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  1. Just finished a full treatment with cleaner and conditioner - so far the interior is still really sticky. Does it really take that much time to dry (very warm weather here) or have I applied too much stuff? Had to use quite a lot of cleaner, which has not been flushed out or wiped away. Magnolia mix colour from Gliptone was too dark - like the more brownish shade I have seen on other cars. My interior is almost white. Is it Magnolia at all? Strange. Anyway I have to order a new mix or a toner. But the smell - yeah.
  2. Sure Patrick, I am working on an update of my pages here and there - with "before and after" pics if they turn out right!
  3. Stu, that was quite a story. Seems to conclude, whatever you pay, its worth it.
  4. Hi all! Been quiet for some time, to much on the plate. Work, kids, house, friends..anyway you all know. Serviced the car for the first time since I bought it 2 years ago (huh?). Knowing the car was well overdue for service, I was exploiting the idea of driving to Sweden (prices are like 30% lower than here in Norway) where there are experienced and capable garages. Turned out however (thanks to Esprit owners' hearty communication here) there is a father-and-son Lotus operation just 50 km south of Oslo, at Solbergelva. Henrik Persson (taking over from his dad) runs "Norsk Chassis Tek
  5. Hi Rich, Hard desicion. Follow your heart - or stomach as we say. Look ahead long term. Needless to say from my subjective point of view - never sell it!
  6. Wow! Quattro and Esprit parked at the 007 studio. Proves I have chosen the right two cars. Now I only have to get my hands on a forklift truck.
  7. Same here - always smiles, thumb-ups, dropping jaws, dumbfound stares, pointing and yelling 9-year-olds etc. And the boy racers, yup. Got'em here too. They usually honk or rev up violently. So is their unpolished culture. Every time I "fill 'er up" someone comes up for a chat. Even old ladies!
  8. Fun piece of news, Norway's biggest financial (pink) newspaper "Dagens N
  9. So my first MOT almost 2 years after importing the car failed, but it was expected so there were no surprises! Which is great! Blinking ABS warning light and worn front, left wheel bearing. I had them on the service list already but have not had chance to fix them before MOT deadline ran out April 30th. I have asked service garage nearby called Autostrada for a quote for a C-service (they did the MOT) - they normally handle Aston, Ferrari, Maserati and Lambos but it's the closest I get - unless I drive to Sweden. These guys should be capable but aaarg, probably expensive. But then they
  10. Thanks guys - still have the problem. Alarm never goes off when I am near the car however, I only know because of the bleep and blinking warning light meeting me in the morning or gong home from work. Sometime silent sometimes it has gone off. But thanks for tip, will check the batteries.
  11. Momo Fighter Zebrano. Must admit, the original Nardi has a much better and nicer grip but this is prettier. With calf skin driving gloves however, the wood is great.
  12. I think the motorized wing areal is cool, the problem is mine has a forward inclination (leans ahead - and I see it even on the Pretty Woman car). Looks silly. I have only had a look behind the carpet inside, to try to adjust the angle but gave quickly up due to the lack of space. Maybe with this thread I will try again - if possible. Antennae should either point straight vertically or lean slightly to the aft.
  13. Thanks guys! Esprit is up for MOT this month (EU control) apart from blinking ABS light, car should be bona-fide! In any case, servicing is necessary now, just gotta find the right garage to do it. Just got back from Easter vacation in the mountains, off to China (again) tomorrow. I wonder how many Esprits there are in China...?
  14. My first pin-up was a poster of an old velocipede.
  15. Imagine being paid to do these sketches - for real. How many years did I droodle like that at school, wishing...
  16. So finally took the Lotus out on Sunday after 5 months lay-up in the cold and dark and what a treat! It started with no effort and purred like a cat. No problem at all. Car took revenge from my mistreatment however; before I started up I changed the battery (tailgate open) when I slammed my head into the pointed end of the spoiler. It was so hard I saw shooting stars; and I still have a sore bump on my head. A sign I think. So roads are dry, still abundance of snow but melting rapidly now. Biggest threat is in fact windscreen being hit by flying stones. With every snowfall, our communi
  17. THANKS ALL!! And Happy Birthday to you too, Hunt! Thanks for the great presents. The shoes and travel bag from wife & kids are nice, but some eye-exercise is not only pleasant but also useful. Pics confirm I still recognize the big idea. Cars and babes! Yahoo!
  18. Nurse Violet Jessop survived both the RMS Titanic and the HMHS Britannic....
  19. Hi Jussi, greetings from the other side of the border. Great photos as usual - I just bought the Nikkor 70-300 on Saturday, can't wait to test it out. The amount of snow we have now is unbelievable!!!
  20. Hi Mark, I do not have a cabrio, but an A4 1,8QT limo - my fourth. All running like clockwork - apart from the coil which blew on both the last cars. Coincidentally, mine blew this afternoon on my way home from work. After 5 years of smooth sailing the car started to shake, as if firing erratically. A burned smell spread inside and the engine main alarm started blinking which means, head straight for the garage. Now my Audi is, coincidentally, exactly 5 yeas of age these days so I thought OK, 5 years to the date things start happening because Audi wants you to buy a new car at this point
  21. Atle


    Deja-vu? Been there. Done that.
  22. Not today (was a b***** Monday) but yesterday - it was my daughter's birthday (she was 14) and I finally hit the jackpot buying her presents that she had been wishing for - and it was a coincidence!
  23. Not doing much personally, we sort waste and turn off lights in the house when room is not in use. Our house is served by hydro-electric power, I drive 8500 km annually - next to nothing. My personal carbon footprint is zero compared to my annual air mileage at work. I am on a team at work, currently developing and designing Green Ship concepts (energy saving / environmental friendly ships) for the future. Sadly, my company policy does not allow us to consider nuclear power as an option....
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