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  1. My local Private dentist Hellesdon Dental Care are blatantly capitalizing out of this.

    During the height of lockdown I thought when this was all over I would get back to them.

    They charged my niece £40.00 PPE charge for a apron and shoe coverings for use passing through the reception and into the chair.

    They say they have increased the hygienist appointments to £85 for a 15 minute appointment due to them having to buy a new ventilation extractor.

    I have over £500,000 of equipment at my factory and can not charge any where near £85 per hour let alone the £200 plus per hour they are charging.

    Surely it should be business as usual for dentists? Normal procedures etc.?



  2. 42 minutes ago, jonwat said:

    Buddsy, in your heart you just know you need those big, bad boys with the shiny, red callipers :rofl: 

    I know I think I do! We all know shiny new works bester & faster!



    28 minutes ago, cweeden said:

    You can improve your standard brakes considerably by changing the pads, use braided hoses and a high boiling point fluid. Years ago on my '87 HC Turbo moving to Mintex 1144, braided hoses and Castrol SRF fluid (sadly no longer available) had a huge impact for not a lot of money.

    I do have the green stuff brake pads & braded hoses.



  3. 4 hours ago, ChrisJ said:

    @Buddsy - you've answered your question your second sentence

    Try to drive the car regularly (2-3 times a month), if you aren't looking at track days, the standard brakes are fine.

    Yes you are correct but as I do need to work on them I still feel it may be time to give her the brakes she needs. 

    I was always of the opinion the brakes wernt that bad. I know weve had the discussion about the vacuum issue but Ive had a couple of brown trouser moments regarding the Esprit Braking.

    My 2 ton Zafira brakes better to be honest.

    Im just wondering if a new shiny set would be worth it?



  4. I have to look into my front brakes sticking. Ive been told lack of use can lead to corrosion on the pistons making them stick.

    The solution is so Im told to replace with stainless steel pistons.

    Looking around at what else is available I see the PMN ones seem to have a good reputation. Molemot fitted them and said they were good.

    I see they have a few different options.

    Are the biggest ones just worth going for or do they have much advantage over the smaller ones?


    310mm FRONT 4 PISTON BRAKE KIT £1078.80


    286mm 4 PISTON FRONT BRAKE KIT £815.94




    Stick with what I have


    Ive been watching Kindgit Customs recently on the tellybox and they always seem to put Wilwood caliper on their hot rods.


    Cheers chaps





  5. If Jonny had had entered his Esprit entered Im sure many of the Ferrari owners would have looked down at him...aww bless glorified kit car.

    Just saying it sometimes takes a celebrity enforcement to change peoples perception of something. And about time too!

    Personally Im very happy to have Harry owning an Esprit. Hes just added £500.00 to the value of mine! 🙂




  6. 9 hours ago, C8RKH said:

     reports are already coming back in of panic buying of loo roles, flour, pasta eggs etc.

    Yesterday my old man told me they were reporting they thought people might start panic buying!

    I think this is totally irresponsible journalism. Not even a story, More like an advert to get a certain gullible percentage of the population to start panic buying then what for the rest of us? We then have to stock up.

    Im 100% sure theyve bloody planned this

    5 hours ago, Clive59 said:

    explaining why the Pillar 2 Covid test used in UK, is almost certainly raising the 'case/infection' numbers because it has a very significant 'false positive' rate

    But a virus that now has such a low death rate why does it matter what the infection rate is? 


  7. 40 minutes ago, SFO said:

    Boris needs to forget corona virus.


    Its all nonsense. I just hope we are able to hold all these people to account.

    Figure 7 Deaths in the UK involving COVID-19 increased in Week 37-1.png

    So week 37 circa 10,000 people die and 99 people died of Crapola.


    The BBC reported death rates back to normal on 30 June 2020 (Week 26)

    Week 26 UK saw 606 Crapola deaths. So that was being back to at 99 deaths the health secretary want tighter restriction? 



    Its all about control and I think time will come when people will have to say "no more"




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  8. I made a throwing star out of scaple blades which I took to high school cause this boy wanted to get me!

    Made those ace bangers where you took a reel of caps folded along the whole length wrapped around a 2p and wrapped them in tape so the whole lot would go off when they hit the ground. They were pretty loud.

    Aerosol cans on the fire where fun they would often explode and put the fire out.

    I used to like putting talcum powder down the barrel of my mates air riffle so when you fired it looked like a 18th century flint lock musket!

    I used to pour gun oil in my air riffle barrel and leave it in the sunshine to create dieseling effect when you shot it. Ive since found from youtube a much more reliable technique is to fill the skirt of the slug with vaseline.

    I once made an illumination flare with powder from some fireworks and a couple of reels of magnesium I had. 



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