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  1. Wahoo fans back working. A bit too much corrosion on the terminals. That al larn me not to drive her round for a few months. Thanks for your help Fabian saved me a lot of agro! Next issue Ive had which Im going to start a thread on is my sticking front brakes. A pal told me its a problem for brakes with non stainless steel pistons that are not used often. A bit of corrosion takes place and makes them stick. Im wondering about going to the PNM brake kit. buddsy
  2. Well I shorted out accross the 2 wires on the stat at the front and my fans came on. Was a bit of a job getting them going due to corrosion on the terminals. Im going to clean up and make sure I get a good contact and try again. buddsy
  3. I know when I fist got my car back on the road I was listening to everything kept and eye on the engine bay...and almost rear ended someone. Being an engineer isnt always a good thing. I had to make a decision to drive the car and worry about the mechanicals only in the garage! connected the Alt as it should have been on and that cured my battery light. The temp gauge I was sure must be faulty. I thought careful how it should work and that it must be the only thing in that circuit that cannot be working. So what to lose I gave it a twat with the hammer. So thats
  4. Your car is post 85 so you should be able to get the Lotus spring/damper upgrade with the new polybushes. Thats what I used on my 1985 TE buddsy
  5. Nice one and welcome to the forum! Hope you find a car to tick all your boxes. buddsy
  6. The burrough and other gauges work fine for the normal belts. Personally I wouldnt bother double checking with the frequency on those. The blue belts are just harder and I dont think gauges work hence the frequency test. buddsy
  7. Standard belt I used a gadget lent to me by Andy Clements something like this. Cam belt gauge buddsy
  8. Dave is this your car or is this a service you are offering? buddsy
  9. For the blue cam belt I noticed it was tighter than the standard belt with the tensioner set as light as it would go. I tightened a bit until I could twist the long run just a bit. That felt about right. I then tested with the frequency phone app. I think 120 was deemed to be correct. Mine was consistently reading as 117. As that felt right slightly tighter than the standard Ive left it at that. buddsy
  10. Well it looks like a mistake I made about 5 years ago. Fabian your talk of the small wire stirred a memory. It was this wire which the connector had fallen off so I crimped a new connector back on. From my picture I took this morning it all looks ok but then ~I remembered the wire doesnt connect to the terminal as would seem obvious but to some where else! I found this old pic and yes I now remember it goes to a bolt post! I will change the fitting tonight and connect to where it used to be and see how that goes! Cheers for the help.
  11. Cheers Fabian. I have checked the leads but will check again. I think the lead you are talking about, the small one to the alternator I seem to remember I crimped on a new terminal as the old one was loose. Thanks for the tips on the sender I will give those a go too. buddsy
  12. Yes thats the one it comes on when i connect the battery and stays on until i put the key in and turn the ignition on No. I was checking the earth connection so removed it from the coolant pipe and touched it on the body of the temp sensor. buddsy
  13. Hi welcome to the forum! buddsy
  14. Hi Stephen. I always disconnect the battery from the terminal and its always been ok. Battery is fine to start the car but just when I connect it up I have a red battery warning light come on? Thats why I wondered if ive knocked an earth off when clambering in the bay? buddsy
  15. Got the car back together after a cambelt change. Refilled with coolant. Never had a problem doing this before as in trapped wind air in the system. Got no movement on the temp needle. Checked the earth on the ally pipe and seems ok. If I touch the wire onto the terminal of the sender the gauge springs into life. So am guessing the gauge is ok and the wiring too? As a side note I have a low battery warning light on. Ive been trickle charging but doesnt go out? The car sat for a while so could be a flatish battery but was wondering if it could be Ive know an ea
  16. @fjmuurling Freek that is looking really nice. Very sleek! buddsy
  17. Very sad. She was a good looking woman for sure. buddsy
  18. I think my tailgate strut will suit you down to the ground...well its a bit droopy and only lift about half way. Perfect for you just the job! lol Well done. It does looks ace. The paint job does look epic. I am with the others and think you need a space in the number plate. Im not as fussed with the font but was sure pre"A" reg there were 3 characters then the space. I remember when they went back round to A and they gained an extra one. buddsy
  19. Can happen to the best of us... still we aint driving no Porsche buddsy
  20. Bond spotted in Spain! He does a good job to avoid the dead body in the road! buddsy
  21. During the early part of the Crapola Jeremy Vine on prime time Radio 2 had a show all about panic buying. He was interviewing people for their reasons for panic buying. This was before panic buying had started. Guess what happened?? Yep everyone coming home from work stopped at the shops just in case. And then the BBC kept reporting on all those stupid people panic buying! Totally irresponsibility journalism in my view and Jeremy Vine along with the production crew should be held to account. It didnt stop there all his shows seems to be pointing out how bad life is! At
  22. As above I think if youve gone oak you should be ok. The ones I got I think are shite wood 🙂 buddsy
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