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  1. Cool. Thanks Bibs. I'll head over there with it.
  2. I never thought this day would come. Thanks life.
  3. That was it. Another $100 in parts, another upgrade and a virtual certainty it'll never happen again thanks to Moates. I appreciate the help on the diagnosis.
  4. What do you mean "will become"? It already is. BTW if you don't want to get pulled over in california try to look as much as you can like an illegal immigrant. Cops don't bother pulling those guys over, ever.
  5. Gotcha. I read your other post and it sounded like the same situation. I just ordered one of the GM adapters from Moates rather that re-solder the mem-cal again. Got my fingers crossed that it'll be a tad more permanent this time. Awesome color on your car BTW.
  6. Pretty rad Erik! If you can figure out how to make it perform the solenoid bleed procedure - I'd be willing to pony up a few $$$!
  7. ...Freescan doesn't show any fault codes? Its running poorly, the exhaust smells carbon-y, and the cooling fans are running full speed with the key on/engine off. I did some reading up on the forum here and it sounds like it might be a mem-cal issue. If anybody has any input, I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks!
  8. If you like that you should try #6 with some bigger injectors and a T3/T4 hybrid from Turbonetics in Simi Valley, CA :-)
  9. I'm shocked at what a completely different car it is now. Shocked. 10K worth of mods didn't make as much of an improvement as $5 worth of studs and a $30 gasket.
  10. Both studs, nuts and the plate - gone. The top bolt was barely finger tight and on it's way out.
  11. Bought my Esprit with 22K miles. I'm up to 26K finally and had the #1 exhaust manifold gasket come out slightly creating that "fffft, ffft, fffft" sound. The studs, nuts and brackets had completely fallen out allowing the gasket to wiggle out. Apparently its a common problem. What I didn't realize until I fixed it was - even though I couldn't hear it at idle until recently - based on my greatly improved performance, it's clearly been a problem since I bought the car. I fixed it yesterday along with the cam tower cap nearest the turbo that had also come loose slightly. What happened was pretty amazing; the exhaust quit backfiring almost completely and the ass-dyno says I have significantly increased my boost. Kind of a shocker. WIth all the mods to the car it's always been fast, but now it sounds significantly better, pops much, much less, idles better and the boost is definitely stronger. Anyway, moral of the story; it never occurred to me to even check it because I had no idea it was a common problem. Wish I'd known sooner. So, if you haven't looked at yours lately, go check it! Somebody tell Gmendoza I'm ready for a re-match :-).
  12. Ah. Nope. Old fashioned platter drive. I only had a problem with it one time as I was passing through 140 mph. The music stopped - but only for a few seconds. Interestingly enough I have that same problem with the iPod on my motorcycle but at 160. It's very strange.
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