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  1. Loosening it is the easy part. I needed to take the cap off. Getting your hand in there to undo the clips is a serious endeavour.... getting the cap back on and the clips done up seems even harder! buddsy
  2. You knows it! Seriously whos idea was that? Jeremy beadle? Ive not got the biggest hands in the world. Old spanner hands - @andydclements must have to get someone into do it for him! buddsy
  3. Adjusting the dizzy on my Esprit. Thats all. buddsy
  4. I think the point is people who buy classic cars do so as for their period in time. Make no mistake people are buying these as classic cars. Cars from their youth/childhood. The car they always dreamed of. People have always modified cars as they start to age to keep them upto date with the latest editions...only to be put back to original spec later on. Ive seen G cars covered in fake carbon fibre. How many S1 cars with turbo body kits have been kept on them now? Originality sells. buddsy
  5. I have to say the roundel on the side doesnt do it for me either. buddsy
  6. I thought id seen V8's around 50-60? buddsy
  7. I dont know how much V8's go for. A pretty penny I'd say but I guess thats down to your expctation? That said I thought I knew how much the G cars are worth but looks like Im out of date with that too! buddsy
  8. Now why would you say that? We can be a cheeky bunch but thats very nice! buddsy
  9. Is this the most expensive S3? I dont remember see one as much...but I suppose it is a "very rare “black badge” . buddsy
  10. Everyone is welcomed. Many people come along without a Lotus. I did before I bought mine. As long as youre interested in Lotus thats all that really counts :-) buddsy
  11. @LV Hi Lewis just tagged you into this as there might be someone local with an Exige to chat with. buddsy
  12. How ya gettin on? Welcome to the forum. Id love an Exige. Not much choice but very good luck with your search. buddsy
  13. I see they are getting ready for the launch of the new Covid-21. All ready in the pipeline. buddsy
  14. Welcome to the forum and a very nice car. buddsy
  15. So a few of my friends went to London yesterday for the Unite for Freedom march. I thought Id see how they got on. Searched BBC News...nothing. Its not there? My Facebook feed is full of videos from the event and ITV and reuters have covered it. I am shocked I know BBC pretend to be impartial but surely they should report on a 100,000 people marching in central London? They reported on 50 extinction rebellion idiots breaking windows though. buddsy
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