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  1. Id only seem the first half of the vid but the second half was great. Genuinely seems to enjoy the car. Sounds like hes talking himself into buying one buddsy
  2. Things change. Colin Chapman didnt just stick to making a Lotus 7 She sits in the seat next to you! buddsy
  3. I think you can see the Evora heritage in there.Which is great. The Evija is such a beauty. Id say it looks 100% from any angle. Just need a open top & then the open top Evora to follow and theyd sell by the bucket loads. buddsy
  4. Well thats a possitive sign! Cheers @Bibs for the live stream. I enjoyed that xxxxx buddsy
  5. Look like New VW Beatles! buddsy
  6. So now Green MEP Magid Magid says hes been "duped". The real problem of the EU is trying to get 27 differing interests to agree to any thing. And why would you? Each country will want to push whats best for themselves. I mean they cant even agree to where the Parliament should be held leading to the costly ridiculous system of changing venue once a month. So if they cant agree on where to locate what chance has it got... A Dictatorship is the only way to solve it. A leader who decides whats best for the EU not the individual member countries. This is where is has to head and why I dont want to be part of it. buddsy
  7. Space...Ill get out my telescope...are they going to out do Elon Musk by faking a car into orbit? buddsy
  8. HAAS are a funny old machine tool company. They have a depot in Norwich and their machines are stored and delivered from an address 200 yards from my factory. Their rep always comes and sees me but I just dont rate their machines. I bought my last machine from Hurco in High Wycombe. buddsy
  9. Nice one cheers. I think what you were meaning! buddsy
  10. Hi I have a mate who needs some advice with his late plus 2 If anyone has one if you could give me a heads up so I can ask you for some information that would be great. buddsy
  11. $2Million id expect a driver! For another $4million I could get Lee Majors! buddsy
  12. So Jas over there said the price was £2million. Is that a correct figure or is he just messing? Sorry if the price has been mentioned before but I may have missed it? buddsy
  13. Had the esprit out with the roof out. Great drive around the broads. When I got home I found passenger side full of what looked like ash??? I was a bit worried until I realised I think it's seeds from Buddleia plant?? Must have been a bit close to the ole hedgerows at times buddsy
  14. I think there is a lot of talk about over heating on the interweb which leads people to put in manual fans to reduce the temp. IMO the fans should be controlled by the thermostat which I think is set to about 90 deg C? This was set as an optimum level. The engine need to be warm to run well. I think as long as the fans cut in when they need to, all should be ok. That said if Im sat in traffic for a while when I get going mine does stumble a bit until the carbs run through a bit. I think the fuel sitting in the carbs over a hot engine heats up and loses some octane? If I switch mine off hot and return between 10 mins and and hour or so its often takes a few cranks. Again I think this is due to the fuel heating up in the carbs. Its always started after a few turns...just be sure to have a good conditioned battery. I did see those who change to the new high torque starter motors which require less omph seems to help. buddsy
  15. OMG! Did he really just say the woman at the head of the EU sent the German Army in the NATO exercise in the arctic with broomsticks as guns??!!! (1minute 20Secs) buddsy
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