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  1. Hi welcome to the forum William. Id love to see some pictures too. buddsy
  2. Selling with no reserve...but a starting price at £2,550.00? buddsy
  3. Personally I think England in 2020 is a very tolerant place. Ive never seen or heard any racism against black or Asian men & women. The only racism I see is towards travelers/ gypsies. They are the ones I see being persecuted for what they "might" do. I saw a really good program showing how much prejudiced they suffer. Changing their names to a persecuted minority group helps them. They are being mistreated now and were treated as badly as other groups during the second world war but as they dont constantly advertise the fact its often overlooked. ...Trouble is I h
  4. Im having trouble with mine turning brown so much so I was recently asked if I had painted them gold to match my wheels. Ive scrubbed them with a nylon brush and cleaner which helps but have definitely discoloured. Anyone else had this problem or found a solution? buddsy
  5. Fox news, BBC News, Sky News they are all in the same barrel. Wow seems Im not alone anymore! MORE THAN A FIFTH OF PEOPLE IN ENGLAND BELIEVE COVID-19 IS A HOAX buddsy
  6. Interesting Vid Fox News We were lied to about the Crapola Virus buddsy
  7. Wow very nice! Welcome to the forum! buddsy
  8. Buddsy

    Lockdown hair

    This is getting hilarious! Only saying this to a customer the other day Im balding on top so leaving it too long looks like im trying to go for a fookin comb over! Seriously looking like some throw back from the 1970s! buddsy
  9. Welcome to the forum Good luck with the project. Buddsy
  10. Buddsy

    Hi there!

    Hi Welcome to the forum Ive considered a Sport 350 myself. buddsy
  11. Care about you too Andy and everyone else here too I do apologies also for coming across insensitive sometimes. I am just absolutely petrified about our willingness to give up hard earned freedoms at the drop of a hat. Even Boris joked that taking away freedoms is easier than giving them back. Once you understand the Tavistock institutes work on controlling by social programming you can see it being employed every where and that really scares me. I hope I am wrong and everything gets back to normal. Last thing I feel we need to do is to give the government, polic
  12. Sorry to hear this @Kimbers Cant you put your Blue hat on for a bit extra im sure those guys are busy? If you can sell some other stuff right now and hold the Evora you might be better in a few months! Try shaking MJK see if any Bond jackets fall out of him! buddsy
  13. Ive not listened to the news in months. I stopped paying my bbc licence fee. I listen to CDs in the car and at work. I went out to the Broads at the weekend and saw the Swallowtail butterflies then had chips up at Sea Palling. If people feel the need to social distance well thats down to them. If people want a hug thats fine with me. buddsy
  14. Cheers Chris! Good idea! buddsy
  15. Hi all Ive just fitted a new blue Cam belt. I know people used their phones to set the tension on this. Was a satisfactory tension ever worked out? All I can say is that it feels stiffer than a black belt from the start. My auto tensioner plunger looks all the way in. Ive given the spring a few turns on the nut and Im slightly over tight on the gauge. That said it feels about right to me by hand 45 degrees between cams 90 on long run. Ive downloaded Easy Tune. Just wondering peoples thoughts? buddsy
  16. Thought this was right! Why the hell they teach kids at school cm I will never know! buddsy
  17. When I needed a big torque wrench I have friends who work close by at Turners Transport. Lorry fitters those guys have massif torque wrenches. If you know anyone whos a lorry fitter you could try them. Inconel is horrible to machine. Heater elements are often made from this and I some times have to cut them down etc. for Heatrae Sadia Heating who make central heating boilers. buddsy
  18. As soon as the KFC opened I noticed used packaging around the industrial estate. Who does that? Im guessing they just chuck it out of the window as they drive away or drop it as they walk home???? buddsy
  19. The queues to get off my industrial estate have gone mental! Not due to the number of people working but the fooking queues for KFC! I kid you not! They opened last week and the were queuing on to Norwich inner ring road. Well now they have a guy with some cones shutting it off to people trying to get onto the site...meaning all those people wanting to turn right into the KFC sit in the road...blocking the road for everyone else leaving work! I would have thought all this time off would have given people who cant cook time to learn new skills but apparently not! Who would queue
  20. Better tin foil hat than face masks. buddsy
  21. I love Crimebodge youtube channel. He has the measure of the money grabbers in blue in this vid. buddsy
  22. The generation of men & women who's childhood was before were the introduction of TV were known to be the hardest generation to socially program. The current generation are being full spectrum programmed through TV, the internet and the education system. The Tavistock institute has a lot to answer for. buddsy
  23. Very nice & welcome to the forum. buddsy
  24. I always found Ogle to be dead cheap but i guess its all relative. Nice solution. buddsy
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