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  1. Thanks Bigsi, Hilly and Andy Clements.

    I had just wondered about the anodising and wondered why it wasnt used for those parts discussed. At the moment I am in no real hurry to get them done as the rest of the engine needs to be done but it was something I had been thinking about. I think I will probably do as BigSi sugests but red or black? red or black....hmmmm?

    mery xmas all

  2. Sorry all, I have been looking at engine colour schemes recently and was searching for inspiration. I had thought I would like to keep it all original with black turbo and plenum but to be honest I do like these parts to stick out a little more. I do like BigSi's dark red, I think that looks good. The red on the Ferrari looks good too. I have been wondering what it would look like if I got the turbo parts anodised either black or red, has anybody else considered this? Would this be better than painting? Would it last with the oil and temps? Ive got a pair of spare rocker covers I was thinking aboput trying it on?

  3. Hehehehe, didn't mean there, I meant when I got home. Aparantly the wife tells me I was dribbling beer on her butt and making rude offers infront of my daughters :devil:

    Am currently in the middle of THE largest Egg and Bacon roll you have ever seen! Mega Bites have done me a whole French stick with 12 slices of bacon, 5 eggs and a ton of brown sauce......see you in an hour, when I get through it!! B)

    Chris had Megabites2 near where I work. Good guy, good food and those big long french sticks full of egg , sausages and bacon are by far the craziest things I ever seen anybody try to eat :lol:

  4. I woke up at 7.50 and I start work at 8.00.... so on with the cloths and cycle 6 miles to work. :devil: Im a bit wobly but I think Im ok.

    Simon fun to see the pictures and vids of your wife on the phone!!

    Thanks everyone :lol:

  5. Like what Jonathon said above about skilful driver. Im sure most of you saw Lewis Hamilton on top gear the other day going round the track in a resonably priced cR$p car!! It was wet and he still wiped thed floor with everybody else all the othe F1 drivers, just shows you and he didnt even look like he was trying, smoothly does it keeping up the speed. Awsome!!!

  6. Im really confused, I thought this was for thursday 20th like at the start of the thread but I got an pm from Andy Clements saying see you on friday? and there Trevor is talking about friday too??

    Which day am I comming out guys???? :santa:

  7. Simon

    I just bought a engine crane myself so if you need to use it, it wont be much of a hassle to get it to yours.

    Ok while im on this thread about manifolds was about to machine out the bolts that are stuck in my manifold. I am starting to get to the bottom of why my car had no head on when i bought it I think!!! Well I started to look at the turbo adaptor pipe too, as this has a few screws that need to be machined out too. On closer examination I found somebody has welded the stainless screws in to the cast iron that hold the wastegate on to the adaptor pipe. I wasnt too keen on this as it looks a bit crap so thought I could remachine them too but then I noticed the seat which the wastegate seals against. It is shown in the picture below and looks right buggered. I think it would be a right bitch to weld up so am thinking of trying to get another instead. I have read about the exhaust manifolds on the LEW website that south west lotus sell that are made from the decent grade of cast iron for

  8. Si

    I did check to make sure the head was flat before machining, I was supprised how flat it was actually only bout a thou out of flat 0.025mm in any dirrection with is pretty bloody good for an old ally casting. Nice grade of ally to machine too, I dont know who cast them maybe AJ in Norwich? They do look a nice bit of casting work. I was supprised especially with the reputation Lotus has round here lol :D

  9. Thanks ambrose I thought it may be something to do with gear selection as when I gave it a wiggle gearstick seamed to wobble. I will get correct spanners and try to get it off.

    Workshop is one of the perks of owning a toolmaking business....more and more Lotus part are apearing under my bench every day. Just bought the exhaust manifold in as I was going to give it a quick sand blast. I was pleased all the lugs were on as I have read where they crack etc. But I just noticed the hole that attached to the turbo manifold part have been drilled out so thats annother job too.... where and when will it all end. That said I am enjoying it all at the moment. Makes driving my Nreg 1.3 fiesta all ok!! B)

  10. Trevor, I just clicked on your website which was a mistake, my head hurts now! What on earth does it all mean? :devil:

    Trevor we dont have all those atoms and molecular stuff in Norfolk....but we do have cows and trackters

    By the way a Norwich Joke for you boi!!!!

    Whats the definiton of Jargon???

    Is what norfolk people to to keep fit :devil:

    but yo gotta know a norfolk accent for that to I got on a them !!!lol

  11. Ok so here are some picture I took last night of my dirty dirty engne!

    Veiw of engine with brakes removed, view of engine looking dirty, heat sheild and engine mount....looking ok to me lol. And veiw of a bit I am trying to get off, the little cable under the clutch slave cyinder? I dont know what it is? is it the choke or throtle cable? Any hoo does anybody know how it removes? Engine end or other end, just as it looks if I undo the two lock nuts I dont think the head on the end will go through the hole...but could well be wrong!

    OK so this morning I mounted my head up on my mill and skimmed the main face as it was suffering from a little water corrosion and there was evidence of the previous gasket blowing. So here is a picture of mthe head set read to be skimmed.

    Being machined, luckily the head was flat and only needed 0.15mm to be skimmed to remove even the worst of the corrosion.

    Looking all nice and flat...and shinney :devil:

  12. Kris recommends the Spice lounge near the Maids Head , v good and close to the station

    Reason for edit Kris isn't coming now.

    That spice louge looks really nice, Ive past it a few times and there is always someone cleaning either the windows or the floors etc which is always a good sign for a curry house!!!!






    Don't forget lil old me!

    I recommend the indian down St Benedicts on the left hand side? It's superb and very reasonable.

    Bengal Spice I been there a few times very nice

  13. Reason I started asking about engine cranes was I saw the size of Dazmans in his thread and thought "that looks a big bugger!" then I measured the distance from the rear bumper to the midldle of the engine and the one I was going to buy from Machine mart started looking to small.

    Andy I will borrow yours if thats ok? I will buy and engine stand, I was thinking of getting the heavy duty stand from machine mart for

  14. Thanks for all the info so far!! Looks like I got plenty of work to be getting on with. Can one man get this much work done in a life time lol

    Ambrose thanks for the list detailing the steps for the engine removal, thats my main goal at the moment get the engine out.

    ref cooling mod...I have it? I have seen people talking about it but have not been able to find out what it is?

    Thannks again Buddsy

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