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    Great work Kylie, cars are not easy to paint and airbrushing takes ages to learn. I like ships and architecture, here some examples. I have not painted for ages....and these faximiles are taken by first generation digital cameras years ago - do not give full justice. First painting was awarded the jury prize at an art exhibition a few years back. I am no good at all painting people....
  2. Last 12 months travel to work came out at just over 120,000 km (76,000 miles), not counting the drive back and forth to my office when I am at home - which on annual basis comes out at about 2000 km. So total about 122,000 km. That is three times the circumference of the globe, at equator!
  3. I got mine from Lotus archivist - it was signed off the production line February 28th 1991! Anyone else close to this date? (SE)
  4. Hi all and thanks for good advice....I should start it say a few times a month I know but it is in fact minus 10-12 all the time and well, coming home from work I have no time to tend to the car....I actually have to dig out the garage door now, its blocked by snow. I would install a small heater, but the garage is a common, open one with 12 doors and no dividing walls (only wire mesh) so I would need a pretty big heater! Shucks, next year I will find a better solution! Will wait until its like 5 plus and then spin the engine with no ignition to get the oil around and then, we will see.
  5. I haven't exactly overloaded the web with Esprit Chat topics in the last months, reason is simple - it's winter and right now one meter of snow in my garden. Last drive was late October. With the unfortunate lack of warm winter storage availability without mortgaging your house, my Esprit is stored in our house garage, which is a draughty wood-thing from the 60's albeit with a tight roof. Now with four consecutive weeks with temperatures swinging around minus ten, I am starting to worry about starting it up again once the temperature creeps up to say, plus 7. The engine is OK with anti-
  6. My fullest sympathy, Peter. Lost my dad 4 years ago in cancer. It is just so brutally terminal and non-reversible.
  7. Happy birthday Jukka! Best regards, your next door neighbour!
  8. My wife got up with the kids this morning, allowing me to regain my deficit sleep. And today, doing nothing. Just waddling around in the house doing nothing, watching the snow quietly fluffing down.....
  9. With about 140,000 flown kilometres annually on various airlines (chiefly One World and Star Alliance) I could write a book on meals, service and entertainment. Maybe I will some day. Remember boarding Lufthansa homebound after two weeks in Korea just to be served jellyfish with glass noodles for dinner. I almost hit the steward. Just got back from Bangladesh 48 hours delayed after two attempts to take off in the Dhaka fog on a British Airways triple-seven. Chucked in at the Radisson Water Garden, we had to buy our own beer at 5 quid a can. It is now twelve days since I deposited my luggag
  10. Yes Chris, spent 2 weeks in Tunisia on vacation - however 22 years ago I swore never to return. Mostly because of the flies and the 7-year old beggars of which there were hundreds pestering you on the beaches waking you up trying to sell you some dead flower or a plate of Wrigleys. Both flies and beggars equally annoying. Maybe it has changed. However, that said, Tunisia has the Carthage. The location used for the first Star Wars movie. The incredible Roman amphitheatre at El Djem. The salt lakes and camel rides in the desert. Established tourist resorts and - decent drink. Compared to L
  11. Roger, can absolutely recommend a safari in Africa, go to Tanzania and combine it with a Kilimanjaro climb. Experience of a lifetime.
  12. Found myself old last week, downloading from iTunes the themes from The Saint, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Perry Mason, Ironside, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, Captain Scarlett, Thunderbirds, The Fugitive, Jason King, A-Team and the Avengers... enjoying it! Duh!
  13. Hi Mark, I am an absolute idiot with nostalgia toys, finding old Dinky Toys and especially plastic kits from the sixties on e-bay so I click and buy. Easy. It's like a time machine.
  14. It is just so strange how different perceptions everyone has after visiting foreign countries! I guess it comes down to a combination of how many times you've been there, what your mission is, who you meet, taste and -how your own nationality is percieved by the host country and how the nationals react accordingly. Last but not least, your attitude as a visitor, and your references. I have visited 68 countries. ...A lot of parameters that have to be considered, and a lot of more or less matching cultural interface. Like, with 13 years of gold membership I still lavish British Airways con
  15. I had called the police and had the B?##xx*** parcel-shelf thieves arrested! You taking a deliberately left-behind frame of pedals is commendable, tidying up the community for scrap.
  16. Hi guys, First of all, yeah - there must be a BIG, VERY SECRET party somewhere in the Libyan desert, with a race track, harem and well, a smoothie bar including frozen yoghurt and tea....Yeah, sure like, - tea. Big Daddy Upstairs trying to watch it all but his nose is in the way and his eyes can not de-elevate that low. Hunt, the USAF must know of this place??? John and all, if you wanna go to the desert, go to Tunisia. Great camel ride and staggering roman ruins. And decent drink. Secondly, spent 3 weeks in Vietnam some years ago; was there for work in the northern parts (Hanoi, H
  17. Atle

    Right that

    Have a great trip Howard, in fact I am just off for a curry dinner myself, a real one - in Chittagong, Bangladesh!
  18. What use of sand when no babes to sit on it and no beer to drink on it?
  19. As I write this, I happen to be in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Now Bangladesh may be a poor developing country, but there are many reasons to go here. The people are nice, the hotels are great, the food is excellent, the cities are pitoresque and exciting in its chaotic colours, the subcontinental scenery is exotic and the culture is vibrant. And you get decent drink. One week ago however I stayed five days in Libya, two of them in Tripoli and the rest in Ras Lanuf, an oil terminal camp in the desert 700 kilometers south of the capital. The camp was OK, the expats have made a decent living out there
  20. Peter, best wishes of recovery to your parents. Sometimes irony hits in and leaves everything at an absurd low. It goes only one way, which is upwards. Can't help thinking of the undiscussably best Fawlty Towers episode ever, where Sibyl is entered in the hospital to operate an in-grown toe nail, leaving Basil to run the shop...ending up in the hospital himself with a bandaged head and well, we all know what happens...
  21. I remember my first flight, it was with SAS from Oslo to Copenhagen - in a DC7..... And, I remember the first major car show in Oslo - everyone went there to see the biggest star of the show- the Lotus Europa!
  22. Atle

    Whatever next

    I do not even want to know where my 13 year old daughter is at all times and what she does. I rely on her integrity which I and her mother have laboured to assure.
  23. Great news Alex, congrats. Great feeling and inspiration at work.
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