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  1. Welcome to the forum that looks stunning! buddsy
  2. Ive written to my MPs more in the last few weeks than I ever have in my life! Just written to tell them I do not consent to any further lockdown asking them to vote against it when they vote on Wednesday. Also that I switched to Nigel Farage when they were under Theresa May and it looks like I will be returning to his new party as he stands against our tyrannical government. buddsy
  3. @Steve V8I need a set of boot carpets for my 85 Turbo. Id be interested if you are still doing them too. buddsy
  4. I have one I keep at work and only turn it on to get codes from my online bank account when I set up a new payment. Other than that I dont turn it on. Anyway my mate is a PHD Biomedical scientist and told me to watch this vid. buddsy
  5. Thanks for your insight I find this very interesting. To me the number of cases is kind of irrelevant if the thing isn't fatal in the main. The number of people being hospitalized should be the thing being reported after all wasn't this lock down all about protecting the NHS? Im not heartless and what ever it is I wouldn't want people getting it if possible in the same way I wouldn't want people to get influenza or pneumonia. My sister in law gets pneumonia every year almost without fail. Shes overweight and a smoker. Most years she ends up in hospital for a few days. She has pneum
  6. Any time I see any link to the BS that is the WHO I post that vid! 🙂 buddsy
  7. I am genuinely shocked this has been removed! A calm educated discussion and its removed for violating terms! Not being able to question the mainstream narrative doesn't help anyone. Shutting down discussion makes me wonder why? Truth doesn't need defending. Arguments for and against are all valid. Im guessing your daughter has given you insights which maybe opposed to my own thoughts but I for sure would like to hear them. I am a cynical bugger but am happy to concede if I know im in the wrong. Its how our society should work. At the moment the vid is still up on bitchute.
  8. @Kimbers Genuine question. Why did the lady risk so much by crossing the channel when once in the EU she was safe? You suggested she didnt speak English very well so where was she heading? Just to into England or to London? buddsy
  9. After 10 months nothing has changed for me I still aint buying any of it. There are 150 cancer patients making claims against the NHS for not providing the service they have been paid to do so. I see more and more cases will be brought to those allowing this nonsense to continue. Pleased to see Dr. Reiner Fuellmich who stood against VW in the diesel scandal is now taking action he describes is as the biggest crime against humanity. buddsy
  10. Hi I dont think a GT3 should have a heavy clutch. My 1985 turbo is just normal. Never noticed it being any different to any normal car to be honest. The GT3 Im sure you are aware is often cited as maybe the best Esprit they made. Just about perfect. That said MJK told me he thought the late Excel were the best 9xx engine cars they made which you already have. buddsy
  11. Hi Rob Its been a long time hey but not the news any of us would have wanted to hear. I really hope you are able to get the best outcome. Im talking about you my friend not the car as Im sure that will be well looked after. All the best buddsy
  12. I still stand by my earlier post. Why not ask Clive to ask his mum? Ive got a gearbox Ive just done for classic want me to ask? How many times do we see people say they have Colins old car?? (Every green Esprit belonged to him) Nearly as many time as Ive seen people start Esprit V8 conversions... Actually did I mention my car was Ayrton Senna's Car? It says Senna's car felt tipped inside the body so must be true! buddsy (still holding the big black marker should you be wondering)
  13. Hi Stanley Good job! Glad you were able to pick up a much loved car. I hope it works out very well for you. buddsy
  14. Hi Chris Ive had a couple of glitches recently. I tried to adjust someones post as a mod and it wouldn't let me. I tried a couple of times then the dialog box opened and I was able to. Had a similar trying to reply to a thread and the text box wouldn't open. Refreshed a couple of times and it was fine. Maybe the newer update might need a bit of cleaning that said im on an old windows 7 laptop. buddsy
  15. Happy birthday Yasuo! buddsy
  16. Buddsy

    500bhp Exige

    Freeking hell! Thats awesome! buddsy
  17. Love them driving shoes! Anyone seen the one of the lady with the black Elise which I dare not post? buddsy
  18. Thats put me right off jelly babies! Did you hear about the jelly baby who went to the Dr's with licorice stuck all over his willy? Dr asked what hed been up to... "[email protected] allsorts" he replied. buddsy
  19. The only one we saw regularly was the bronze 007 car. Used to be at all the local fetes buddsy
  20. Oh yes sunroof so guess it must be a copy! Good spot @Barrykearley buddsy
  21. Thtas not a C reg though is it? Isnt is a private plate as a C reg should have 4 digits before the space? Its just in this vid of Norwich from 1986 this looks like an Essex to me? Unless some one made a copy. buddsy
  22. Looks great Bibs As per my signature I am a member of the Crrow777radio forum. (Basically what many people would call conspiracy theorist ideas) Its quite a large text heavy forum which struggles with the size. Ive pointed him to you on numerous occasions, Maybe one day he will come knocking for your skills.:-) buddsy
  23. Was C96 XEX an Essex Car? buddsy
  24. Butlerian Jihad soon? Bring it on! Meanwhile in other news... Good to watch from the start too if you got time. buddsy
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