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  1. @MysteraeI read the consultation as a regular guy trying to work out what they meant by this. Its very hard to see what they are aiming for. There is a email to send your views to. Is a case that members of the public can reply " no thank you very much" and it will be considered? Or is it like @Kimbers thread where they just do what they please? buddsy
  2. Rushing out a vaccine and granting the manufacturer immunity from liability should it cause you harm? Is that really it? I thought governments were meant to protect the people from shit like this? And they will allow advertising to promote the use of the unlicensed vaccine? Someone has to be on the take. buddsy
  3. Looks great! About 8 years ago I used some of that new railway sleeper sized wood to construct a retaining wall in my garden (as I cant lay bricks :-) ). I used heavy duty plastic sheeting on inside to protect from the soil. It was said to be pressure treated to protect it but already its rotten though. I treated every year with the crap new creosote you get so was very disappointed with the way it lasted. Might be an idea for you to cap the top of those posts with something maybe even some kind of gloss just to give you a bit longer lifespan? I can imagine that isnt a job you are going t
  4. Looks like someone tried to paint it while it was still moving! buddsy
  5. Liberty? Have you seen any of the draconian things that are going down in Australia? The actions being done there in the name of this virus are just not right. These people in roles of power should know better. I hope history will see those people in a very dim view When this is finally put to bed those police and others responsible become answerable for their actions. Australia was once a place you would want to go but not anymore. buddsy
  6. Hi welcome to the forum and good luck with the search! buddsy
  7. Hi Marius Welcome to the forum. I hope you are able to put out good words in Germany for the Evora 🙂 buddsy
  8. Welcome to the forums. Best of luck with Dave! buddsy
  9. Hi Helen These are known as Wicken badges. Named after the then owner of lotus who introduced them. Many Lotus fans hate them as Wickens even went on to produce some with out the ACBC (Colin Chapman) logo. After a period of time Lotus went back to a more original badge type. There is always lots of talk about black badge models being rarer and I think it may have been true for a time after Jim Clark died but after then Lotus would put on what ever they had. I have the gold Wickens on my 85 Turbo Esprit and as I was 11 in 1985 thats the one I grew up with so I actually
  10. Fonts can be a very subtle thing. Im thinking about changing B7DSY to an age related B reg plate just to make it look right. I really dont like the "funky" type fonts some people use. When I had my 72 MG I thought it looked great on black and silver plates but those type of plates on an 80s Esprit look terrible. Actually if it were me Id even consider the raised individual plates early 80s type. Im sure you'll make the right choice. I just want to know how you are going make the seats look all scuffed and shitty as the original car! budds
  11. Chaps can we just have a little more thought please? Ive deleted a couple of posts which arent in the spirit of TLF or helpful on Fabians thread. Im sure you understand and lets just get back on track with all continued support & help for this great car. buddsy
  12. Looking sweet! buddsy
  13. Welcome to the forum! That looks ace! buddsy
  14. Buddsy

    Swindon Alan

    Very sad to hear this. Best wishes to all his family buddsy
  15. Chris there is nothing new under the sun. Our immune system is the greatest thing. Ive not been ill since Feb and am worried my immune system isnt being strengthen as it should. So much so Ive started licking my keys every morning to help me. Anyway more people waking up the BS in Aus buddsy
  16. I just dont believe the figures we are given. Media hype and scaring people into believing there is a killer disease out there worse than any other year...I just dont buy it Corona virus's have been with us for ever. There is nothing new under the sun. If we do get locked down again in October it must prove its all been planned out all along. I agree. Here the media have been falling over themselves as one person has tested positive in a ph in Gorleston and 8 people have self isolated....Theyve not said how ill the chap is. Imagine if they reported the same n
  17. They do look a nice package. I know they are not cheap cheap but I dont think they are too much. They look a nice gift one can buy for oneself or as a pressie. buddsy
  18. I see there is a S3 for sale in the classified and it says only 1 of 4 on the road of 700 odd produced. Can this figure be correct? Feels like there are a few more than that on the road. Is this just due to the lockdown? buddsy
  19. Welcome to the forum Marc Great looking Esprit! Love some pics inside. buddsy
  20. I thought this was a really good listen. Brendan O'Neil & Spiked seem to have been doing the job of actual journalism questioning the information we are being given from the Government. Apple Podcasts: Pathologist Dr John Lee joins Brendan O’Neill to discuss the exaggerated threat of Covid, the corruption of science and the mounting death toll of the lockdown. buddsy
  21. I tightened mine to what I thought felt about right. Perhaps a little tighter than normal. It seems quite a stiff belt from the off so didnt need as much on the tensioner. When i checked the frequency it rang in at 117 as Geert suggested a figure of 120 I left it there. buddsy
  22. As a known Brexiteir people often assume Im anti immigration but its never really been a thing thats that high on my priory. Recently though I find myself wondering WTF is going on? The amount of people landing on our beaches is crazy. I just dont understand why our Navy isnt there just sending them back to France? Seems we seem to have tried to reason with Europe and the French but this has not worked. We have one of the best Navy's in the world so why cant we protect our borders from these amateurs? The amateur photographers getting themselves arrested for filming t
  23. Hi BartMan. Snap! I bought an unloved 1985 Turbo Esprit Bought mine in 2007 took me about 6 years to get back on the road. buddsy
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