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  1. Hi Lucas, I have been thinking about the same on my SE; providing I get the right looking switches an option is the centre console upper part, which is a metal plate clad in leather. The alarm blink is fitted in the centre.
  2. And what a success! 10 Esprits participated. Great to meet you guys - as you know the gathering is so busy with meeting old friends and walking around not much time to power-chat. Hopefully we will get to know each other better at smaller meetings!
  3. Landet trygt på Viagra flyplass, vel installert på fine Blodsundet hotell. Beste er, indisk restaurant rett rundt hjørnet! Vindaloo get ready to be eaten (burp).

  4. Atle

    It's out!

    It's out!!! After 5 months in winter storage it fired happily, eager to be lurked out into the splitting spring sunshine from the murky basement it has shared with a dozen other tarpaulin-covered motors (including the only Lancia Stratos in the land) during the polar season. For the next 7 months, my drive is a Lotus Esprit.
  5. Blir tett. Skal prøve, hadde vært morro!
  6. Regner med 12 eller 13 april her. Påsken fyker, skal til Kina en uke annen påskedag. Gleder meg skikkelig!
  7. Ah! Hi and thanks Tony! I am still here - albeit invisible for some time. A lot on the plate and I must admit... I have been sucked into Facebook and maintaining 2 fora at once has proven hard. I am slowly tiring of FB. Anyway, car is safely garaged for the winter - and I try not to think too much of it as my impatience for the winter and snow to disperse grows. Will be back, fear not, when my kids grow older and discard their diapers (hah, sort of joking)... Take care, see you later!
  8. Atle

    [NORWAY]Lotus Aften

    Heisann! Plutselig oppdaget jeg denne siden.. Var synd jeg ikke kunne delta den 21; alene en uke med tre unger mens kona var i USA. Ellers hadde jeg jo stilt opp! F
  9. Oslo here, about 4 feet of snow and minus 17 degrees Celsius - about 2,2 Fahrenheit. It is freeeeezing!!! Luckily, Esprit stored away for the winter in warm hideaway in good company...!
  10. So, after two winters in frozen garage shack, finally got a safe and warm winter storage for my Esprit, at a very good price. Basement of a barn at a golf course, it is in good company with another red Esprit SE and a few other exotics. Now I rest relieved! Tucked it away 4 weeks ago - which was rather silly as winter has yet to arrive. It's warm still! Anyway, it's raining a lot...
  11. Atle


    And I could not make it. Rats. Next time. Am in contact with 4-5 Esprit owners here anyway, met Hugo this summer. Looking forward to seeing the car!
  12. Hi Eric! Love your profile photo. The ship is one of Royal Caribbean's "Radiance" class ships. Don't know which one this is of the four sisters but I was the project director/main designer of the series, following the Radiance of the Seas to market and Brilliance half way on the stocks. Sadly I had to leave RCCL Newbuilding Dept. in 2001 as it moved to Miami! My heart is...

  13. Room for baby-buggy! Not bad at all!
  14. Atle

    Brace yourself

    Should fetch about 350,000 NOKs (35,000 GBP / 59,000 USD / 40,300 Euro) in normal financial climates.
  15. Dear all, So, after a lot of digging and snooping around, a fellow Esprit owner here finally came up with the actual tax-value price of my 1991 SE as it would have cost in an Oslo dealer showroom in 1992: 1,230,240 Norwegian Kroner. Or: 208,381 USD, or 124,722 GBP, or 142,934 Euro. 1,230,240 Norwegian Kroner in 1992 was equivalent to 1,740,000 Norwegian Kroner in 2008. Or: 292,585 USD, or 175,120 GBP, or 200,692 Euro. This is not a joke. This is the Norwegian Socialist Party luxury tax. If my Esprit was new, for sale in Oslo today it would have cost 300,000 USD. From it was n
  16. I have only half the amount as the rest of everybody, because cars are twice as expensive in Norway. Don't forget! - 1976 Vauxhall Viva - 1966 Triumph Spitfire - 1977 Mazda 626 (ugh) - 1968 Triumph Toledo (short lived) - 1978 Lancia Beta Coupe - 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6 2,5 - 1988 Peugeot 505 GTI Familiale (great car, was wrecked after hitting a moose) - 2001 Audi A4 2.0 - 2004 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro S (current) - 1991 Lotus Esprit SE (current of course) So, I have had 10. If I had lived in a developed country it would have been around 20.
  17. Wow! Long thread. Got my SE as a present to myself turning 50 two years ago. So I am very young indeed. It was also a replacement for my GTV6 2,5 which I bought almost new at the age of 29 (!) before that Lancia Beta Coupe (I was 27) and Spitfire (was 26).
  18. Happy Birthday Katie! ...forgot to send the goat's cheese... blast
  19. See what y'all mean. I seldom drive my Esprit into Oslo city centre and even rarely, park it there. I pop in a few sunny Saturdays a year doing a loop past some busy streets and sidewalk cafes just to get a small show-off kick (duh). And that's what I mean you close-to-Londoners apparently should be doing more!
  20. Sorry to hear, Mark. Sad time. Divides your life somewhat - before and after dad lived. Mine died 5 years ago from cancer.
  21. Very nice! I already have the plastic ones, which are "OK" but do not offer the exclusivity I had expected, and what you see on other upmarket makes. Too plasticky. If these come out well I may want to change!
  22. Would be great - mid-October is however high season at work. We will see...
  23. That's right, 30 minutes eating time. Gotta work, you know. I am not even skinny any more. That is, I am not fat in a sense but I have a somewhat disturbing protuberance at mid-height. It is very expensive to maintain. Anyway, Norwegians tend to be in good shape, obsessed with outdoor life and sports as they are. I say "they" because I am not part of that crowd. I really appreciate nature but I am not obsessed. There are so many other things.
  24. Done that stretch many times. NE Coach is the best way, believe it or not!
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