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  1. Hi Daz Thanks Daz, as you know Im looking to buy a few bit and am going to see a guys whos got a head with cams all together but I want to make sure they are the right bits to suit a 1985 Turbo. Dont want to get it and find its from annother car etc :crybaby: so looking for any info that I could tell them apart. Also on the cams are they from annother car or were they a lotus made part. I have used Kent Cam & Pipper Cams in an engine I once built are there perfomance cams available for the turbo Esprit or is the standard Bad enough??? Any boy have any thoughts I would be most pleased
  2. Are there any differences between the heads, cams or cam housings of the turbo and N/A model 910 engine? Thanks in advance Buddsy
  3. Simon I was reading a Lotus advertising thingy in the back of a book I got at home last night, it reads "New for 1985 blah blah blah new brakes blah blah new suspension and body coloured bumpers, wing mirrors and something else I think." I can add a scan if ur interested. So Im guessing your can is just prior to this changeover.
  4. Hahaha with you there and I only got 1 little girl and 1 mortgage...oh and a push bike
  5. Kimbers I been wondering when you do get an Esprit what will you go for?? I
  6. You lucky boi....thans no garage it a bloody hanger
  7. Thanks Troy I am keen to do a good job so am starting gathering all this information
  8. Thanks for the info ghe67, what was the book you were refering to? I just searched amazon for Mike Wilkins and I got nothing on cars or bodywork? I would be interested in finding good books on fiberglass body work.
  9. Before getting bodywork ready for a re-spray I was wondering if it is best to use normal car body fillers or should I use some thing specially made for fiberglass? For larger chip I guess I should use fiberglass? Any info would be most welcomed Buddsy
  10. oh you cant colour the Louvers thats a definite no no lol
  11. Were the bumpers ever factory colour coded on the G cars? if so when did this come in? Was it an option. Some cars I have seen have look to be on original paintwork have coloured bumpers?
  12. Talon, New thread...might need a new forum!! Andy, yes the interior didnt look too bad in the pics, worse in real life but if you swint it looks a whole lot better . Same goes for the body work. Maybe instead of resoring the car I should just learn more photoshop techniques and do it that way? My hands will keep much cleaner
  13. Thanks guys!! I will get some pics, its not a worker it has been in a barn since 1994 so might take a bit of tlc and some big hammers to get going! Kimbers you have never had any excuse anyways? hhahahaha
  14. Hello just bought an 85 Turbo thats the good bit, bad bit is it needs a fair amount of work. So the Norfolk branch may have a new car driving out with them in a few years!! Boi I am excited
  15. Thanks Simon for your swift and decisive yes, Ive been in simonf car a few times but couldmt remeber for sure
  16. I went to look at a G car for sale yesterday but one thing I noticed was the steering column went into the dash at a slight angle towards the middle and so the steering wheel was slightly angled too? Is this normal? Thanks in advance to you G car owners Buddsy
  17. Well looks like I was talking rot after all lol Thanks for bringing some clarity Dodgy
  18. Simon, Ive seen something on this somewhere but cant find it!! doh. Im sure I read an article that Lotus had found most people had their wastegate valves set up wrong or too much play/wear etc. I think it was the wastegate valve but could be mistaken. The article went on to show how you can use a hand pump & pressure gauge to check the valve only releases the excess pressure when over the correct set psi, I think 8.5. I could be talking b******ks but Im sure I didnt dream it and read something along those lines. Maybe Brian would be the man to ask at the next meeting. Hope I havent
  19. Simon you know I love your car with black bumpers, I think the argument comes down to are you after a modern looking car or a classic? The reason I love the G cars is for their exotic styling and bold shape so I personally love the black contrast. I have been impressed with some of the body coloured bumpers in this thread Simon350s especially but for me it makes them look a much more modern car. So I think it
  20. Ive never been in to Whymondham before but that Green Dragon looks a great pub. I think the cards are a great idea
  21. That makes sence... I had wondered why there was a drag queen driving one with a sheep in the passanger side Ohhh
  22. Hi people had an idea, not sure if it should be on a new thread so apologies in advance if it is? I was in Wymondham this morning and saw 3 Esprits all S cars one black G reg, one Cadburys chocolate bar Blue V8 P reg and a white S4. Two parked on Church Street the white one parked around the corner. I guess these are local owners who may not have found our club...yet. What if we got some business cards printed so if we saw a car or owner we could leave it with them/ on widow screen. It could have web address also a phone No. to one of us (maybe Simon as he
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