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  2. Cheers mate that answers a few questions. On another note does anybody know anybody that does carb tuning and balancing near to the Luton area? I don't mind paying including travelling time as would like to get engine running properly before I put engine bay back together again and start on brakes and interior.
  3. Still restoring my 1985 S3 Turbo. Time, the economy, price of parts, its a labour of love. I have two rubber hoses coming come from my inlet manifold (vacuum pipe) one goes to the brake master cylinder. That's the easy one to work out, however the other one goes round and up to the top of the drivers side fuel tank, where it splits with a T piece, one hose carries on to a round dome shaped object that sits above the fuel tank and the other part of the T'd pipe goes around above the offside window and appears to go into the cabin. Any ideas of what the dome shaped object does and where the o
  4. I am still trying to locate a Lucas 43DM4 distributor for my 1985 2.2 Turbo Esprit, but a friend of mine has kindly donated a 45DM4 from a 1988 Esprit 2.2 Turbo, all I need to know now is, Is this one compatible? It certainly fits OK or is it just wishful thinking on my part? graham.217
  5. Has anyone got a Lucas 43DM4 distributor for a 1985 2.2 Esprit Turbo for sale, or does anybody know where I can get one from?? graham.217
  6. I have got myself an Esprit Turbo as described as above. I am in the middle of resotring the engine. Its been stripped cleaned and I have nearly all of the parts to put it back together again. However, when I bought it, the piston had gone through the sump UGH!!!! This wasn't a major problem as I have got all the parts to rebuild it apart from the Distributor. Can anyone tell me what make and model number distributor the engine has, so that I can source one, and can anyone tell me what type of Air-Con gas Lotus used? Graham
  7. Hello everybody, I'm new to this, but have become an Esprit owner. Something I have wanted to do since I was a kid. I have had my dream come true and bought myself one! However as I am rebuilding it throughout it's going to take some time. I have tried to save money by reverse engineering the parts by working out what they are and then getting the part from the correct vehicle, which saves me quite a bit of money. However the S3 Turbo I bought had a piston go through the sump and the distributor had been taken off by the previous owner and he couldn't find it. Can anyone out there
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