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  1. Thanks for the input. Everything I've read up on seems to favor the Iridium plugs. Christopher..... were you able to buy the Denzo plugs here in the states? I haven't had a chance to shop around yet, but maybe you can save me some time. I did come across some Champion Iridium on one site, but will go with the Denzo if I can find them. Matt
  2. Hi everyone, The weather is finally getting better and we had a nice warm day for a change. I decided it was time to pull the cover off and re-connect the battery and start the car for the first time since December. Beleive it or not, it started as soon as the starter engaged, that quick! I pulled it out of the garage and let it warm up ( I didn't want to smoke up the garage, I have that small drip coming from the valve cover or cam tower that drips a small amount on the exhaust pipe, so small and only after it sits for more than a few days, I'm not sure if it bothers me enough to have fixed). The car idled great and ran great when I took it for a short spin, but one of the things I want to do to get it ready for this season is throw a new set of spark plugs and maybe wires since it's a fairly simple thing to do. Does anyone have a recommendation for plugs or wires for a 95 S4s. Any input is appreciated. Hollis
  3. SCCFD30C2SHF63034 1995 S4s White with Black Leather Richfield, Ohio ( Cleveland/Akron area )
  4. I finished the ram air conversion and installed the new K&N air filter, wow! what a differance. The sound is incredible even under mild acceleration and under full throttle it's pretty wild. Is that the wastegate I hear fluttering when I let off the throttle?The ram air conversion was a little tough due to the air induction pipes not being very flexible. It was like wrestling a 400 pound gorilla to get the pipes off and on. I tried to buy some new hose that was more flexible but could not find the right size, so I cut down the long hose to fit. I heated it up in the oven for a short time to make the rubber more flexible and it seemed to help. I don't take the car out in the rain, so I'm not to worried about moisture building up in the filter box. We had a great week of weather here in Ohio so it was great to have the car back out.
  5. Thanks for the replys. I found one here in the states from JAE. They seem like a nice shop to deal with. I'll let you know if I notice a difference with the ram air and K&N filter.
  6. I just got my car out of winter storage and want to to a few modifications to it after reading about them on the forum. I want to do the ram air conversion, looks simple enough, and also want to change to a K&N air filter. Does anyone have a number for a filter that would work or can be modified to work on a S4s. I spoke with a tech from K&N and he says that don't currently have a size for that. Mine measures about 5 1/4" by 16 1/2". Any help is appreciated.
  7. The 3% error might be a good thing. I'll actually be going a couple of MPH slower than the speedo shows and that could be the difference in ticket or no ticket. Since the overall diameter of the new size is only .6" smaller, I'm hoping it won't be noticebly different in appearance in the opening or make the car too low.
  8. Thanks for your opinion Artie, I'm pretty sure the 40 series will work fine. I still have the car in winter storage, but I'll get some measurements for clearance before I make the switch. The way things are going in N.E. Ohio, maybe I should buy some snow tires instead.
  9. I'm planning on replacing the rear tires on my 95 S4s, since they are not the same brand as the new fronts that were on it when I purchased the car last spring. The manual calls for 245/45 17's and that is what I currently have. The rim width is 8.5", which is well in the range that is called for of 7.5" to 9". That tire has an overall diameter of 25.68", and has a section width of 9.6". I was toying with the idea of going to a 255/40 17 to give the same 40 profile on front and back, and also a little bit wider tire on the rear. The overall diameter of this tire is 25.03", so the car would set only a 1/4" lower to the ground. The recommended rim width is 8.5" to 10", so that would put my rims on the edge of that requirement. The section width of the tire would increase to 10.03", so a little less than a 1/2" wider. Does any one have any thoughts on this, or is currently running this new size? Thanks for any input.
  10. My S4s backfires occasionally between up shifts also. It has a Stebro free flow dual exhaust, so that adds to it I'm sure. Just curious, Is there anyone out there with a 4 pot and open exhaust that doesn't get a backfire at times? It sounds like it's fairy normal.
  11. Tony, I know the city well, our friend has a boat at the E.55th marina, so we're down there almost every weekend in the summer. I also go to the old slovenian neighborhood on St. Clair for Easter chipolata and other stuff at different times of the year. My parents have passed, but they came over from the old country when they were very young, mother was from Germany, and my dad was from Austria, but more the Chech region somewhere. He would go down to the 55th and St. Clair area on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons to play his button box accordian. I'm actually keeping the Lotus in heated storage in downtown Cleveland at E 55th and Carnegie. I would be interested in a spirited drive come spring, and could definetely come up with some good roads out this way, or whatever you might put together. Matt
  12. Tony, Thanks for the welcome. From what I can gather, you've been in the group for quite sometime. What part of town are the parents from? Let me know when you come to town in the spring and maybe we can get together. Matt aka Hollis
  13. Hi everyone, I've enjoyed reading things on the site for a few months and thought I should check-in. I'm from Richfield, OH--Akron-Cleveland area. I purchased my car in April of 2007, and it's a white 95 S4s. Can't wait till spring!
  14. Thanks for the replies. I hope to get it to my mechanic very soon and hopefully he can check some of the things suggested and I'll let you know if it gets taken care of. Hollis
  15. Artie, I'll tell you what I know. The car does have a catalytic convertor but it does have the EBPV wired open and disconnected. I had a new Stebro dual exhaust installed when I purchased the car . As far as I know from the service receipts I have, there were no other modifications done to the engine. Let me know if anyone has any ideas. Hollis
  16. Hi, First time in this forum. I purchased a 95 S4s about 3 months ago and so far so good, but I do get a small backfire or pop when I upshift through the gears. If I keep the rpm's below 3000 it usually doesn't happen, but my grandma drives faster than that. I've tried blipping the throttle between shifts and that some times works, and not letting off of the throttle and speed shifting works, but way to hard on the car. Any ideas on what is causing this problem? The car starts great, idles smooth, runs nice and cool, and has plenty of power. Hollis
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