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  1. Kimbers well done, I know there are already hundreds of people on here wishing you all the best with her but it is great news annother one for Norfolk. What does you old man think to all us bunch buying up these old cars? Must seem funny to him?

    Buddsy :thumbsup:

  2. Hi Daz

    Thanks Daz, as you know Im looking to buy a few bit and am going to see a guys whos got a head with cams all together but I want to make sure they are the right bits to suit a 1985 Turbo. Dont want to get it and find its from annother car etc :crybaby: so looking for any info that I could tell them apart. Also on the cams are they from annother car or were they a lotus made part. I have used Kent Cam & Pipper Cams in an engine I once built are there perfomance cams available for the turbo Esprit or is the standard Bad enough??? Any boy have any thoughts I would be most pleased

  3. Talon, New thread...might need a new forum!! :thumbsup:

    Andy, yes the interior didnt look too bad in the pics, worse in real life but if you swint it looks a whole lot better :thumbsup: . Same goes for the body work. Maybe instead of resoring the car I should just learn more photoshop techniques and do it that way? My hands :thumbsup: will keep much cleaner

  4. Simon, Ive seen something on this somewhere but cant find it!! doh. Im sure I read an article that Lotus had found most people had their wastegate valves set up wrong or too much play/wear etc. I think it was the wastegate valve but could be mistaken. :question: The article went on to show how you can use a hand pump & pressure gauge to check the valve only releases the excess pressure when over the correct set psi, I think 8.5. I could be talking b******ks but Im sure I didnt dream it and read something along those lines. Maybe Brian would be the man to ask at the next meeting. :rambo:

    Hope I havent confused the issue!!

  5. Simon you know I love your car with black bumpers, I think the argument comes down to are you after a modern looking car or a classic? The reason I love the G cars is for their exotic styling and bold shape so I personally love the black contrast. I have been impressed with some of the body coloured bumpers in this thread Simon350s especially but for me it makes them look a much more modern car. So I think it

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