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  1. Buddsy

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Well fair enough...but the petition is over 60K now buddsy
  2. Buddsy

    Euro question - 23rd June Well if you voted Brexit and want to leave with no deal you can make your voice heard. Im sick of the media telling me what I want! Upto 46K votes already. buddsy
  3. Buddsy

    Euro question - 23rd June

    I see Richard Branson has been dragged out for project fear by the BBC to tell people if there is a hard Brexit people couldn’t afford to go on holiday due to the falling price of the pound. For a start what the crook Richard Branson know about running a business I don’t know? Has he ever run a business which makes a profit? For every loser due to a falling pound there will be a winner. Two of my major customers are owned by European companies, one Dutch & one German. Due to the low pound value both have been ploughing money into my customers investing in processes and plant as well as buying increased volumes of stock as the manufacturing costs are good value. Off the back of this a couple of months back I spent £55,000 on a new machining centre to keep me up with my workload. Whatever way we go no doubt there it will be better for some and worse for others. Truth is no matter what the "experts" say no body can see into the future so we have to go on gut instinct and what we feel is right and proper for the UK. The economics will be what they will be but Im confident in the UK we are a tiny nation who punches way above our weight. I think we will always be ok as thats who we are. buddsy
  4. Buddsy

    Euro question - 23rd June

    A few days ago in this thread I asked if we were actually at war but didnt realise it? I still feel perhaps we are if the EU will not let us leave is that not a modern twist on an invasion? Couldne even spell moderator last week now i is one! buddsy
  5. Buddsy

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Dianne Abbott has put her name forward as a contender if May does go... buddsy
  6. What no drunken ramblings or pictures? buddsy
  7. Buddsy

    Euro question - 23rd June

    So if the EU will not let us leave are we currently at war? Wars change over time and gone are the days opposing troops lined up if front of each other. Our borders, sovereignty even the will of the people seems to be undermined from foreign organisations. So my question isn’t as ridiculous as it may seem. Are we at war? A new kind of war, although we do not realise it yet? Steve Brannon’s thoughts on us leaving the EU... buddsy
  8. Buddsy

    New here!

    Hi welcome to the forum! buddsy
  9. Buddsy

    How is your punctuation

    Yep! i did get's seven's as well, and I didn,t even find it that easy: simples..... buddsy
  10. Gone hard and broke away? Dont know where silicone would be used inside an engine? There are so many engine failures due to blue hylomar (and other equivalents). So little is needed but people often run a bead on the surfaces. Any which spills on the outside will be doing the same on the inside...sorry pet hate of mine! buddsy
  11. Buddsy

    New member - Evora S Sports Racer

    Oh very nice! buddsy
  12. What was it? The dreaded blue hylomar blocking the oil ways? buddsy
  13. Buddsy

    engine transplant advice

    Hi like I said at the start of the thread I’ve been here pretty regularly over the last 15 years and LotusRoss is the only attempted V12 I’ve ever seen. I just don’t think there are many people to have attempted it. There have been quite a few V8 attempts with maybe 4 or 5 people getting a conversion to a driveable car. There have been many many attempts so your chance of picking up a part done V8 project maybe something you can find. buddsy
  14. Nice but youre ultimately paying £20k for a couple of suitcases! buddsy