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  1. 5 hours ago, Dan E said:

    the conspiracy theories and questioning the figures. 

    I dont understand why the media has headlines like

    "Covid-19: UK reports a record 55,892 daily cases"

    When you read the article they are talking about Corona Virus cases?

    "The UK has reported another 55,892 daily cases of coronavirus, the highest figure on record."

    So we all know Corona Virus and Covid-19 are different things so why almost a year latter are they still implying they are one and the same thing? 

    BBC Corona virus


    Surely by now they should make up their mind which they are talking about?



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  2. 3 hours ago, giorgio67 said:

     It's great machining some parts so I have just bought this...🤣

    Spent many hours working on Bridgeports. I sold an old one and bought my Esprit with the money.

    Yours has a power cross slide.

    Very versatile machine. You can get a slotting head for the rear which spins round and a 6" riser block.

    Some of the digital readouts have come down in price and are a good addition.



  3. 3 hours ago, andydclements said:

    GPs have been advised that Covid-19 is a notifiable disease, but this does not mean that deaths caused by Covid-19 always need to be referred to the coroner.....


    And, the headline death rates related to COVID-19 are where the person has tested positive within the preceding 28 days, that does not mean it will be cited on the death certificate as the primary cause. 

    So you are saying those who die wont need to be notifiable cases?

    But surely with the numbers being reported of people we are told have Covid-19 as 99% of them wont die shouldnt there be many more than 50 people recorded in week 51 across the UK?



  4. Ok genuine question here. Id be grateful if anyone in the know could answer for me as I feel Im being dumb not understanding the information Im being presented with.


    If I look through my local hospital it list the people who have died from and have been tested positive for Covid-19.

    Basically every day this month 1 or 2 people per day (I know most are in their later years and have existing medical conditions but leaving that can of worms aside for now)

    Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital Covid-19 Deaths


    So Covid-19 is a notifiable disease and is listed on the governments notifiable disease website?

    The numbers on the notifiable disease website are nothing like the amount of people dying let alone being said to have Covid-19 .


    So what is going on here? When I look through at least the last 6 weeks I cant find a single one listed in Norfolk?

    Gov Notifiable Diseases (You have to scroll down almost to the last page)


    Here is an example



    Im sure some of you will be able to point out why my understanding of this is wrong?


    Are the hospitals not notifying Public Health England of cases?


    Cheers all



  5. 3 minutes ago, andydclements said:

    I think they went away from GtYarmouth as the roads infrastructure was dire, possibly better now with Norwich fully by passed but still you'd not want any haulage to rely on the Acle straight.

    Yes its way past time it was dueled. 

    Obviously this is one sticking point but if Yarmouth became a major sea port once more this would help the cost to build. One good thing is land isnt in short supply along the way.



  6. 19 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    As I said, build British high speed ferries in Britain, use green hydrogen to power them and subsidise the ferry routes away from France.  

    Close by us in Norwich we have Great Yarmouth. They recently invested in a new outer harbor.

    When I was a kid in the 80s the Norfolk line lorries would often been seen and as Ive been told by my Dutch relatives they linked Yarmouth and the Netherlands.

    I dont understand why this is not happening again? Every time there is something upsetting the French Fishermen they seem to block ports with impunity.

    The ability to go around them into the Netherlands I would think would be beneficial not only to us but to the Dutch who have always seemed to be friendly to us in my experience.



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  7. 36 minutes ago, lotus-62 said:

    I would love to know how you did the outside diameter on the pistons as I need 1 new piston for my spitfire that has the blmc princess setup, I have a mill and a lathe but just wondering on the tolerance and surface

    Hi Rick

    I have a cylindrical grinder and when I started out in engineering we often would turn parts and leave material on for grinding. Ive got a pretty decent cnc lathe which I can hit tolerances I couldn't achieve as consistently on my old Colchester Lathes. Surface finish too is very fine. We still grind some items but not very often these days.

    I aimed at making my piston 0.01mm bigger than my existing to allow to polish the surface. Used a bit of P600 then P1000 then a bit of the old scotch bright. When thinking about what size to make the new pistons although I didnt want them loose I didnt want them tight either as last thing I wanted was the piston to become tight once it has some heat into it although the piston and iron caliper should be about the same temp and expand roughly the same. After some polishing the piston finished +0.0025

    In the caliper it feels a little loose if anything but since my old ones weren't leaking Im hopeful these will be fine once the new seal kit is fitted.




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  8. On 05/11/2020 at 18:54, lotus-62 said:

    my '85 esprit has the celica calipers as well, they are 57mm in diameter, as long as the bleed niple is on top, why not?


    Ive just been refurbishing mine.

    I wanted to get some new stainless steel pistons as my old ones had corroded a bit and caused a sticking brake.

    I couldnt find anyone selling them. Sillilar ones not non that would suit. So Ive just machined a pair up.




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  9. 2 hours ago, ChrisJ said:

    I wonder how it would look on an Esprit? @Buddsy - it you are ever thinking about repainting your Esprit, if you want to go non original, I think this would look great.

    I agree thats such a classy colour. I had once thought about going copper but have gone off that a bit. But this looks a nice mix of the copper & red

    Ive always loved red sports cars. Recently I had considered changing to an Elise or Exige. I think Fire red which looks a similar colour was my preference.



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  10. 11 hours ago, Lex Templar said:

    Interesting to go back and ready the early comment when dry sump #1108 was for sale back in 2013 we all thought 28,500 pounds was a lot for this car, Paul Matty now asking 75,000 pounds obviously. 


    Essex 007 was for sale in Australia at the same time for 25,000 pounds equivalent..

    007! Must be worth £1 million! Didnt we have this discussions years back! :lol:



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  11. 4 hours ago, Gregg88 said:

    Hi Buddsy - where did you get the second hand steering lock unit - is it the same as on another British car - if so which one

    Also wondering how you removed the complete unit - was it in situ? If so the screws are on the top and look difficult to get to with the dash in position

    Many thanks Greg

    I think I bought it from Lotusbits if I remember.

    All was done in situ. Just undo the two I think.



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