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  1. Refreshing my 89 - pulling the engine so might as well swap the gas tanks while I'm in there with an open engine bay. Does anyone have a line to a source? Tried searching....
  2. Quicker


  3. so - what now...?
  4. awesome work! still think of making more?
  5. here my Freescan file from the drive home... I get RPM, speed, bat V and coolant temp - but nothing else... what am I doing wrong?
  6. here my Freescan file from the drive home... I get RPM, speed, bat V and coolant temp - but nothing else... what am I doing wrong?
  7. I thought at WOT - open loop - the ECU went to a map for AFR values and did not use the readings from the O2 sensor - no?
  8. I thought the O2 sensor wouldn't be used in a WOT (open loop) situation - right?
  9. Chris - yep - they kinda does sound like it - and there is a different 'tone' from the exhaust when the situation occurs. were they able to repair it - or was it a new turbo?
  10. I have the laptop with me today - so I'll freescan it on the drive home (hopefully). Some days it runs perfectly - so I don't think it's a mechanical issue like hole in piston. The coolant is fine - no loss and no oil. I have a hollowed cat. - maybe map? Fuel pressure and spark are the path I guess.... (same as always) I checked the waste gate - with the car off and it seems aligned appropriately (used the manual) It's almost like the wastgate get stuck open - but that would be unusual - right? (stuck closed I would get - however it seems to move freely and the diagram appears to be working)
  11. exactly what mine did - ticking, got worse, then started sticking.... until I fixed it. It really is not hard to fix your self - I an assuming that the 88 is similar to my 89. four bolt to get the binnacle out (disconnecting a few connectors and the speedo) and two nuts to get the speedo out. the speedo just comes apart with a small screw driver. you can see that my magnet backed off the spline and was rubbing on the floating cup...
  12. folks - looking for some insight. I have been reading a lot of old threads... about a month ago, my Esprit suddenly 'began' having a lack of power in the middle of a drive home. the engine will rev through the rpm range but a little 'slowly'. It will not make more than a 1/4 of the normal boost levels. Getting going from a dead stop is a little 'tricky'.... then - next time I start it - all good. Then two drives later - half-way on the drive home - bang, same issue. I havenot been able to catch it near the garage - so I have not had a look at it on the lift or run Freescan on it while the problem was there. Here is what I know: - although it feel the same as driving with the EBPV - athough part of my troubleshooting I wired it open - I though I my have an issue with the small vacuum line running to the manifold (where I t-d it for the dump valve) but I have replaced it - it's not clutch related since it will stall if I can't give it enough beans - it's got colder in Austin lately - so may/maynot be linked I'll hit it with freescan - any thing to specifically look at?
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