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  1. Thats a bit short sighted on Lotus isnt it! I think I might complain! buddsy
  2. Ok as you can guess from my post above Im starting to look at sorting my boot space. I have some original carpets but when I bought my car it had no boot floor, so I bought and fitted a new one from SJ. My car is Feb 1985 and I have some push studs located around which I thought may have been evidence of a boot bag but Im wondering if the standard carpet sets were retained with these fittings? I have the studs on the end of the engine side covers. And a couple down on the right near the battery I dont have the battery cover board but I have a couple of loose ally plates which I guess located it? So... @Steve V8 I would like you to make me some of your excellent replacements if you are still in the market for doing such work? Regards buddsy
  3. How it this piece of carpet meant to be held at the top? Mine just flaps down. Should there be studs or glue? buddsy
  4. Lotus SUV...

    looks just like a copy of the Porsche Cayenne to me Edit: the Ferrari that is buddsy
  5. Label printing

    I dont even know what you are saying! Sounds good though buddsy
  6. Label printing

    Cheers Chris ill give it a go. I thought MS would be my answer but although I can get the correct size it doesnt allow pictures to be added only text. buddsy
  7. Excel, Whats it worth?

    Just as my stab id say thats gotta be worth £6.5k Just look at it. Look at the interior! id say if all works well youre never going to lose much money on that. buddsy
  8. Label printing

    Hi Chris Genuine Avery labels are about 100 time more than the equivalent. I do have the old software but it doesnt run on a windows 10 pc buddsy
  9. Label printing

    Random I know but you guys often come up with the answers. So old window 7 PC I use Avery label software and print bar code labels with my company logo and some information. All works fine. Got a new windows 10 PC download new Avery software and as Im not using genuine labels I cant adjust enough parameters to get the print right on the rest of the labels. I guess Avery have done it on purpose. File are saved as a .ZDL I looked at my MS Word 2010 and I can do labels but can add the .jpg of the logo or bar code. Anyone had experience with this? buddsy
  10. 2018 diet.....

    I been doing a random fasting thing. Week days dont eat anything until 4.00pm. No breakfast no milk in your coffee etc then at 4.00 break your fast with fruit or veg then what the fuck you like until midnight. Cake crisps if you so desire. (funily enough though I get cravings for kale and steak?!) Weekends you eat at anytime although you start to feel you dont need to eat much during the day. Sounds bleak and too hard but its pretty easy actually. People often say if you eat a good breakfast you snack less etc. Well Ive always found when I eat breakfast I end up eating my whole pack lunch by 10.00 and have to go to the shop to buy extra! One thing im sure we are all eating too much food. Much more than we need but when 5 jam donuts cost about 20p sometimes its not easy! buddsy
  11. Slapped wrist

    Well done. Nice to see your car being used! buddsy
  12. Prices Soaring

    Its funny as I remember seeing Ian Ogalvie's Esprit v a 308 in classic & Sports Car. The Esprit done well on all counts but lost out at the end basically as the journalist said however good the Esprit was it wasn't a Ferrari...oh also the Esprit was too wide for small roads...Like any Lotus wasn't designed for the narrow roads of Norfolk??!! The article made my blood boil at the time. Edit: the article above seems to have the last conclusion page missing? buddsy
  13. Prices Soaring

    I just took my Esprit down to Aldi to pick up beer and loo roll...Im a classy bugger me. It did look great sitting in the semi darkness. buddsy
  14. Prices Soaring

  15. Prices Soaring

    Ive not have you? buddsy