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  1. Sorry being a Mod is just too tempting sometimes! I do apologise unreservedly...please dont punch me in the face at the lotus festival! buddsy
  2. What does she look like? buddsy
  3. Buddsy

    Just joined....68' Elan S4

    Oh Sweet! I lusted after an Elan when I had my Midget! Still love them. buddsy
  4. Buddsy

    What Plastic?

    Vacuum formed parts. Very cheap to produce and thin. Extremely lightweight and flimsy in your hands but they do serve the purpose and look fine in situ. @OwenGT3 has experiance with vacuum forming. buddsy
  5. Buddsy

    '85 TE checkover

    Ive moved all the brake discussions to a new thread to give @Sparky his thread on the 85 TE back on topic. buddsy
  6. 80! Fu%^ Me! hes doing alright aint he! As in hes looking good for his age. buddsy
  7. Not surprised! He worked most of his holiday by the looks of things! buddsy
  8. Order complete for me too! Thanks Bibs xxxxxx buddsy xxxx
  9. buddsy Boi's car club looks forward to receiving 20 tickets in the post....Now then how d ya sell stuff on ebay? buddsy
  10. Buddsy

    McLaren Film on ITV4

    DOH! Sorry thats ok then...i have to say in my defence it was late and a few glasses of bourbon had been consumed! That and the fact the modern company is a pet hate buddsy
  11. Buddsy

    McLaren Film on ITV4

    I bloody hate McLaren! They embody everything tthat's wrong with engineering in the UK! buddsy
  12. @ChrisJ Simon Freebery has AP racing brakes on his fronts. I dont think they had the biggest or most pistons but I think the performance was good on those items. buddsy
  13. Well mine is a Wickens type...if your old man had his way they would forcibly swap them to the ACBC on the way in! buddsy
  14. @ChrisJ suggested we split @Sparky's thread "85TE Checkover" as the thread has developed into a brake upgrade discussion around the idea of improving the vacuum system. I will move the relevant posts here. I had mine 85 in for MOT on Friday. First time ive driven for a couple of months and had a brown trouser moment driving along a the new NDR duel carriageway on the out skirts of noriwch. Hit the roundabout at about 70 and had very little braking going on. I wasnt sure if it was due to being used to my daily or if something had failed. Seemed a bit better and surprisingly passed the MOT with on an advisory to change the fuel lines (which I had been aware/monitoring) When I got home the brakes done the same thing. They are rock solid and not spongy but didnt seem to be doing much. Would this be an issue with the servo? Or something else? Maybe the pads need a bit of use? buddsy
  15. The factory has hired the local Norfolk Chapter of the Hell's Angels for the security....if you fitted your own badge its a punch in the face Im afraid. Dont even ask about the punishment for booking 2 tickets! buddsy