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  1. Hi Rick I have a cylindrical grinder and when I started out in engineering we often would turn parts and leave material on for grinding. Ive got a pretty decent cnc lathe which I can hit tolerances I couldn't achieve as consistently on my old Colchester Lathes. Surface finish too is very fine. We still grind some items but not very often these days. I aimed at making my piston 0.01mm bigger than my existing to allow to polish the surface. Used a bit of P600 then P1000 then a bit of the old scotch bright. When thinking about what size to make the new pistons although I didnt want them
  2. Ive just been refurbishing mine. I wanted to get some new stainless steel pistons as my old ones had corroded a bit and caused a sticking brake. I couldnt find anyone selling them. Sillilar ones not non that would suit. So Ive just machined a pair up. buddsy
  3. ??? In other news week 51 saw 50 cases of Covid-19 across the UK Down from 181 cases the week before. buddsy
  4. Mine was loud and whiny but turned out being the alternator bearings buggered. buddsy
  5. Ive said it many times I love Europe. I love the differences between our countries. I love our diversity. The same reason Im not a fan of Benidorm (England on sea) but love Valencia. This is what makes trade interesting and great We are all friends but the EU in my opinion is Germany wanting to have its cake an eat it. oh well take care everyone where ever you are from and what opinion you hold. Happy Xmas to you all. love and peace buddsy
  6. I agree thats such a classy colour. I had once thought about going copper but have gone off that a bit. But this looks a nice mix of the copper & red Ive always loved red sports cars. Recently I had considered changing to an Elise or Exige. I think Fire red which looks a similar colour was my preference. buddsy
  7. 007! Must be worth £1 million! Didnt we have this discussions years back! buddsy
  8. I think I bought it from Lotusbits if I remember. All was done in situ. Just undo the two I think. buddsy
  9. Very nice and welcome to the forum! buddsy
  10. Hi Nice collection. buddsy
  11. Nice one and welcome to the forum! Red turbos are the best of the bunch! buddsy
  12. Hi Jimmy and bad luck with the Exige. Such a shame but I hope the new car helps make it all ok! buddsy
  13. Auction ended at £36,500.00 I wasnt so keen on the two tone paint. buddsy
  14. Few other nice things a Delorean £31K 1989 Esprit made £12,500 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird made £90K but look at this beauty buddsy
  15. I heard Boris during his address say "we need to protect the NHS as the NHS has always been there for us". I just thought well it hasn’t been since Feb for anyone who has had their life saving care cancelled. The NHS is a very emotive subject. You dare say anything bad about it or the nurses and you get crucified. Boris uses this very fact to get people to make choices based on emotion rather than fact. The same tactic has been used with the face’s not about you it’s about other people. "What you don’t care if you infect granny and she dies." buddsy
  16. Welcome to the forum! This will be epic when done! Red ones are the best by the way! buddsy
  17. Welcome to the forum that looks stunning! buddsy
  18. Ive written to my MPs more in the last few weeks than I ever have in my life! Just written to tell them I do not consent to any further lockdown asking them to vote against it when they vote on Wednesday. Also that I switched to Nigel Farage when they were under Theresa May and it looks like I will be returning to his new party as he stands against our tyrannical government. buddsy
  19. @Steve V8I need a set of boot carpets for my 85 Turbo. Id be interested if you are still doing them too. buddsy
  20. I have one I keep at work and only turn it on to get codes from my online bank account when I set up a new payment. Other than that I dont turn it on. Anyway my mate is a PHD Biomedical scientist and told me to watch this vid. buddsy
  21. Thanks for your insight I find this very interesting. To me the number of cases is kind of irrelevant if the thing isn't fatal in the main. The number of people being hospitalized should be the thing being reported after all wasn't this lock down all about protecting the NHS? Im not heartless and what ever it is I wouldn't want people getting it if possible in the same way I wouldn't want people to get influenza or pneumonia. My sister in law gets pneumonia every year almost without fail. Shes overweight and a smoker. Most years she ends up in hospital for a few days. She has pneum
  22. Any time I see any link to the BS that is the WHO I post that vid! buddsy
  23. I am genuinely shocked this has been removed! A calm educated discussion and its removed for violating terms! Not being able to question the mainstream narrative doesn't help anyone. Shutting down discussion makes me wonder why? Truth doesn't need defending. Arguments for and against are all valid. Im guessing your daughter has given you insights which maybe opposed to my own thoughts but I for sure would like to hear them. I am a cynical bugger but am happy to concede if I know im in the wrong. Its how our society should work. At the moment the vid is still up on bitchute.
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