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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum! Hope she gives you all joys she should! buddsy
  2. Welcome to the forum! Nice looking machine and yes roll on summer...or spring! buddsy
  3. Thats assuming you believe the idea a virus is spread by water droplets from a persons breath. An unproven idea that many scientists do not subscribe to. As to your surgeon wearing a mask during theater Im sure it makes the patient feel safer but in reality even surgeons are not sure if they are worn for their own protection or that of the patient. "the extracted data revealed no statistically significant association between mask usage and the incidence of surgical site infection" - Royal Society of Medicine buddsy
  4. A relative of mine has been in hospital London after a brain clot in intensive care for a couple of weeks while they wait to operate...hes now got Covid. So where did he catch that then? The strain people seem to catch in hospital seems to spell the end for them. I see people blaming each other for not sticking to the rules but in general I see people do seem to be sticking to the rules in the main. I was convinced from the beginning social distancing doesn't work and as for masks you might as well wear those on your arse. 40 years of research on the subject say they dont work b
  5. I dont think so. A few of my customers have had people had it. Well I say had it maybe I should say tested positive. And a few students at my wife work had it. Have you? buddsy
  6. Ive not heard that before. The website says- "We do not yet know whether it will stop you from catching and passing on the virus, but we do expect it to reduce this risk. So, it is still important to follow the guidance in your local area to protect those around you. To protect yourself and your family, friends and colleagues you still need to: practice social distancing wear a face mask wash your hands carefully and frequently follow the current guidance" I dont see the point of it myself. I think in Hellesdon they had a lot of vaccine spa
  7. On the sauce again? USA? Ok wtf! Ill give it a go...bleach all round! :-) buddsy
  8. Nice one! Welcome to the forum. Looks like you have got out and about a fair bit! buddsy
  9. Good man @Kimbers keep off the fags! buddsy
  10. H Kimbers Did you have it again or was it something else this time? Im guessing youre all clear? buddsy
  11. Youre right...she is going to have to be careful of that hand brake! buddsy
  12. Hope you wore a mask. There was a lot of virus in that thread! buddsy
  13. Have no fear I dont believe in aliens buddsy
  14. Im not sure what you mean? Definition of the efficacy? I was asking if this could truly a be called a vaccine? And if it reduces the spread of infection? buddsy
  15. I saw a medical doctor claiming as the "vaccine" doesn't stop infection spreading but only reduces the symptoms by the medical definition this is not a vaccine but a medical treatment. Does anyone know if this is a true thing on both counts? Is it not a vaccine? Does it stop infection spreading? cheers buddsy
  16. Ok Chaps have to hold my hands up here and say I was wrong. I was questioning the effectiveness of the Flu jab and it turns out its been working much better than anyone could have predicted according to the WHO. Basically flu has been wiped out! I suppose the good thing we can take from this if we are able to stamp out Flu we should be able to do the same for the Crapola. As long as the data is correct... buddsy
  17. I thought you had it before? You were the one person I know personally who was pretty ill with it. Positive or Negative I hope you feel better soon! buddsy
  18. How does the car drive? There was a chap on here circa 3 years ago who had an engine rebuild but was then so convinced he had a problem due to a bit of mayonnaise on the dip stick that he had the engine out and rebuilt again...followed by a bit of mayonnaise on the dip stick again. Sometimes we can be so paranoid. If it drives ok Id say leave it until it doesnt. Then investigate the problem. buddsy
  19. They are Does it require a judge to sign a warrant? buddsy
  20. Are they obliged to talk with you or can they simply close the door? buddsy
  21. Dont have a mobile phone and dont want one. Went to a pub in Norwich the Georgian House Hotel when I went to buy a drink they said I had to use the app? An app whats that then I said. On a phone....needless to say I went down the road instead buddsy
  22. if you list it on ebay you might be able to get £2-£5.00 for it? buddsy
  23. Good news is the death rate at the moment is normal compared with recent years. Luckily week 52 has not seen as many deaths as the Flu cases of 2016/2017 buddsy
  24. I dont understand why the media has headlines like "Covid-19: UK reports a record 55,892 daily cases" When you read the article they are talking about Corona Virus cases? "The UK has reported another 55,892 daily cases of coronavirus, the highest figure on record." So we all know Corona Virus and Covid-19 are different things so why almost a year latter are they still implying they are one and the same thing? BBC Corona virus Surely by now they should make up their mind which they are talking about? buddsy
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