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  1. Welcome to the forum Roy. Good luck with your search. buddsy
  2. According to some but by no means all. Many doctors dont agree with the idea of asymptomatic carriers and say people could test positive for flu but if they aren't showing signs would never be considered to have flu. The British Medical Journal have revised their figure of infections from asymptomatic transitions from 80% down to between 17-20%. A recent huge study in China found "A study late November in China of 10 million PCR test "Titled Post-lockdown SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening in nearly 10 million residents of Wuhan, China, the study thoroughly debunked the conc
  3. Seems the majority of Scientist and doctors are saying if you have no symptoms you aint got it no matter if you test positive...its just not the scientists and doctors the Gov are listening to. buddsy
  4. Home brewing is a very slippery slope so you may well be correct! buddsy
  5. Ive not noticed myself but Ive just seen a similar post on which Im also a member of. Could it be a wider issue? buddsy
  6. Do you know I just when back to look at the red headlights! Pete looking really nice! buddsy
  7. Welcome to the forum Nikola Thats one nice looking car! buddsy
  8. When I was in the army we had to have a blood sample and urine sample to be tested. We were all sitting in the bar with our little jars of blood and wee while we were waited to be called. After a couple of pints each we were called through one by one...trouble was by this point no one remembered who's was who's so we just had to pick of of each and hope we would be ok! buddsy
  9. If that was my relative I would be making a claim against who ever it was signed the death certificate personally holding them accountable. Luckily there seems to be many court cases being brought. Ive see quite a law firms are now taking cases where people with medical conditions have been hassled for not wearing a mask in shops by staff or the police under the disability discrimination law 2010. buddsy
  10. So this shows the actual deaths from Covid in the year 2020 not just those who died with it? I have to say this seem much more realistic figure to what I have seen or rather not seen in my area. This map puts the figure for Norwich and the out lying villages at circa 50 deaths in the year. There have been Freedom of information requests to the hospitals asking the number of people they have had die of Covid19 with no underlying medical issues and they mostly seem to be around the 5-8 per hospital for the year. I was waiting for my local NNUH to publish their figures as they mu
  11. Thats my favorite car. Better than the Daytona and the E type. buddsy
  12. That place is at the end of the road from my work. Ive not seen or heard any of those cars. Makes me wonder why they were respraying it again? Didnt Danny have all that done a couple of years back? buddsy
  13. I just dont see people being complacent. I see people where those mask and doing distancing. I hear people blaming other people for flouting the rules but in the main I see people doing as they are told. They are saying most cases are now from the supermarket. The places where everyone has to follow the rules and where masks. Company next door to me had to shut down for a week due to 180 of them getting the covid. Luckily I dont think any of them are ill. HSE said they had done all they could have done and just made them close for a week where they done a deep clean.
  14. Totally guttered! Was so shocked when I heard the news. I know he had a few health issue he was having addressed but this came out of the blue. Those who met John will tell you he was a top man. I will always remember him smiling and chuckling. I am very pleased to have known him. buddsy
  15. Ive just spoken to N&P and they say this letter just applies to my fixed period coming to an end. Doesnt read like that to me but I guess thats why Im just an engineer. buddsy
  16. Here is their offer. Im thinking about submitting a conditional offer of acceptance setting out a cash lump some I would accept to allow them to break our contract. buddsy
  17. Buddsy


    You dont know how fast I am! buddsy
  18. Hi An update - I looked into this and yes when I updated my deal in 2016 the best I could fix was 5 years so as this fixed rate is due to end on 1st May thats when they are saying I have to move my mortgage by. Ive been looking around at a fixed 5 year deal. I have an account with Santander and they seem to be one of the best in terms of price. There are fees however. Looking at circa £1250 So can I ask N&P to pay my fees? As I have a contract with N&P I feel I am with in my rights to negotiate terms to accept their breaking of our contract. Am I right?
  19. Buddsy


    I found some great footage of the chap running during his racing career. Ive run beside him in the field and hes quicker than me! Here he is running hes running as No.2 buddsy
  20. Buddsy


    A gas mask might be better he can out fart me and thats no small task! buddsy
  21. Buddsy


    Got the new boy at the weekend - Rummy Major Its a big change from living all your life in kennels to moving into a home with a family (no not me!). Still a bit nervous but we are working to make him feel happy. He certainly is loved. Thanks for all the comments. buddsy
  22. Hahah yes! My wife teaches sixth form young adults and has had to continue teach albeit online. She doesnt get snow days although as our 3 children have all been off from school due to the snow. Her work still insist she provides the real time online classes making it a hard job to juggle. We have enough laptops for them all but my 5 year old cant do that on his own. So its a really hard job juggling her students and our children. Many of the young adults are finding it very difficult with mental health issues and suicide attempts are scarily common... Your post however does loo
  23. Looks like the police didnt like the Great reopening in some places. One Police man holds a member of the public as another Police man punches him in the face! A friend of mine has been very successful in taking private prosecutions out against the bad Police once the case has been dropped by the corrupt IPCC. buddsy
  24. Nice one! Does look fantastic! Welcome to the forum. buddsy
  25. Arent the ones with vested interests those pushing the 2 medical japs per year for everyone for every year for life? Those who have shares in the companies supplying the vaccines perhaps? Doesnt that include Matt Hancock? buddsy
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