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  1. Hi all

    Id be interested on thoughts on this especially from someone with banking/legal experience... @andydclements 🙂

    Ive had a couple of mortgages with Norwich & Peterborough Building Society since 1998. Never missed a payment.

    Few years back they got taken over by Yorkshire Bank

    When I moved to my current home in 2006 I fixed my rate for 10 years. When that ended in 2016 I fixed again for 10 years until 2026.

    Yesterday I had a letter from N&P saying "Your N&P mortgage product will end on May 1st 2021" "As we no longer offer N&P products" "You can remortgage to Yorkshire Bank"

    This is the first I've heard that my mortgage will close.

    To my mind taking out a mortgage I have a contract which works both ways. If I didn't follow one of their conditions i would be subject to a whole range of fees and charges. So to my mind they seemed to have broken my contract.

    Im sure they have legal small print to say they can do what they will but this just doesn't seem fair or right to me.

    Obviously I will not be remortgaging with them and already have found a better deal which should save me some money but still seems a bit rich to me.

    Just wondering if anyone had thoughts on the matter?



  2. I know a chap who sometimes had to buy rabbits from the local pet store for his python...had to go through all the gumph about how to look after and care fr it! :hrhr:



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  3. 11 minutes ago, pete said:

    Easy to look after and definitely lazy. In the winter need a coat as they feel the cold.

    Forgot, they chase cats

    Nice one thanks for the confirmation! 



  4. 30 minutes ago, andydclements said:

    The exercise regime for one will be noticeably more than the average dog

    I had originally thought that but they are (so I understand) call the worlds fastest couch potato. I think they need one good sprint out but I could be wrong?

    They seem pretty chilled and dont really bark. My mate has a whippet which is a nice little thing. Boy that can bring a ball back to you just as soon as you've thrown it!



  5. Over the lock down I been spending time over at another forum! Sorry to say but yes I joined a home brew forum.

    Been really enjoying brewing beer and wine and have had so much booze over Xmas.


    Im brewing a hoppy golden ale tomorrow.

    My malt is from Crisp malting who are at near Stratton Motor co and Chinook hops from the USA.





    I made a IPA which was nice but a bit strong @ 7.5%.

    A Czech Pilsner which was nice and a Irish Stout witch was also nice but only 3.5%



  6. Ive been looking at re-homing a Greyhound as a family pet.

    Anyone else done this? Seems a popular route for getting dog.

    Any recommendation for things to consider. 

    Insurance policies worth looking at?






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  7. Im not sure what I think about this really.

    I like the Scottish and love the country. I do understand their pride of being Scottish. I cheers for their sports men and women but a little love back sometimes wouldnt go a miss. Always hell bent on supporting any team other than the English it seems.

    Maybe the real problem is London is just too big for the Union as a whole. Everything is so London centric. Maybe if politics, jobs, culture was spread out much more evenly across the UK it would be better for everyone. If we could push for other cities to become much more equal to London it would be better for every one.



  8. 7 minutes ago, scotty435 said:

    Imagine what the Uk covid death toll would be if we hadn’t had the lockdowns?


    The same but with less suicide and cancer fatalities?



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  9. 6 minutes ago, scotty435 said:

     I do not know or dare to know what it would convince you change your mind. 

    Guess Im lucky I live in a part of the world where its not prevalent.



  10. 7 minutes ago, Dan E said:

    @Buddsy I am going to call you out on this. Have you watched the news or known anyone personally that has died of this? 

    I guess not, I have and I can tell you it isn’t pleasant in fact it is tragic. So are you going to have the vaccine? 

    Sorry no I dont watch the news

    Sorry no I only know a few people who I work with who had it over Xmas. Oh and Kimbers

    Taking the vaccine..Now I know youre taking the mick! :rofl:



  11. 5 hours ago, Kimbers said:

    You would be shocked by how many people are breaking the rules constantly. Walking with 2 other people from outside their household, 

    Every time I see groups of old ladies or friends walking around together my heart is lifted a little and inside I give them a salute or a thumbs up. 

    Ive written to my MP 4 times telling her I do not consent nor do I appreciate these lock downs and I will not be voting Tory next election. Shes been pretty apologetic about it...luckily it turns out her husband shares the same views as I do on the subject! Actually seems a fairly decent part of Boris's MPs do too and have been telling him to end them.

    I see the movement of mass opening restaurants and pubs on the 31st January seems to be gaining pace. I do hope so but we will see.


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