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  1. Im still using what Chris was using. I done an oil change at 500 miles. buddsy
  2. Did this get answered? Where you using non synthetic to run in? buddsy
  3. Welcome to the forum Wow you had some nice ones there for sure. Your 410 does look amazing! buddsy
  4. Hi Tony welcome to the forum. How to you find the 220 compared to your previous. I think they look ace. buddsy
  5. I was just speaking to the chat what sold you that! Nice project by the way. buddsy
  6. hello boi how ya gittin on? buddsy
  7. Welcome to the forum good luck with your search. buddsy
  8. Welcome to the forum! Good luck with your purchase! buddsy
  9. I would check you dont have an oil way blocked with the red loctite/hylomar. Check the strainer in the sump too. buddsy
  10. Hi White? I just thought they were all white? buddsy
  11. Wow nice and cool upgrades! buddsy
  12. Nice! Welcome to the forum! buddsy
  13. Nice!Welcome to the forum and your purchase! buddsy
  14. Boris call em "lefty Tossers!" hahahah Epic! buddsy
  15. To this woman buddsy
  16. The idiots protesting are now trying to arrange to storm 10 Downing Street! Even if they dont get shot what will taking a building achieve? Anyway the news were reporting there were hundreds of them...hundreds! How many people voted Tory? Dont those votes count? One woman protester was shouting "Not my Prime Minister" but he kinda the end of the day. buddsy
  17. I saw this yesterday and wasn't sure how to react. My first thought is funny what a nut job... Then my thoughts are shes clearly unwell? I mean I wouldn't pop to the shop round the corner in different shoes...let alone 2 left shoes. Shes going out to vote on election day knowing shes going to be filmed. So has she no one helping her out? Seems to sad to be making fun of her. But she retained her seat!!???? I just dont understand I have to say! buddsy
  18. Buddsy

    Hello All

    Welcome to the forum. Hope the 350 performs as well as you expect! buddsy
  19. Buddsy

    New on TLF

    Welcome to the forum! Very nice collection! buddsy
  20. Welcome to the forum. That looks great! buddsy
  21. I’d have said "Greta would say whatever she’s told to say!" Greta is an actor playing a role, nothing more. For my part the place we live is a perfect system and will continue to sort its self out as it always has. Dumping leaves for the bugs and nature to do their work is what nature intended. So keep on with a clear conscious. Any way here is Greta speaking without a script... buddsy
  22. Hi Andy welcome to the forum! Good luck with the search buddsy
  23. Hi welcome to the forum! Pics would be fab! buddsy
  24. Nice one Giorgio! I was only thinking the other day I wonder what happened to you and i you ever got your car done! Its taken a while! buddsy
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