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  1. Hello Rob, I really hope that it brings you a fraction of the pleasure and fun that I had with it. As I owned it three times over seventeen years, I know a lot about the history which might be of interest. Feel free to contact me if you ever want to talk about the car. My mobile number is 07748643194. Look after the old girl! Cheers, Pat
  2. Yep, I heard that PM was thinking of retiring. But he certainly doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Mixed feelings about selling the Esprit. I am in the process of buying a cheap Seven for a bit of fun, which will soften the blow somewhat. But it was definitely a knot in stomach moment when it was winched onto the transporter. I hope the new keeper is pleased with her.
  3. Yep, I sold it to Paul Matty last week. It's very good. Mechanically perfect, and cosmetically excellent. The interior is particularly good for an old Esprit, as they are usually awful. I've owned it three separate times over the last 16 years, so I know it inside out. If the new owner is reading, then I am more than happy to bring them up to speed on the car's history. It is a fantastic old thing and I am sure I will miss it terribly. I only sold it because I really need to get on with the restoration of my late Dad's 1970 TVR Tuscan. Have plenty of great memories, but my favourite was chasing a Dino and Stratos on the way back from Le Mans.
  4. Time for new tyres, so thought I'd get the wheels done again. Gold centres for a change.
  5. I've owned Esprits on an off for a decade and I have used Steve a lot. I must have bought thousands of pounds worth of parts from him over the years and I have never had a significant problem. I particularly recall sending him a radiator to have re-cored, and it was fettled and returned in less than a week. It was on the back of his excellent service that I decided to send my Esprit all the way down to Crediton for him to do the clutch, crown wheel, timing belt etc etc. That was a few years ago, but he did a first class job. I rather like Steve's no nonsense attitude to customer service. And if you think that Steve is a bit blunt, then you chaps must never have owned a classic TVR. Steve reminds me of a mild mannered and charming version of his namesake, the late, great Steve Reid, who dispensed rations of his invaluable TVR knowledge in blunt Anglo Saxon.
  6. Pat H

    Turbo vs Turbo hc

    Herewith gratuitous Turbo HC content.
  7. Pat H

    Turbo vs Turbo hc

    1. I don't think there's anything to choose between them in terms of driving experience. 2. There are lots of wet sump Giugiaro Turbo Esprits around compared to Giugiaro Turbo HCs. 3. I don't think there is anything to choose between them in terms of ease of maintenance. 4. The HCs are marginally more reliable because they have a better engine. Some of the early HCs have the more common bonnet with lots of vents. It is only the later HCs which have the two slot bonnet. The front spoiler is also different on the HCs. My entirely personal opinion is that the HC interior trim is more tasteful and more durable than the earlier cars. Given the passage of time, the performance of Giugiaro Turbo Esprits has been eclipsed by so many modern cars that the difference between the Turbo and the Turbo HC (and even the normally aspirated Esprits) is increasingly irrelevant. Buy a mint one and keep it nice. Doing up a rough Turbo Esprit is not yet economically viable. If you are serious about buying a Giugiaro Esprit of any flavour, don't wait for the right one to be advertised. Get in touch with the respected specialists and let them know you are looking. These cars often change hands by word of mouth. The best ones frequently don't come onto the open market. Relative desirability is subjective and down to personal taste, but rarity has a lot to do with it. I am biased because I own a Turbo HC, but it is pretty obvious that the Essex is the holy grail. The early dry sump cars are getting collectable, and so are the Turbo HCs. I am not a fan of the two tone limited edition Turbo HCs. I think they look terrible, but the interior trim is lovely. The NA S3 is rarer than you think and they are a nice car. The NA S3 HC was made in impossibly small numbers and deserves better recognition. I would love one. The run of the mill wet sump Giugiaro Turbo is the most common and easiest to find. There is a massive difference in value between a scruffy G Esprit and a really nice one. The nice one will be worth every penny of the extra money. The classic car bubble is finally starting to grab hold of the Giugiaro Esprit. This makes a 1980s or early 1990s Stephens Turbo look comically cheap.
  8. That's a good question. It certainly looks like it's been re-trimmed. The price is £40,000. It's a lot. If it is absolutely mint and the interior is original, then I would have thought it was worth about £30,000. If it was RHD and £30,000, then I would be seriously interested. In my opinion it is the most desirable Esprit ever made in the best colour.
  9. Ok, here we go. This is a copy of the letter which accompanied my dating certificate.... Cheers, Pat
  10. Third time round for me. I really should hang onto it this time. According to Lotus, it is the very last domestic market Giugiaro Turbo built in Monaco white. It has now covered a whopping 34,000 miles. It's damn good to have it back.
  11. Yep, I'm sure that it does. When I'm next near a scanner, I'll post a copy of the letter I received. It's pretty interesting reading. P
  12. I'm pleased to report that Andy Graham at Lotus Cars was very helpful, and here's what I found out: I had thought that my Esprit must have been one of the very last Giugiaros, as it wasn't registered until August 1987 and has a later chassis number than at least one of the Limited Editions. The records show that it was actually the 5th from the last Giugiaro Turbo built. This includes the Limited Editions, so most (if not all?) of which were built before mine. My car turns out to be the very last G Turbo built in Monaco White. An interesting and worthwhile investigation. Cheers.
  13. Splendid. Thanks, chaps. Will advise how I get on.
  14. I want to find out a bit more about my Esprit. In particular, the car's build date and how close it was to the end of Giugiaro production. It seems to have a very late VIN number, which is later than at least one of the Limited Edition turbos, despite my car being a standard Turbo HC. It was only registered in August 1987, so must be one of the last. The VIN ends 12544. Can anyone provide me with a point of contact? Cheers, Pat
  15. I also had a strong petrol smell when the tanks were completely full. In my case the smell was from the right side of the car. Turned out that the gasket under the fuel guage sender unit had failed. But as the sender unit is fitted only to the RHS tank, this is obviously not going to solve your problem. That black wooden board is a pain to extract. I had to remove the seat belt reel and the whole filler neck assembly. On the RHS you also have to remove the air cleaner assembly, which is a bit of a fiddly job. Let's hope that it is just a failed filler or breather hose. Removing the tank is a whole pile of hassle and is to be avoided if at all possible. It took me a lot of blood sweat and tears to get my RHS tank out, only to find that it was the sender unit gasket which had failed, something I could have sorted without removing the tank. Let us know you do decide that the tank has to come out, as there are a few tips and suggestions that might make the job marginally less unpleasant.
  16. You don't. Tightening the bolts will simply cause the paint to flake off the tapers as they are tightened. What you should really do is to remove the paint from the tapers before you fit the wheel. There are those who say that this is really important, as you can end up with loose bolts if you don't. More practical advice might be to check the tightness of your wheel nuts/bolts a couple of times soon after fitting your wheels.
  17. Here's the offending article. You can see where the petrol has been seeping around the sender unit and lifting the paint off the tank. Close inspection reveals that the aperture in the tank into which the sender unit is screwed is not completely flat. Hopefully I will be able to find a thick cork gasket so that I can make the thing seal properly.
  18. I've been suffering for some time with a petrol smell from the right hand side tank, particularly bad when the tanks were full. Despite the fact that the car has only done 28,000 dry miles, I came to the conclusion that the tank had rotted. So, assuming the worst, I set about removing the tank yesterday. Pretty nasty job, to be honest. I now have the tank on the floor of the garage. The foam on the bottom was slightly damp. The foam on top was sodden. It became clear that the tank isn't rotten, but that the cork gasket under the sender unit had split, allowing petrol to seep out pretty freely. Two things. Firstly, I could have sorted this without draining the tanks, removing the engine bay sidewalls, the airbox, air filter, fuel filler, various vacuum hoses, breathers, the seat belt and certainly without taking out the bloody tank. So, check your sender unit gasket first if you get a smelly right hand tank. Secondly, what would be the best petrol resistant gasket sealant I could use to beef up the cork seal and make sure that the damn thing never leaks again? Cheers, Pat
  19. I had mine powder coated about seven years ago. At the time I couldn't find a crackle finish paint in the right colour. The results were pretty good, apart from the absence of the wrinkle finish. Most importantly, it hasn't started flaking off even after seven years.
  20. Here you go, Ian. The first pic is an old S3 that I owned briefly, with painted silver wheels with gold centres. The second pic is my current Turbo. I painted the centres a gunmetal silver, which is quite a nice contrast, without being too severe. If I was doing my wheels again, I think I would paint the centres gold. In my view, black is a bit too much.
  21. Nope. The whole wheel will have to be stripped of paint before the rim can be polished. And when you get the wheel back from the metal polishers, you will also need to degrease it with a detergent, as the abrasive polish used is set in grease, which will get all over the centre part of the wheel which you are going to paint. You then need to mask off the rim. Then you have to use some fine wet and dry paper to make sure there is a key on all the parts you are going to paint. Your metal polisher will have mirror polished not only the rim, but also the edge of the centre piece that you are going to paint. Then apply some primer. A couple of big aerosol cans from Halfords will do four wheels. Then the paint itself. I used a couple of big aerosols of Halfords alloy wheel paint. I did not apply lacquer to either the painted centre parts, or the polished rims. Seven thousand miles later, the centre parts are just like the day they were painted. The rims have been polished a couple of times a year with Solvol and are still very tidy. Do not put lacquer over the polished parts. They will go cloudy and the lacquer will start flaking off, then you will be back to square one. Bare polished alloy needs a bit of attention, but minor kerbing scuffs, stone chips and scratches can be polished out with wet and dry paper and Solvol. It is a bit labour intensive, but the results justify the effort. Here are a few others that I have done.. BMW BBS split rims: Ford RS: Capri pepperpots: Caterham Seven:
  22. Dave, The rims were stripped and polished at Leigh Metal Polishers in Swinton, Manchester. They were about £30 per wheel, but I have had others done since and they are a bit more expensive these days. I painted the centres myself, just using aerosols from Halfords and they turned out pretty well. I haven't lacquered the alloy and just give them a tickle with Solvol a couple of times a year. They still look pretty good seven years later. I only decided to polish mine because the whole wheels were originally plain silver and looked pretty bland against the white paint. I think your wheels in silver and gold are already a superb contrast to the black. I would leave them alone unless they need restoring anyway.
  23. Yep, I remember PM showing me your Esprit when mine went in for a cambelt. If I remember correctly it was in a million bits, but had only covered a handful of miles. I vaguely recall that it had quite an interesting history, but I can't remember now. I might be asking PM for a quote to replace a petrol tank. I am pretty sure that my driver's side tank is shot. It stinks of petrol and the foam at the bottom is damp. I'm not sure that I have the patience to replace it myself, but it doesn't look like a cheap job...
  24. Dave, That's a smart looking HC Turbo. Is it the one that PNM had for ages? I seem to recall seeing one there back in July 2004. Incidentally, if you do get a set of decals made up, I would probably be interested in buying a spare set for my car. It might help to keep costs down. The only difference is that mine are red...
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    The LEF Stand

    I'm hoping to be there on Sunday.
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