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  1. Hilly thats it exactly. S3 is it..well no wonder when I found out where it was ment to go I couldnt get it in....but that engine looks all wrong to me ^_^ only kidding

    So next question who want to buy a boot floor from a s3? and who want to sell one from a turbo? Well I gottta try aint i? :devil:

    On another note this forum is great isnt it? Just just have to be thank full to this interweb and Bibs and peoples help....Im in awe

  2. Thanks I can now see where it goes but the trouble is I have bought the wrong boot floor peice as mind dosnt have the big round radius. Its just straight and obviously doesnt match the top cover which has a big round radius out to match...oh the joys of buying cars in peices :lol:

  3. Hi Simon

    Im sure I know the bit you mean from the parts list I think its called the boot floor and sits above the transmition with a bit that comes up to form the engine box. I just bought one but when I tried to fit my ingition box bit was still scratching my head and my arse! I now realise I have bought one I think from an S3? It looks like yours but with out the big radial cut out, so my ingition box thingy dont fit! DOH!

  4. Hahahah wahay

    Thanks Big Si

    I had pics of your enginge bay from the hethal day and have been eyeballing over them but you didnt have that boot floor in then! I didnt have the boot floor when I bought my car but I have bought on and it arrived on friday but as I am about to remove my engine I have not put it in, so no wonder I couldnt work it out!!

    Thanks again mucho respect


  5. xisab

    Sorry I think I came accross a bit mean, just looked a bit heath Robinson! It has always amazed me what people can make in their garages with the lack of expensive tools. I think this is true ingenious engineering. I may not be with you on redesigning your front bit but its your car and you should do what ever you think. I think if you make it as you say so you can take it off again with no ill effects that would be the safest idea. I take my hat off to anyone who has any luck with the old GRP moulding. I tried it once, sticky fingerprints & fiberglass every where...exept where I wanted it!!! :lol:

  6. Ok I tryied it all ways round but cant work out where it fits? If anybody has a pic where it goes I would be very grateful. I know it cant go too far from the dizzy as it has the king lead coming from it and the radius make it look like it should fit in around the drivers side rear wheel bulge but Ive tried always and cant find pics of it anywhere!!! :lol:

  7. I should be there and Im bringing my Esprit!!!...well Ill bring a few pics of it. A little light releive? :thumbsup: Owen has been troubling me with my rebuild...he keeps saying "ohh you got a lot of wotk there" !!! I have to admit I much prefere Simons "Wow Buddsy that dont look half bad"!!! Pint half empty, pint half full me thinks!

  8. Ok so I just turned four of these bad boys up. They feel really nice and feel smooth and flowing. Im sure they will aid the air flow over from the back where the air comes in from the plenum inlet especially on the two central ones. In the picture you can see how shrp the original one is in comparison :thumbup:

  9. Im not sure, Ive tried to make the path from where the air comes in to the plenum and over the backs of the trumpets a smooth path. You are resticted in terms of you need to taper back to get the swrews in for fixing. Im sure the path is an improvement over the sharp edges of the original pressed steel design. The inside angle and from rad are exactly the same as is the length. I have only changed the outside profile as I am sure this is a crap design (but I am ready to be shown otherwise??! doh!) :)

    I have just got my copy of "How to build & power tune Webber & Dellorto DHLA Carbs", ready for the rebuild but might also throw some light on the ideas?

  10. Daz

    The things you put on to stop the exhaust manifold nuts that a standard part or something you got lazer cut? If so do you think there is a problem with them undoing? I thought the problem was them not undoing? Lol. Just interested as I do not recall seing them before ( I realise I may be showing my ignorance, well I havent got to that part of my engine rebuild!)



    PS Looking good though, good amount of attention to detail. :D

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