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  1. I went to pick up a spare wheel I bought of ebay from a chap up the road from me in Norwich. Turns out he now has a S4 and I was able to tell him about this forum and give him a card. He seemed interested espcially when I told him about the regular AEG meet. He is a member of the Lotus group too but hopefully will be great if we can welcome a new member! :D

  2. Franky

    The G cars had the Citroen gearbox, they went to the renault to get ready for the added torque a V8 would need (also as Maserati were Citroen owned I think I read they didnt want to supply a competitor with parts etc.) You dont see much for the Citroen boxes, am in the same position as you really. There are threads on here regarding changing the Citroen for thr Renault but to cut a long story short it is possible but its a bitch to do. I should think in a N/A car you should be ok. I have seen on the LEW website in the parts there is someone who can rebuild them but thay are

  3. Sometimes used to see theYankee guys around usaf bases at mildenhal & lakenheath way driving about with those silly things on. I know they protect but when you take them off the clean bit under would then make the rest look bad. Best idea is just to leave the car in the garage and rev it up at weekends :D

    They remind me of undercrackers rather than Bras...they are just not that sexy

  4. Hi Brandt

    I had to buy a head for my Turbo G car and got one from a expert place in England called Espritism. I was a little worried that the head may not have been a turbo head as the cast no. on the side had a 907 number. The way to tell is to measure the stem dia. of the exhaust valve. It should be a sodium filled one to disipate the heat and be 8mm. The N/A are 7mm the same size as the inlets. You can check your pistons are right by the shape machined onto the crowns from the parts list, but would be sure if you got a 910 stamped on yor block all will be ok.

    Hope this is of help


  5. Hi good to see another turbo, mine an 85 too

    I used the screwdriver though the side technique, trick is to pucture the bit in the middle to get it to go. A blunt object and a sharp tap from a hammer can work too. But my engine like Daz is taken apart and not in the car so space is not a problem. It may not have been done up that tight in the begining either, they tend to get tight with heat from the engine and the oil.

  6. Hi guys

    A relative is fitting a different radiator to a Sparton kit car he is building. He lives in Holland and says you used to be able to buy flexible hose for car radiators, but we cant find it anywhere? I know people here are knowledgeable in all areas of cars so I thought somebody here maybe able to shed a little light? :( Other than that are there other ways to plumb in a rad with out using lots of straight tube, elbows and jubilee clips?

    Thanks in advance


  7. Hi Simon

    Looks like we are both doing much the same! BigSi said about doing the turbo oil pipe, so yes will do that. I am planning to do most of the stuff to make all nice shinney and new. I am having to replace all springs and dampers and bushes. Iam going to uprate the front brakes and was discussing with Simonf the other day as he has the AP racing brakes. Dont know if they are worth the extra

  8. Ok so the engine take out went like a well oiled machine, like clockwork...yes Im serious took about 20mins to get the engine out, I cant beleive there are only 4 screws holding the engine in. Obviously its enough but here is a picture of the dirty engine bay with the engine removed.

    I dropped the engine off at my work as there is more space and its easy to handle there with the crane etc. I will add some pics of that dirty badboy soon.

    I feel I am moving forward...more than the cars is doing I know and I guess taking out is far easier than putting back in but hayho feels like jobs are being done all the same! :)

  9. Well Happy Birthday for Saturday!

    Well the exhaust is a shame but thats Esprit ownership and yours was a bargin when you bought it!

    Welcome to come over Sunday but give me a call first as I have my handy man hat on for a couple of people. :P

  10. Thanks Andy I think I should be ok just hope all is disconected otherwise as molemot said...end up trying to lift the whole car with the pipes etc

    Hopefully put some pics on my thread

  11. Alright Simon?

    I dont know if I have forgiven you since holding my arm up my back and forcing that spicey curry into my mouth, then even worse pouring Norfolks finest ales down my throat till most sensible folk of the City had gone to bed...all I can remember is Simon banging on bar doors at 1.30am "let us in call this 24 hr drinking?"

    Anyhoo are you sure you manifold is gone kaputt??? Is it worth just getting Andy Clements just to have a peek cause it would be a shame to take the engine out and find its a loose bit of heat sheild ratling on the side??? Lol I know Im sure youve checked and you know your stuff...Ill just shut up.

    I am planning to take my engine out on Sat 10.00 start. I got all the bits off I can see (though Im sure from Dazmans thread he looked to have removed more bits of pipe?) You are welcome to come and watch or shout and point. I got a guy who works for me to give me a hand so you can just keep your hands clean and see what needs to be removed etc if you think it could be of help?

  12. LOTUS

    Ive never really got on very well with those studextractors either. When I was trying to get the studs out from my wastegate adaptor tube I had the b&stards in a vice and even with heat they were well and truely corroded together. I am going to have a go at welding the adator tube up next week and remachining it. I am thinking Ive not got much to lose.

    Im not sure why Lotus didnt drill holes through both pieces and fit a nut rather than tapping the hole and then having it seize as it is always going to be easier to remove a seized bolt that a screw seized in the part you want to keep. Im guessing there is a reason such as due to the expansion on such parts as exhausts things come undone but there are ways round this? (I bet hilly knows why! he sure does know his stuff!)

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