transit plates ran out of time. Welcome to Norway. Norway has no real car production, only the battery operated Tupperware thing(k) you can get at Toys
  8. Wow, this is a fast site!! Thanks for replies, indeed Norway is great for Esprit driving but challenging for registration. Will shortly post the story of my efforts to register the car so far..... It's actually an S car, 1993 SE. My mates have G's - not to disclose their full names but one is Erik (red G) and the other Karl Bernard (blue G). Mine was Daniel Sommer's car - if he still has his page on LEW. I will make my own once I get my bearings. And I will of course lay her up from October to April. Yes, this is the length of winter up here! On second thought, Roger had a skimount o
  9. Hi all, my name is Atle Ellefsen. I live just 2 miles south-west of Oslo, on an island called Nesoya (there is a short bridge to the mainland) with wife and 3 kids (12, 5 and 0.2). I am 50 years old, and a naval architect by education. Finally realizing an old dream, I picked up my red
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