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    I am Cold

    Amazing that its so cold in the UK right now, the same temperature as here in Oslo. No snow though. Seeing the posts on climate change here, how can one take our government's crisis propaganda seriously when they do nothing about it except talk, refusing to give our electric car manufacturer "Think" financial support, letting our railways rot and on top of it - approve building a new now architecturally world famous opera to a cost of 5 billion NOKs in Oslo harbour just one foot above current high tide level when they simultaneously claim its gonna be submerged in 50 years? Our Minister
  2. BOND007 DUH....maybe quircky but still... Somebody's probably taken it already....
  3. Happy New Year all! Can't wait until spring, nowadays its around minus 5-10 degrees Celcius here in Oslo, really icy and no way of taking any Esprit out from any garage. Had dinner at my brothers, with family and kids and all; I drove. Returned home 10-ish to put the 1,5-year old to bed - he was blasted. At midnight we met with the neighbours outside for fireworks. Suddenly all of them, including 6 visiting Icelanders, were sitting in our living room with the table full of bottles and glasses including aquavit. What started as a quiet event ended as a real blast at about 5 am. New Year's
  4. Gratulerer med ny bil! Kjempebra!

    Trodde du ville f

  5. Merry Christmas to all! With three kids, there is no peace but their faces when opening presents (mostly cars ha-ha)- are priceless..
  6. Hi Mike, way cool presents! Any pics /scans of the "stuff"? Where to get them? Under the Christmas tree was for our part the Autoarts' 1:18 and 1:43 Esprit V8s -respectively, direct from Speednation (or Santa Clause for the six-year-old). The gleam in his eyes when he opened the package realizinig he would get the big one and dad the small one (I already have the big one) was priceless... Big one was missing a mirror - guess it willl be sorted out...
  7. Nerdy hobbies? Well - building models is nerdy in itself but I also keep my used airplane boarding cards. That's pretty nerdy. Dunno how it started but once you get going its hard to stop. Must have about 800 now, since 1995. Buggers, sometimes you don't get a boarding card now, all electronic... I also log my flights on Started to input my flight history from my job travel accounts and known vacations, but gave up after a while. There must be better ways of killing time!
  8. Well, I was there after they had cleared out the cargo - only 1500 tons of smelly mud left in the corners - but I saw some pics. They were incredible. Cars in heaps, crushed against the bulkheads with bulldozers sitting on top of them. Not much left! There is a video on youtube, but I have not found the best one. Then there is a photo of me on the bridge, discussing the dinner menu with my wife.... Then I spotted a this hub-cap left in the mud, with a very, mysteriously familiar design...
  9. Holy smoke, some ordeal. And I thought my brother was struggling because of his au-pair freaking out. I guess when you run a place like that (very nice by the way) sooner or later you will encounter "funny people"...more of them around than you think. Maybe you could eventually write a book? Fawlty Towers-type stories... Good luck!
  10. Good event Kimbers, great that your company invests in such social events. For the first time in my 7 years in current company, we had to pay for our own after-dinner drinks at the Christmas party. Not that we are doing bad, it was out of solidarity - show-time. Eventually got pissed anyway, stumbling home at 6 am. But that is another matter...
  11. The wreck of the Ro-Ro vessel Repubblica di Genova, taken in Antwerp harbour November last year after they righted her. She capsized fully loaded in port, laying on her side for 9 months full of shovel trucks, Toyotas, tractors and every other thing - before she was pulled upright with cables. You can see the waterline on the superstructure (and crane arm), what part stuck out of the water. Did a due-diligence inspection for a potential buyer, one of the weirdest jobs in my life. Next one is the radar mast on the Royal Caribbean 90,000-tonner Radiance of the Seas (with shipyard plaque)
  12. Don't worry, it's not your memory. It's the Big Part and Tool Eating Monster (the big one) striking again the moment you turn your head away. I know him very well. Pour pig's blood in a circle around where you are working, and strew a really cheapo-supermarket-housewife type set of tools outside the ring. You can supplement with some honkey parts such as cup-holders, steering wheel wraps, plastic chrome wheel-bolt covers, fuzzy dice and the like. It hates that. Hear that helps.
  13. Bear in mind that green cars are politically very correct these days. Even the entire US automobile industry is clinging to the hope that green cars will save their business - and the planet come to think of it. Go green!
  14. As a naval architect, I declare the only mechanical thing that should be assigned a gender is a ship. A ship is a "she", a one-of a kind. A car is an "it". Mass-produced. Feel pervo calling my car a "she"..... or giving it a nick-name...
  15. Gosh I am a lucky guy (ref. Dave)! When I found this Esprit for sale in Zurich my wife, 10 days due to give birth, smiled and suggested why don't I just fly down tomorrow and check it out? "I will be fine", she said. "Still time, and if anything should happen in the meantime, my sister will help out!" Who can match that?
  16. Happy birthday Owen, have a good one! Belated happy birthday too Travis, hope you had a good one!
  17. My wife took my newly born son on his first flight, from Oslo to Nice 6 years ago. Suddenly she recognises a face at the departure gate and it is........Roger himself! So my son's first flying experience was with James Bond. Another story goes at work when a colleague went down for breakfast at this horribly crowded hotel restaurant in London. After filling his tray he spots a single vacant seat at a table for two, the other seat occupied by an elderly distinguished man. Asking if the place is free, the man politely affirms. Colleague sits down and starts eating - and small-talking. About t
  18. I have had more or less noticeable cars since the early eighties, but compared to the Spitfire, the Beta Coupe and the Alfa GTV6 driving off in the Esprit opens the door into a sort of second life. I am too grey haired to pretend I am Bond but say (without further comparison), Karl Lagerfeld or even Martin Scorsese would fit with some imagination. Like a celebrity, people keep looking at you all the time. Yeah, have some sort of poser addiction with a well recognised tendency to play up some performance at annual office parties etc. I try to stop but the force is too strong. Anyway, our
  19. Hi Adrian, This summer I spotted a dusty, white G Turbo 1:18 in the bottom corner in the window display of that hysterical Tabac in Monaco, on the corner of Rue Princesse-Caroline and Boulevard Albert 1, that have 2 million model cars for sale only in the window. I wanted it, Ohhhh yeah but the price---a good 70 pounds it was. Walked over to the Ferrari (Formula 1) store instead, leaving one hour later 300 Euros lighter with the terribly expensive 1:18 Ayrton Senna 1985 Lotus/Renault, another insane-priced red/gold Lotus Formula 1 from the sixties in 1:24 (forget which one right now), a
  20. Yeah, Jerry - the money schmacked into my bank account only yesterday...including 20 pounds in lost interest! Good to have some extra these days, even though I spent it on a new camera...OK I can sell it... My neighbours are from Iceland and they keep popping in asking for a cup of sugar, yesterday's newspaper and a pair of old woolen socks now that the winter is here... No, just kidding - they are doing good and the Icelanders will get back on their feet. In fact I just saw him (my neighbour) on Top Gear an hour ago - he was the one who provided the trucks, pulled out Jeremy and J
  21. Beautiful wheels and the colour, my wife would kill for a car in that orange. I like it too.... ps really cool plates - unless you live in Norway where "spy" means "throw-up". Ooops....
  22. Well, went there today to sort things out, they would still not admit anything and argued there are a multitude of S-line design suppliers that all may be classified as "replicas", and the fact that they are made in Italy and were available in the warehouse bartered for Audi quality. I still do not fully believe them! So what did it end with? A full set of brand new top-notch 5-spoke Cantonas at no cost, 4 new Continental winter tires at net cost readily fitted on car at no expense; and an apologetic handshake. End of story. Not bad, how many car dealers would do that?
  23. Hi Andy, We have the same legislation here, and with Audi being a premium market supplier heavy on the imagery (Forspr
  24. Hi all, March 2004 I became the proud owner of a brand new Audi A4 1,8QT with a lot of extras. Did the usual wheeling and dealing including trading in my 2 year-old 2,0, agreeing on a good price. Car cost me 73,000 USD or 56,000 Euro.... All well, great car. So last spring, running on winter tires, I ran into a hole and dented my front right alloy inner rim. Air started leaking out but spring was coming anyway so I changed to my summer wheels. Now 2 weeks ago it was time to change to winter wheels again, so I popped down to the local Audi dealer in Asker (and they are big) to ask if
  25. Hah! I have the exact same car and the models but not the house! I may be a freak but I felt jealous....
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