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  1. Buddsy

    Hello All

    Welcome to the forum. Hope the 350 performs as well as you expect! buddsy
  2. Buddsy

    New on TLF

    Welcome to the forum! Very nice collection! buddsy
  3. Welcome to the forum. That looks great! buddsy
  4. I’d have said "Greta would say whatever she’s told to say!" Greta is an actor playing a role, nothing more. For my part the place we live is a perfect system and will continue to sort its self out as it always has. Dumping leaves for the bugs and nature to do their work is what nature intended. So keep on with a clear conscious. Any way here is Greta speaking without a script... buddsy
  5. Hi Andy welcome to the forum! Good luck with the search buddsy
  6. Hi welcome to the forum! Pics would be fab! buddsy
  7. Nice one Giorgio! I was only thinking the other day I wonder what happened to you and i you ever got your car done! Its taken a while! buddsy
  8. If its any help I took mine apart and replaced the bearings when they started squealing like a pig. buddsy
  9. Buddsy


    Saw this and thought of you @Bibs pretty cool! buddsy
  10. I saw an MEP saying we if Brexit it not delivered on 31 we should withhold all taxes. No taxation without representation. buddsy
  11. Hi looking very cool! buddsy
  12. I think thats the one. I think he may of revised one slightly on here but this one will work for me! Many thanks buddsy
  13. Im doing a cam belt change and when I done one last time I think I used a step by step list Molemot had produced. Anyone remember or have a link to it? buddsy
  14. The EU recently said we owe them a lot of cash for some VAT we had not sent them. Looking into it a percentage of the VAT collected goes directly to the EU. I was trying to find a figure but was not able to find a definite answer. @andydclements You seem to know your figures I guess from your job so do you know what percentage of the VAT is paid to the EU? buddsy
  15. Your car is 7 newer than mine. Mine is 2013 Feb 1985 buddsy
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