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  1. Thanks for your advice Si. It is my intention to rebuild the bottom end as you have described. One question I am trying to get my head around is the liners, are they bonded (stuck) in with locktight etc? Is this why you are sugesting I use liner clamps before removing the engine? Also what is the advantage of using the HC spec pistons? Am I right in thinking they have the gudgen pin higher up towards the crown to make them stronger? Would this effect the compression rate? I guess that depends on the length of the con rod and the height the piston comes up in bore???

    I know Im showing my ignorance but what can I say....if I dont know,I know many of you will lol :(

  2. Well a few of you might already know that about a month or so ago I bought B72 FOE a Turbo Esprit from 1985. She was bought as a project car un-running and had been last used in 1994. I had promised my wife before a start working on the Lotus I would decorate the lounge first!!! I bought the car with some essential engine parts missing

  3. Hahaha cheers Steve

    I did think about taking those brackets off too. I will have another go tonight. I did give the whole lot a good squirt of plus gas (oil) last night but they are fairly well corroded. That said I did free them a bit about a month ago when I first got the car. Well fee enough for me and a mate to push her into the garage.

  4. Hi guys

    Sorry I was unable to come to the meet the other night but I have the go ahead for this night!!! Im with James I just love food Mexican is ok with me too, but only thing to consider does pedros have tables for big groups? Also I used to go there a fair bit a few years back but stopped when the quality & quantity went down! Has anyone been there more recently? If not VINDALOO VINDALOO yah yah! :rolleyes:

  5. Ok so I have now started my restoration of B72 FOE and will start a thread in the resto section this weekend but I am already stuck!! So any help would be most welcomed. I am getting ready to take out my engine, so have undone the UJs the 2 bolts that hold the calipers and the three bolts that hold on the disk. As she has been sitting for years the calipers are stuck on the disk, I tried knocking the disk assy off the three screws but the caliper is fouling a spacer behind the disk brake. So what I really want to know is how to dismantle these calipers ( I have no experiance with disk brakes...thus far!) or should I just try to tap the caliper off the disk with a nylon mallet? Its a 1985 Turbo by the way with the later brakes.

    Cheers Buddsy

    PS I have already looked at the drawing in the parts list and the page on the LEW website about replacing pads on in board brakes

  6. Guys,

    Well my SE's donk is in bits, the head has been re-coed and I'm about to put in a order for all the usual consumables (Bearing shells, gaskets etc). But I'm in a bit of a quandry as to the pistons and liners.

    How do I tell if I *really* need to replace the Liners and pistons. I've put the pistons in the calipers and they're all around 95.15mm which is 0.05mm *less* than the technical specs (but not by much 1.9thou").

    The question is, how significant is it? Has anyone else here got any experience as to how much wear is acceptable.

    I guess what I really need to do is check the liners as it's them that will probably have the brunt of the wear and make the decision. Liners and pistons add fairly significantly to the rebuild cost so I don't really want to replace them unless I have to.

    L&K Cain

    I dont think you should need to replace the pistons if they look reasonable, piston rings and bores I think are more important. As to the size of the bores depends how you are measuring them, you say calipers? with a micrometer shoulnt be too bad but you can loose a thou or so if you are using a vernier or digital caliper. I would always measure with a bore gauge if you can get hold of one.

  7. Ambrose

    "Additionally the process was educational and enjoyable." This is what it is all well as the driving! Being able to work on and modify your cars help you understand more about the car and makes the driving all the more sweet. Passion is a funny thing you need to feel the anguish and disappointment to enjoy the highs. I had one of those new mini coopers, I thought I would enjoy motoring like I did when I owned my 1972 MG Midget, but BMW ties you into 5 years servicing so it means you cant touch, modify or adjust any thing without making the warranty void.

    Basically the Esprit is like having a beautiful but high maintenance wife!!! :lol:

    So keep up the good work and look forward to the spring

  8. Yea there is that, bit of a pain getting it all back in and finding you gotta take it back out again!

    Project barn find is progressing! I have basically finished decorating the lounge new sofas should be arriving tomorrow so I can officially start. I will be starting a new thread in the resto section with pics. I have been doing a little bit already>:-> Cleaned the head up and skimmed the exhaust face, polished the ports out a bit just to remove the rough casting marks and am at the moment lapping the valves in.

  9. You never heard of slipstreaming?


    Im sure to slip stream I would have to tuck in behind and below.... I think Esprits are about 40 inches to the roof my fiesta would be above by about 40 inches!!! A bit like a lorry trying to slipstream an F! car! :)

  10. Hi,

    That could be Brian, I spotted the same car on the Dereham road just near Bowthorpe roundabout sometime ago.


    Brian? Brian Angus? One I saw was an older one than the one he was in at the AEG meeting, I think it was an N reg. Any hoo I only had a glimps of the driver but dont think it was Brian Angus.

  11. Si I bought this one from Lotus bits who swears it came of an 85 turbo, maybe for some reason it did. I will probably put it on ebay and try the others you sugested.

    The engine does need a good shine and I have been impressed with your ability. I am shining the head at the moment!

  12. I'm a semi-professional scenario paintballer at the weekends, I've been known to perform onstage with the Goldie Lookin' Chain and I also run their fanclub of over 8,400, I enjoy photography (it's my new hobby since I moved on from RC helicopters which I was good at flying but poor at landing!), I went surfing once, I like cars (fast ones with a monogrammed badge on the nose), I enjoy computer games, socialising as often as possible, being helpful where I can be and being a father to my kids and a boyfriend to my missus. Other than that, I've got loads of free time! :devil:

    How the hell do you know GLC? You are from Kent arnt they from Newport? Nutters all of them seen the a few times. V festival and Norwich UEA Fantstic ^_^ Adam Hussain what a star

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