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  1. Visit to Norfolk clearly on the list. Then I will bring my petrol-headed 7-year old. Big ambition is to take my Esprit over and drive around the UK from top to bottom. Driving on the opposite side of the road scares me though but after a while I get used to it...
  2. Good idea! Only, we have only half an hour lunch-break in Norway, and ours are staggered (mine is 1130, hers noon). Could sneak out, though.
  3. Hi Graham, I am shuffling the entire library. I didn't know you could shuffle a playlist... I don't want t new iPod! Got it from my wife as a birthday present, has my name engraved on it and it is the best present I ever had! Had to buy a new set of in-ear plugs yesterday, I had Sennheisers but lost one rubber sleeve. Impossible to find replacement plugs (at least here - very smart isn't it? Forces you to buy a new set) so I gave up and bought new Creatives - which was not such a bad idea anyway because they are much better than the Sennheisers. Better sound, higher volume (unless th
  4. Well Graham, it's an iPod Nano 8G and very old (at least they tell me in the store) - i.e. 2 years old. I realize the psychology working in me, as Laura so interestingly describes. It is probably me and not the machine which is why it is such a joke. Fascinating how the human mind works - I think I have an overactive tendency to seek patterns in many things. Such as who drives what cars, Hollywood movie recepies, why Norwegian song lyrics always mention the prevailing weather, and so on. It's like a tick and sometimes annoys my wife as i am very bound by patterns myself! What I do find
  5. I am convinced that the "shuffle songs" function on my iPod is not using random, stochastic variables when shuffling. It clearly has a mind of its own, systematically and repeatedly picking out its same own tiresome favourites all the time - in my case Jill Scott and Eagles and I am so sick and tired of them. Therefore, I have named my iPod "HAL". I am proceeding to download "Daisy on a Bicycle Made for Two" while pressing the << and "Menu" button simultaneously, asking it how it feels. Funny, it keeps calling me "Dave" and talking sl o w er and sl o w
  6. Winding down, with many afterthoughts after a successful 4-week run of the Kiddo Summer Feeding and Activity Centre, as deputy manager! All the little darlings (2 - 7 - 14) are happy, with sailing, London, movies, pizza, swimming, games, summer camps and fun. Kindergarten and School Activity opens now, so I am finally going on vacation which will be on Monday between 9am and 4pm. I have still not decided how to spend it but it will be fun! I can not take my wife unfortunately, she has to work that day. But that's OK, we have our things coming. My wife and I are planning a romantic getaway for
  7. Hi all, Back from a fantastic 3-day stay in London. It's amazing how easy it is to get around, find good restaurants and see the sights - even with the place overcrowded with tourists. Gotta hand it to you, you Brits have the touch. Style and tradition, quirks and history. First two days we used the "Original Bus Tour" as both transport and sightseeing. The guide was very good indeed, and although I have been to London many times I learned a lot of new stuff. Primary objective was to give my 14-year old daughter a treat (including Mme Tussaud & the Dungeons) but I also got to see p
  8. Hi Tony! Thanks for interesting reply! Well, if you find Nes
  9. Off to London tomorrow. 3-day break with daughter Astrid under the "Sightseeing for Kids" act. I have seen it all many times before but I always enjoy spotting all the great cars! Hope to see a Lotus or two...
  10. Start production again and target Chinese or Japanese chickas. Must be a billion-dollar potential!
  11. First a breathtaking driving spree, then a panzer-photo shoot with a numb, disoriented dinosaur in thongs? That's hysterical!
  12. Ha! If that would finally shut her up I will do it! I could scare her brains out, leaving her speechless. Reminds me, a few days ago she asked if I could take pictures of her spread out on the bonnet, like a cover girl. "Wow, that would be great!" If you had seen her you would understand the vulgarity, I felt physically ill. I guess we all are like that, even me - failing to realize ones age, changes in body, attitude and equivalent lost attraction among the younger. I forget I am not 35 anymore. But she has forgot she is not 72 anymore!
  13. Haha! Funny... I often pass high-end supercars, as there are many of them where I live (not to sound snobbish - the big money lives further out on our island). Astons, Ferraris, top model Audis, Morgans. Even an old Bentley and yes, a Bugatti. Not to mention the buckets of Porsches. Always when these pass me in the Lotus they keep a straight stare ahead, pretending not to notice. I however eye them! So this wave was a pleasant change. Used to have an Alfa, we always waved to each other (before Alfa really took off in the mass-market).
  14. Amazing! Sorry for being a dope but is this Esprit limo real or photoshopped? Otherwise, a set-up with those limos at junior school would have made a huge scandal in Norway. The public (or more correctly "media") are hyped and obsessed with the climate change subject (and fitness and traffic problems), and the pupils are flooded with "walk or bike to school" propaganda all year around (even though we have no sidewalks for the kids). Yeah, this would have made big noise in the press.
  15. Haha thanks! I enjoy photography - just got a Nikon D80 with Nikkor 18-55 mm, 70-300 mm and a Sigma 10-20. The trick with these photos are to do like when taking portraits; I use the 70-300 at maximum zoom, standing as far away as possible. I avoid direct sunlight, this was late in the evening. Afterwards I sharpen the picture in Photoshop, add some saturation and contrast, adjust the levels slightly and voila! Another trick is to turn the front wheels, gives more movement and shows off the nice rims. Polishing, yeah. One of my neighbours (an old bag of 75 with a nasty, raspy voice) always
  16. No big deal this post, just wanted to show a few pics of my "family car" - my other drive. Audi A4 1,8 turbo quattro S (sports). I spent the day polishing and pampering. I like this car. Looks sharp. Less fussy than the A7/A8 platform.
  17. Passed a flat black, striped Ferrari F430 today and the driver happily waved to me! Wow! Never seen that before! I was so startled I just managed to lift my hand meekly. Hope he saw it!
  18. Here up North it's anything older than 30 years. By that time most Granadas, Amazons, Kadetts etc are all gone but the ones well kept. And they are well kept for a reason - thus classic!
  19. A very impressive and distinguished gentleman. Wish him a happy retirement and recovery of his back!
  20. I was messing around in very old cardboard boxes the other day looking for something when there suddenly appeared - my dad's old AA badge (no, not Alcoholics Anonymous but Automobile Association). Now this badge is from 1962, and was fitted to the grille of our Austin Cambridge (it was grey with red leather - nice car). We lived in Newcastle Upon Tyne for 2 years (I was age 5 - 7) and remember the car well. Amazing that this badge still was hidden in my stash after all these years. Come to think of it, I had it on my Triumph Spitfire 25 years ago. I had forgot that. I found this rather weir
  21. Bought my 91 SE with 54,000 km on the clock. Was not registered before January 1st 1993 however. Now, two years after buying it it has 62,000 where 2000 represents the drive from Zurich to Oslo. So, I drive it on average about 3200 km annually. Not much.
  22. Lotus Exclude Lotus Expat My are we funny...
  23. Thanks Bibs, as far as I remember I gave them the car type, VIN and "Magnolia" info. . Did not send them a sample, thought it was easier than that. Magnolia is magnolia. What I got is a champagne colour. So, I am well past the cellulose stadium (1991). It seems from Nick's posts that not much will help anyway except re-upholstering (gah...$$$). The cleaner worked (with a good bit of working it in using nailbrush, cloth and toothbrush - which in fact turned out to be very efficient) and the result is amazing - aside the old wear marks resurfacing. It does come across that the leather does ab
  24. Lotus Excite Lotus Expect Lotus Expel Lotus Especial (for Spanish market) Lotus Enough Lotus Emu Lotus Elix Lotus Egad Lotus Effect Lotus Embrace Lotus Electric Lotus Eclectic Lotus Elantra Lotus Espace Lotus Except Lotus Elect ....better stop there...
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