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  1. Random Pictures & Videos

    @Bibs That vid was awesome! A couple which I love the music too which you were missed out.... buddsy in the 70s
  2. Blown head gasket? Video

    I would advise not to get the head skimmed even if it appears to be warped unless a major ding is on the mating face.The head is made of ally and will straighten when clamped down to the block. If a head is skimmed to make if flat the cam carrier faces will become out of true as these were originally machine at the same time parallel to the face of the head. People often come in to my work and ask me to skim a head and when I ask why they usually don't even know why!!??? buddsy
  3. Hi from Cornwall

    Welcome to the forum. Not run for a year...youll be fine. Short amount of time for a Lotus! Im an Elite lover ;-) buddsy
  4. Rating accommodation around Hethel

    Yea Bird in Hand. Small place dead close to the factory. Homley cooked food, good beer and Lotus stuff on the walls buddsy
  5. SpaceX

    Cool vid of a shuttle launch buddsy
  6. ceramic exhaust coating

    6 years on its still pretty too. buddsy
  7. Blown head gasket? Video

    Actually Ive just seen the vid does seem a bit too much steam. :-( buddsy
  8. Blown head gasket? Video

    Personally Id get my colour tune out. Fit the see thru plug in the dodgy plug hole and see if I was getting a spark. buddsy
  9. ceramic exhaust coating

    I used Zircotec on my manifold and turbo for my esprit. buddsy
  10. (not) seb delaney car for sale

    Says Seb Delanney in the advert, looks to say Seb Delanney's car unless you look very close...Very naughty if you ask me. buddsy
  11. (not) seb delaney car for sale

    I do know anything but I think it looks ace! buddsy
  12. Esprit Turbo on Top Gear

    ...from March Last year :-) The Lambo is owned by Harry Matcalf...and in case you missed it just bought a lovely white Turbo Esprit to joint it Right thats everything you need to know over the last year! buddsy
  13. Esprit Turbo on Top Gear

    John....where have you been man. Did you hear Princess Dianna is dead by the way? buddsy
  14. Hello from Newcastle

    Welcome to the forum! buddsy