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  1. What can I say? A hat suits me ;-)


  2. Not so beardy weirdy anymore

  3. Feeling a bit beardy!

  4. Ok Ive decided...Im going to buy a Vulcan

  5. Looking forward to the TLF Xmas bash...Can you all wear a badge with your profile pic on so I know who is who!

  6. I want some nice sunny driving weather.

  7. looking forward to Stratton's do!

  8. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes a good day was had at the coast.

  9. Goodbye wisdom tooth...hello soup and yogurt diet!

  10. Council tax bill ouch ;-(

  11. Is it me or does there just seem to be a run of sad stories in the news lately?

  12. Big graze on head, nose, cheek & chin after being thrown off the tatami face first last night...I look a right Herbert today!

  13. Saw "Closer to the Edge" and can't get those mentalists out of my head! Is Guy Martin really Wolverine from the X-Men as well?

  14. Finally got a ride on the bike I've been rebuilding for ages. Just need to get the rear brakes on then will be away...weeeeee

  15. Cycled in on the old Gary Fisher this morning...very skittish handling when loaded up with child seat and Delilah and it rained.

  16. Judo tonight first time back since I broke my foot last year!

  17. Xmas shopping! @ Oxford St, London, United Kingdom

  18. is hoping drinking Margaritas on a Wednesday night isn't considered "too" much?

  19. Drinking cool Bombay Sapphire and that's a Friday evening.

  20. Sore toe, I caught it in some guys trousers last night...Judo sounds so gay sometimes!

  21. Has a Trilby and is not afraid to wear it!

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    2. Buddsy


      Ok now I understand! Looks cool to me!

    3. Aimee Lotus Silverstone

      Aimee Lotus Silverstone

      I was worried you may have thought i was calling you a rude name....

      I do like a good Trilby, if you can pull it off! Photo required haha.

    4. Buddsy


      Well there should be a little pic of me in my profile pic? Its from a night out at a Norwich Club night there a 2 cool vids of what they do here.


  22. Wined up & cooking curry

  23. Just found old pregnancy pics of Theresa Lain-Rogers Budds...she was as big as a house!

  24. Back from Mallorca!

  25. Sod it I'm off to Judo

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