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  1. Hi, I came across your listing on Ebay, and I am very interrested in your Esprit. Im wondering if it is still up for sale?

    I was originally looking for an 81 model, as I live in Norway and want to import an Esprit as a veteran (no tax for import on 30 years + old cars), but as soon as I saw the care you had put into it. I pretty much fell in love :D I love the white on black leather...

  2. Yeah, as the guys said, you'll be glad you pulled the engine/gearbox. I've done it both ways, the first time I left the engine in place, because I thought it'd be much easier. It is very possible, but after a few hundred miles it started to weep coolant along its lower edge onto the exhaust manifold. Because the head is on an angle I never liked the fact the head rested on the side of the head studs before you torque tightened them and I never felt I'd done a thorough enough job. So a year later when I needed to replace the clutch I thought what the hell, pulled the lot out in a few hours a
  3. The White Esprit was mine. Thanks for the complement thought the ford woody hot rod was the dogs
  4. Fill yer boots
  5. That'll be me then
  6. Make your own Carpet from + hot glue gun, total cost cost less than
  7. Unfortunately that's for the parts only. Don't know about doing it in situ, but I've pulled my engine and box out, not that difficult and only took a day.
  8. Just doing a clutch change on my S3. A new one will cost you
  9. Like a number of others, I'm gonna pull my engine and fix, clean, renew and paint a number of things in and around the engine bay. My chassis is currently half painted (the bits I can see) with por 15 (black), but silver looks better I think, so I've painted some of it silver. However, today I took the crossmember off and sprayed it white to match the car and it looks great, so I'm now looking at painting the rest of the chassis white as well. Opinions please?
  10. I really, really need to know how you got the finish on your block........ Your engine's the dogs bollocks (btw that's a good thing......thought I'd just clear that up seen as you're from across the pond)
  11. Congratulations on your purchase, I was watching it on ebay, looks like a fun project. If you want any bits I suggest sjsportscars, Steve's very knowledgeable. If you want to see what it'll look like when it's back on the road.... Tony.
  12. Red trunking was from auto performance in Leeds. It's just a piece of straight silicone hose and an aluminium coupling which is jubilee clipped to the original trunking once it exits the engine bay. The original trunking had started to fray so I just cut it short.
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