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  1. @Sparky Do you still have mates who work for BA and know any inside info about the 4 BA Pilots who died in the last week? The factcheckers says its nothing to do with having the Im pretty sure its going to be something to do with the VAX. There has been a lot of chatter about people who have had the jab no being able to fly as they get are getting grouped into the people at risk of blood clots who are not allowed to fly. Spain & Russia are recommending people who have been vaccinated not to fly. If true could be disaster for BA as 90% of their crew have had the jab. Anyways in other news British researchers call on govt to halt use of Vaccine immediately The enlarging of children's hearts is quite a alarming...dont mention Christian Eriksen buddsy (your favorite tin foil hat wearing nut job who keeps pointing out those niggling inconvenient things that just dont seem to end)
  2. I had gone for slightly larger 42 jets (over the original 40 jets). I remember other people saying the 45 idle jets were the best for engine performance. Are you planning to try to pass the MOT with those in or are you going to swap back to the 40 jets? Its a bit of a ball ache if you have to change back you will need to tune to suit and then go back and do it again when you fit the 45 jets. buddsy
  3. Ive never mentioned any kind of assault. I was talking about resisting arrest. buddsy It is total conjecture but we will see. Time will tell. buddsy
  4. I still stand by what I said that its not an offence to resist arrest in the UK. The link you provided link is about obstructing the police. buddsy
  5. You say I dont have "a fooking clue" but you dont seem to be able to grasp the bigger picture that this is indeed ALL connected. The draconian measures being implemented all over the world due to an event based on incorrect computer modeling and provably wrong statistics. buddsy
  6. I am sticking to the point Im trying to make which is the very real & dangerous erosions of our freedoms. What happens in other places such a Australia will happen here. The Aussies have a very left Government so were one of the first to go down the heavy handed route. Scumbags will always be scumbags but even in this country we've seen the Police going after people for calling people names on social media. Are these the kinds of scumbags the police should spend their time bashing down the doors of? Im with Peter Hitchens on this. buddsy
  7. I know what you were saying. You were justifying beating the crap out of someone during an arrest if they've broken the law. My point was the Police are using their own judgement interpreting laws. Resisting arrest is not an offense and the police have no right to cause actual bodily harm. buddsy
  8. Did you not see the clip of the lady being arrested for saying something negative about the Police on social media? They came for her and took away all her devices for calling them out. Thats ok in your eyes is it? And then the journalist who was told he wasn't allowed to go to a organised protest the next day by order of the head of Police. So the Police now gets to chose who can report and who cant? A free press is a cornerstone of any democracy and must be protected. I saw the police here in the UK trying to charge a man for harassment of a Police force. Luckily the man knew harassment can only be a crime against a man or woman not an organisation & certainly not a police force. buddsy
  9. A slap is such a French gesture. Lucky he wasnt in England... he would of at least have got an egg 🙂 buddsy
  10. I read that as Nose pliers! ouch! I just bought myself a brand new mobile phone from ebay. £25 free P&P Awesome! Nokia 3310 with a built in camera! buddsy
  11. Buddsy


    I love Dominic Frisby! Great vid and scary times for sure. I recently read Mitford-Goodsons book "A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind" which basically shows the central banks have been behind everything bad done in our world...Almost all of which the Rothschild family seemed to be involved in one way or another. Bankers = Shitester I love this quote:- "Money,being naturally barren, to make it breed money is preposterous and a perversion from the end of its institution, which was only to serve the purpose of exchange and not of increase...Men called bankers we shall hate,for they enrich themselves while doing nothing." -Aristotle. buddsy
  12. I still think these are just bad design. I know lets have square wheels that will look cool! buddsy
  13. I pointed out earlier in this thread the world wide condemnation which has been aimed at Australia for their draconian measures. A few years back it was only China who were criticised for partaking in this kind of Government endorsed violence from their Police. Few people who have ever thought a so called free western country would follow suit. buddsy
  14. ITV and other news purveyors did cover the event. The main reason this thread is about the BBC we in the UK have to have a BBC licence to watch TV here. You can choose not to watch BBC but still you have to pay if you want to watch live TV. OMG! Really? Im devastated. buddsy
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