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  1. Buddsy

    New Lotus Europa owner

    Nice one! Welcome to the forum. Dont looks like it need too much work? buddsy
  2. Buddsy

    Exige 410 order placed 😎

    Nice choice! Welcome to the forum! buddsy
  3. Buddsy


    Good luck with that one! buddsy
  4. Buddsy

    Anyone into Antiques/silver?

    My old man is right into silver pin cushions. He buys and sells. Man Ive trying to talk into buy classic cars or something but he just keeps spending thousands on silver pin cushions! Sometimes even silver hat pins too! Fagin we call him! buddsy
  5. Buddsy


    Very nice! Congrats buddsy
  6. Wow! Epic photo's! They really are the best collection of photos Ive seen of the day, they really capture a fantastic event. buddsy
  7. Buddsy

    Fastest Lotus

    Fith gear got an esprit to go over 200mph...oh wait clutch blew! Actually I feel sometimes my Turbo makes at least the jump to light speed...whats that in mph? buddsy (sorry taking the piss as usual)
  8. Buddsy

    Hello From Oxfordshire

    Welcome to the forum. That does look ace. buddsy
  9. Yes well at least Ollie's was. Did make me laugh when he was talking about his book and the review He looks a bit of a fearsom charecter but when he started talking his passion and humor came across. buddsy
  10. Dont forget in Norfolk GDPR doesnt apply in Norfolk. buudsy
  11. Me! I was told numerous times 2 car lengths. My brakes have been playing up and following £80k of Exige thats just as close as I dare. buddsy
  12. It really was a great day out. I think the big screens link to live feed with @Guy Munday interveiwing people and pressenting what was going on on track worked so well and helped make the day a great sucsess. Im not really into the cycles I have to say but enjoyed them on the track. Classic team was the highlight for me for the sound alone! That said the Sunbeams were very close and more epic than I would have beleived. The lap record I have to say made me very nervous...old cars dont like slow moving traffic and my brakes are not as sharp as the Exige I was following so I have to admit I did duck out after 2 laps. Well done @Bibs was an event to remeber. Geely looked to have spend a pretty penny on the do. All good signs for the future. Lastly big thanks tomother nature who really pulled a glorious day out of the bag for late september. buddsy
  13. Welcome to Norfolk Cliff buddsy
  14. Buddsy

    Essex at Stocks

    Didnt the active suspension car have Essex covers? buddsy