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  1. Ive done them on cast heads before but not on Ally heads. Didnt want to cause any deformation of the head by levering them out etc. I guess I could drill and tap them and maybe then extract them?
  2. I am cleaning up my head and was thinking about replacing the core plugs, just wondering if anybody has any experience of doing this?
  3. Bibs is that the same guy who bought a speak and spell and taped it to his chest.....buying ten fags is his quest??? Or am I on the wrong wave length???
  4. God that makes me so mad!! As you say you try to get the most money for something you sell but messing people around!!! and when you got people comming to veiw especially from far away!!! Life is too short to be dealling with people like that anyways. There are nice people around but alot of the time it is hard to find them when buying a car
  5. I got 1 new messages listed at the top right, but no new messages in my inbox? I recently deleted a whole load of messages to try to solve it but no luck. Ive tried doing refreshes and even on differernt pc same thing? Dont want to find I havent replied to some body?? Any ideas
  6. Hi all I have now bought a "second hand" one thanks to all
  7. Thanks Bibs Sorry didnt think the PDF would be illegal, to be honest I see SJ sportscars do them for about
  8. Right now I got it...honest came to me last night about 3.00am as wayneb said "The first time I remember seeing the black badge was on the nose of Graham Hills type 49 after Jim Clarks death in 1968" I looked through my books and the first I could see was a 68 gold leaf racing car. Obvious really I think we all been missing the real reason. 1967 Lotus had just moved to Hethal...he would have looked a right Delia turning up with a yellow and green badge!!!! For those of you who dont know Norwich City football clubs colours are green and yellow. I bet he just thought sod it Ill change it to blac
  9. Hello Ive been using the parts list on PDF from the Lew website and I know some people have got hold of a service guide with all the torque setting and valve clearances etc. Does anybody have this as a PDF for my 1985 Turbo? Is it possible to get one? Or even does anybody have a paper one they want to sell? Buddsy
  10. Welcome I got a 85 G car, its not working yet but I am hoping to get day
  11. Im going to replace mine with a candle to comemorate the 10year aniversary since the death of Princess Dianna.
  12. I spoke to a guy called Bob (Some of you might know him, he had the white Esprit that was for sale on ebay a while back but didnt make its reserve) at the recent Hethal day who was very very much in favour of using Volvoline. I had assumed I would have used a fully synthetic oil after my rebuild but now am unsure what I should use since hearing much about fully synthetic and failures?
  13. Simon I think basically all cars since the 60s and before the elises should be black badges if not they have the wrong badge on! Well thats what it says here its a good article on the LEW website. I think it explains all the bxllXocks hahaha
  14. Yea the Allegro!! If you thing even today the Esprit looks a real head turner when you compare it to those austins and Morris Maxis or Marina's they must have been something else
  15. Hahaha :laughing: I just saw an excel on the back of a low loader going round the ring road...I thought that was bloody quick Andy!
  16. Andy!!! Another Lotus!!!!?? Hope you got those new bits we got from Espritism the other week fitted, your S3 running ( well when I say running I mean taking most of your garage clutter of its roof and bonnet!!) and not to mention that poor poor Europa thats just crying out for somebody to love her!
  17. I was just killing time on youtube and searched Esprit, I thought I seen all the videos about Esprits on there
  18. Oh I just found part 2 which is great shows the body going on etc if you look hard in the background I think you can see kimbers running round in shorts :laughing:
  19. Not sure if this has been posted before but I thought it was fun reminds me of the stuff we were made to watch a college.
  20. Thanks everybody! I am going to have a go in the next few days. I am going to try one of the bits where there is a very small blister and see how that goes. At the end of the day I know it will have to be done professionally at some stage but just trying to make what I got look more presentable.
  21. I looked under that cover at the open day it was just four wheels and a pile of boxes
  22. Thanks Andy So the what sort of thing can I use as a clear coat? Can I get an aerosol can? I have seen a clear cellulose aerosol stuff but am not sure if it is for car paintwork?
  23. Ok I did ask this question in my topic in the G cars section but didnt get a def answer so was hoping sombody maybe able to help me? I am going to get a respray in the future but trying to tidy up what I got at the moment, but its not really all that bad. It is on a 1985 TE with Calypso Red paint. My problem is what looks like a clear lacquer coming off. Its on top of the paint so the paint below looks to be good. Mostly its small bubbles about 3mm dia. The roof however behind the sunroof is the worst bit with a large area having what looks like a milky white area, but here the lacquer isnt
  24. looks like everybody has been there lol :laughing:
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