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  1. Buddsy

    Film making?

    I have some relatives who have an idea for a film and as crazy as they seem they want to try to get it made. So my question is does anyone here know the process they would have to go through to get a film made? I assume they would need to cough up cash and have a screen play written? Would that be a first step? Anyone know? Just thought Id ask here as you guys are a knowledgeable bunch! buddsy
  2. Yes it seems mad to me Corbyn thinking he will gain if he forces an election? I see labour, Conservative & lib dems (who are they???) being decimated by anyone else be it a Brexit party, a Ukip type, far right or even monster raving loony party. I still think the Labour leader should have come out at some point and said what side he would place Labour on. Nobody know...other that against what ever Mrs May says buddsy
  3. I do think petitions are useless in many many ways but I do feel the larger ones can help sway the mind of the MPs. Im sure a lot of MPs have the London mind set where they believe nobody would want for example a no deal. The recent large petition calling for a no deal may make them wonder how many people actually support and vote for them or not depending on their persuasion on such topics. buddsy
  4. Buddsy

    Smart meters

    I got a direct line set up with a bean can and string... buddsy
  5. Buddsy

    Smart meters

    I have come to understand anything with the prefix "Smart" is anything but. If fact exactly the opposite. When I read smart I mentally read it as "dumb" and remember Technology is not our friend. #butlerian jihad buddsy
  6. @Kimbers Nice addition for your poker cards... buddsy
  7. Ive heard people say that will hit the wrong people etc. but like you said its not mindless destruction of property. The Government promised to leave on the 29th and most average people promised to pay their council tax like the good people most of us are. buddsy
  8. I see people are talking about if we do not leave on the 29th then they will stop the direct debit council tax payments until such time as we leave the EU. Civil disobedience.... buddsy
  9. Welcome to the forum. Both great cars in their own way. Good idea to drive them both for a bit to see how you get on. Open top cars are great fun but the Lotus is a real head turner. buddsy
  10. No but it will help crash protection.... buddsy (right back on topic!)
  11. I was made aware mine could go underwater as it was seen in a film somewhere by somebody...must be true. buddsy
  12. ^^^^ MJK confirmed the spare was nothing to do with impact protection. buddsy
  13. Hi welcome to the forum and nice car! buddsy
  14. Buddsy


    Nice one congratulations! buddsy
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