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    Smart meters

    I got a direct line set up with a bean can and string... buddsy
  2. Buddsy

    Smart meters

    I have come to understand anything with the prefix "Smart" is anything but. If fact exactly the opposite. When I read smart I mentally read it as "dumb" and remember Technology is not our friend. #butlerian jihad buddsy
  3. @Kimbers Nice addition for your poker cards... buddsy
  4. Ive heard people say that will hit the wrong people etc. but like you said its not mindless destruction of property. The Government promised to leave on the 29th and most average people promised to pay their council tax like the good people most of us are. buddsy
  5. I see people are talking about if we do not leave on the 29th then they will stop the direct debit council tax payments until such time as we leave the EU. Civil disobedience.... buddsy
  6. Welcome to the forum. Both great cars in their own way. Good idea to drive them both for a bit to see how you get on. Open top cars are great fun but the Lotus is a real head turner. buddsy
  7. No but it will help crash protection.... buddsy (right back on topic!)
  8. I was made aware mine could go underwater as it was seen in a film somewhere by somebody...must be true. buddsy
  9. ^^^^ MJK confirmed the spare was nothing to do with impact protection. buddsy
  10. Hi welcome to the forum and nice car! buddsy
  11. Buddsy


    Nice one congratulations! buddsy
  12. Paint it gold and leave it in there. Someone will get it out for you for free! buddsy
  13. Kimbers sold his dads one of those jackets a couple of years back on ebay. buddsy
  14. So I just saw this... Porsche are adding their own tariffs? They are a messed up kind a company. They seem to treat their customers like dirt but they seem to keep coming back? Most retailer are worried by tariffs but not Porsche!They add on a bit of extra profit? Cause they can? Looks like good news to me...if it reduces the no of Porsche sold must be a good thing...trouble is Im sure their customers will feel the added 10% will represent added quality... buddsy
  15. The car industry does seem in a bad way... Could the following be having an effect?:- Higher road tax, The changing of diesel from loved by the government to hated by the government Council increasingly squeezing motorists from the city centers with higher parking and and emission controls. The Gov seems to be doing all they can to hit motorist then they wonder why the car industry is in the doldrums?!!!! I am with others comments ref Honda.There was a time when people bought Honda's but they just don't seem to have relevant designs at the moment. Even the Chinese MG seems to be making ground along with Ford and even Vauxhall. buddsy
  16. Saw this on face book and thought you guys would like it! ;-) buddsy
  17. Well how about- Jim Morrison... His father Admiral Morrison was responsible for America entering the Vietnam war due to the deliberate false flag event the "Gulf of Tonkin incident"!! He himself was another member of the 27 club...along with Joplin, Hendrix, Brian Jone, Kurt Cobain & Amy Winehouse. buddsy
  18. I just get the feeling more people seem to be understanding the European project is not what they thought it was. All this time Ive looked but not seen a convincing argument of any reason we should remain. Ive even looked at the remain groups on facebook. They seem very quiet with no real argument to remain? Ive said all along I love Europe and want to trade and be friends with our neighbours. Being member of an expensive shit club shouldn't be a requirement just to make that happen. buddsy
  19. I guess thats the zircotec coating. Still looks pretty good after 5/6 years. buddsy
  20. I used McGuire alloy wheel cleaner with a wire brush then used Por15 Engine eneamel. buddsy
  21. I d say thats way too much sealant. If its assembled and any is squeezed out of the joint thats exactly what has happened inside. Which will get into water ways or oil ways. Multiple times on this forum people have had seize engines caused by hylomar or silicone blocking the oil ways. just a heads up. buddsy
  22. Freeking hell! They were only about £35.00 when new! buddsy
  23. Totally different guy! Doesnt even look the same. First one Paul second chap Billy Shears. He was even in a Beatles tribute band!! The old cash cow was too profitable for something as a band member's death to get in the way...oh and they stopped touring after that?? Really very interesting. buddsy
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