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  1. I am sad to hear that she is going to be out for a while. I finally have the time to attend some of the Lotus/Viper get togethers and cruise a little bit. Sad you are not going to be there to participate. I hope she isn't out for long!!! Jason
  2. Hey guys, I have an 88 esprit turbo and it drives great for the first 10 minuites or so, until it warms up. It seems fine under exceleration, but when I am keeping a steady speed in any gear it bucks and runs ruff? Any ideas as to what is going on?? Thanks, Jason
  3. Sorry it took so long for the pics, but here are a couple for now. I bought the car from a relative in Texas who never drove it. I am going to try and do some of the maintenance myself, but we will see. The car isn't my daily driver, just a fun weekend car!! I will post more pics soon!!
  4. Hey guys, thanks a lot for the warm welcome!! Artie, I am in Liberty, Missouri and would love to meet up for the get together one weekend. I am going to be doin the Buffalo Run this year in the Lotus. Check it out if you havn't already...
  5. I just wanted to say hello from Kansas City, Missouri! I am now the proud owner of an 88 esprit turbo, 40th anniversary edition!! Only 14k miles and one hell of a blast to drive!!
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