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  1. I get 50 to the gallon out of the ZZR 1400. (ZX -14 ninja to those state side) In the summer I usually take the bike to work but in the winter the car is the first option. I knew they were expensive to run, I am used to running the 2.2 912 engines and these are really economical if you are careful. As for the clutch its had a new one about 2k ago, new plugs, oil, tranny fluid, the works........
  2. To be fair I do get stuck in traffic every day, I work in manchester city centre so even though its 8 miles each way I can spend ages sat in traffic not even moving. I did once get nearly 180 to a tank but that was on a good run. The worst range was about 80 miles to the tank.......I live near the cat and fiddle and there is a great route I do on my bike that is about 50 miles. I took the V8 for a play and was heavy on the loud pedal............. many times.....couldn't help it..... I just looked at som MPG figures and 14 looks to be norm for urban driving..... Fuel is nearly
  3. I have had many cars, From the smallest to the biggest, The worst vehicle for MPG was the Td5 discover I had. I could put
  4. I have a few Models, planes and helicopters. Are great fun. Had a plane that would do 200 mph. was a hand full!! Have a plane with a 62cc petrol engine, its grounded currently because I cannot fit it in to the Esprit. wingspan is 2.4m.
  5. Done a bit myself too. got better photos but these are not digital. I used to use mine for work, I am a civil engineer and also a land surveyor too so would be off road all the time. I got stuck in more than one boggy hole and had to get dragged out. But thats what these machines are for!
  6. V8 SE deffo!! Thanks, didnt realise there were so many different Esprits
  7. mmm........... just added my 98 as a V8 SE, it has full leather Aircon, later wing with LED stop light, and latest interior but it could be Just the V8. Log book says "Esprit V8 Turbo" whats the diffetence between the V8, V8 SE and V8 GT?
  8. Blue............ Luckly. This hoon is around my neck of the woods.....
  9. Jolly helpful chaps too. I'm not advocating using/selling copied stuff. There is plenty of it about however. You only have to visit Ebay to see how much........ some one is on there right now selling cd's for 49p. Like I said before, I was playing devils advocate................................... It raised a good debate though
  10. Copyright..... didn't croos my mind........but very true, everything copyrighted these day is copied though.........hmm point taken. I too have had support from Hethel, but one could argue that they should provide some form of technical support because if it wasn't for the home mechanic lotus cars wouldn't afford the contunity of service they have had up to now. I think we are sailing close to the bone with the alternative section though even though it is useful. In this instance and with such close ties to Lotus you are right in your statement. Was good for the debate though......
  11. Just playing devils advocate, so please don't take this the wrong way..... why is there a parts alternative section on the forum if we do not condone or support links to non official versions of factory documantation. A part sourced from ford but sold by lotus and then the original part number sourced so it can be got from anybody else but lotus is a non official form of factory documentation, is it not? A simple thing like dening somebody a link to find a CD of a parts maunal is being a bit petty when we are sourcing alternatives lotus parts and advertising what the alternative is. I
  12. I would check your rad is not blocked. mine used to rise to 110 and drop to 90, seems you may have rubbish between the airc onditioning condensor and the rad. I changed the WHOLE cooling system rad, pipes, coolant, the lot. It now sits at 80 and rises to 100 in traffic and returns back to 90. When on the motor way it sits at about 80 to 85.
  13. Size 11 Adidas make some kart shoes and also flat trainers, they have a goodyear sole!! (It is printed on the back or side of the rubber) They are ace for driving in!!
  14. sorry for delay, I will have a look what alarm I have. You may be able to utilise your alarm still. I couldn't because all the blippers were missing from mine and the system had ben destroyed by a fool with a pair of snips. There will be a positive or negative arming wire on your alarm. This wire is linked to the arming wire from the retrofit CDL module and loom. If you buy a retro fit system make sure you get one WITHOUT the remote arming, otherwise you'll end up having two blippers. You just need a basic system. I can take a photo of the mounting in the door when you are ready.
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