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  1. The pandemic that never was. 2018 saw 600,000 deaths worldwide from flu and that was considered an average year. From the start of the "pandemic" they say we are now circa 600,000 death worldwide. So that about 9 months and not far off fro the 2018 figure. Ive no idea who this guy is but thought it was interesting how he points corona virus and covid19 are different. This is why even in the old encyclopedias from as far back as 1930 give the definition for corona virus as the common cold. If you test people for corona virus the rates will be very high as we have all e
  2. Still the people of India are doing well making all of the masks for you people who will wear them. Here is a vid from Feb showing just how productive these people are. Great ingenuity to be able to churn them out at that speed. buddsy
  3. Yea thats how my little boy was. I had really bad flu in 1997. I was off work for a whole week and my old man was too. That was really nasty. buddsy
  4. Buddsy

    Hello again

    Welcome back! buddsy
  5. Really interest video came out couple of days ago from America Front line Doctors. They discuss the crapola virus and how the American People are caught in an irrational web of fear. It was the top performing Facebook post in the world on Monday afternoon...until Facebook Censored it...followed by youtube & twitter. One thing Ive learnt is if all these platforms censor something like this its usually worth seeing. Breitbart still have it here. buddsy
  6. Welcome to the forum. Id say get out and test drive an Evora. They are pretty epic. buddsy
  7. I believe face muzzles are the new tin foil hats so they say. buddsy
  8. I love this guys coded messages! Explaining why you shouldn't wear face mask for extended periods. buddsy
  9. Hi welcome to the forum. I hope you find all the info you need. buddsy
  10. Cant you just ask Clive to ask Hazel? buddsy
  11. Welcome to the forum and nice collection. So which is your favorite? buddsy
  12. I had a few similar issues before my fuel pump died. It was working but in the end didnt have enough power to lift the fuel, so you could hear it running but was just old and gutless. Our pumps have to work quite hard to maintain enough pressure and they are quite pricey too but you have to have the correct one to supply the pressure required. buddsy
  13. I used to do this and as you say a real faff. I thought these stick on letters would be an end to it but gvy has said it seems to be something leaching out of the tyre making them go gold! I have to say im pretty disappointed with these. They will clean up a bit but with a lot of effort and not as white as they should be. buddsy
  14. Thanks for that. Last time I set it I used the strobe and set it at idle. I then ran it up to 4000 rpm and it had advance to the 28 as described. Im hoping it will do the same this time. Im glad it says 12 BTC. Last night off the top of my head I was aiming for 11 but each time I tightened the screw it crept up to 12. I thought Id check the proper value and adjust more carefully tonight... Cheers buddsy
  15. Hi guys Im trying to find where ignition setting information is in the workshop manual. It says its in the technical section...which I think is TD B (from memory) for a turbo car. Ive looked and looked but cant see any mention. Im wondering if Ive lost a page? I think it was set at idle to 11 deg BTC then run at 4000 rpm... Anyone remind me where to look or have a copy of the info at hand? Cheers buddsy
  16. With you on that! I was just in the co-op and the fear is incredible! People especially the elderly are frightened...of what? What has changed? My mate who works in statistical risk management recon going by the figure there are a provability of 3 people in Norfolk with the crapola...dont forget 99% will recover fine Ive been happily going to the shops for myself and others since the start of this. But now its gone we have to wear a mask? WTF is that all about? I feel they are seeing how far they can push us with their nonsense. buddsy
  17. Hi you will have a clear coat. Its easy to see as it goes milky over the original paint. I just checked the workshop manual and it says A23 with the ici paint codethen says "plus clear" My car is Feb 1985 and has a clear coat. I tried to carefully rub the clear away on the top of the hatch but no luck I bought cellulose paint and clear coat. Sprayed up pretty nice but my car is a patchwork of different colours. Only really way is a local touch up expert or full respray. buddsy
  18. Hi welcome to the forum William. Id love to see some pictures too. buddsy
  19. Selling with no reserve...but a starting price at £2,550.00? buddsy
  20. Personally I think England in 2020 is a very tolerant place. Ive never seen or heard any racism against black or Asian men & women. The only racism I see is towards travelers/ gypsies. They are the ones I see being persecuted for what they "might" do. I saw a really good program showing how much prejudiced they suffer. Changing their names to a persecuted minority group helps them. They are being mistreated now and were treated as badly as other groups during the second world war but as they dont constantly advertise the fact its often overlooked. ...Trouble is I h
  21. Im having trouble with mine turning brown so much so I was recently asked if I had painted them gold to match my wheels. Ive scrubbed them with a nylon brush and cleaner which helps but have definitely discoloured. Anyone else had this problem or found a solution? buddsy
  22. Fox news, BBC News, Sky News they are all in the same barrel. Wow seems Im not alone anymore! MORE THAN A FIFTH OF PEOPLE IN ENGLAND BELIEVE COVID-19 IS A HOAX buddsy
  23. Interesting Vid Fox News We were lied to about the Crapola Virus buddsy
  24. Wow very nice! Welcome to the forum! buddsy
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